How to share an Instagram story in WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter statuses

How to share an Instagram story in WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter statuses

If you usually read all of our articles, you will surely know that on more than one occasion recently we have been talking about Instagram stories, one of the latest functions to appear on this social network. The truth is that, in any case, Instagram is not the only social network that allows sharing stories, but also Facebook, WhatsApp and recent Twitter also have this possibility. That is why today we tell you how to do to share your Instagram story in the status of another social network, so that all your Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp followers can also see what you have previously uploaded on Instagram.

Share Instagram stories in Facebook stories

Instagram offers the option to directly share our stories on both platforms, what we must do is register the Facebook account and enable the sharing option . Specifically, you have to go to the profile icons of this social network, and when you enter, select the icon with the three dots at the top right to enter the application settings.

publicar historia instagram facebook

When you have reached this point, the following has to do specifically with clicking on the history configuration option, within account. You will see that there you can set different options in these cases. In the story settings menu , just below everything, you can activate the option share your story on Facebook, which is the one developed for it.

Once the story is created On Instagram, when select to upload to the story too we select the option to share as Facebook Story.

As you can see, sharing Instagram stories on Facebook is quite simple, since once you have finished carrying out the previous step by step, all the Instagram Stories that you publish will also be automatically published as Facebook Stories . Of course, whenever you want, you can undo this option, doing the opposite step by step.

How to Share Instagram Stories on Facebook

How to do it on iPhone?

If you have an Apple smartphone, sharing Instagram stories on Facebook is also possible. The difference is that here you can select if you want to do it, at the same time you share each story on Instagram. To do this, you have to go to Options on Instagram, and when you are inside the application, click on the Linked Accounts option.

You will see several options to link your social networks, although you specifically have to click on Facebook . This will begin the process to link your accounts from two of the main social networks around the world. The system will ask you to identify yourself on Facebook if you have not done it before, and then Instagram will ask for your permission to be able to publish on this particular social network.

Then you can return to the main menu of Instagram and start uploading your stories whenever you want in this social network of photos and short videos. When you give Share each of the stories, you will see the option to also upload it to Facebook. In this way, iPhone allows us to customize which Instagram stories we want to publish also on Facebook, in a somewhat more advanced way than Android.

Share Instagram stories in WhatsApp status

Currently There is no way from the same application to share Instagram stories on WhatsApp. However, that does not mean that it cannot be done. Let’s see how we can share any Instagram story on WhatsApp , it is easier than you imagine.

At the moment there is no tool that allows you to save and publish from automatically although Instagram has been testing a button that may be launched. At the moment you have two options: saving the story and uploading it to WhatsApp or using the “Share in …” button

1. Save and share: The most useful and recommended way is that you save the story you share on Instagram, since you will have to upload it manually. The steps to do so are the following:

  • Open Instagram
  • Create a story in the upper corner left
  • Add the effects you want, filters, videos, music … Once you have created it, go to the buttons at the top.
  • Choose “Save” (and the down arrow icon), it will be stored in the gallery of your mobile phone.
  • Now go to Whatsapp
  • Click on “Status” at the top of the application
  • Go to “My status” to add an update
  • In the bottom of the screen you will see your latest photos and videos
  • Choose the last image or video you have taken, the one with the story
  • Add a comment if you want
  • Choose who can see your status
  • Then you publish it as any story and that’s it.

Keep in mind that the result does not it will be exactly the same. Obviously any kind of effect, Gif, emoticon, question, etc. Everything from Instagram will have no effect on WhatsApp so you must take this into account.

Unfortunately today it is the only way we have to share the Instagram stories on WhatsApp. Hopefully in the future we can do it more directly without having to download the stories to our device.

It’s not too complicated to save an Instagram story on your device and then upload it to WhatsApp. Even in this way it is saved on your mobile in case you do not want to lose it or make the story highlighted.

Remember that WhatsApp and Instagram stories They last 24 hours and after those hours they are eliminated forever. So this also helps you save them and as I said before, not lose them.

historias instagram estados whatsapp

2. Option to share in …
Another option is to share it as a link that will automatically lead to your story. In that case you must do the following:

  • Go to the story you want to share on Instagram
  • Look at the icons below
  • Click on “Share in …” You will see the different applications and chats that you have installed, search for “WhatsApp” and select
  • Choose “My status” in the new window that you have opened. A link with the story will be uploaded to your WhatsApp Status.

So you can share the Instagram story in your WhatsApp status. It also allows you to share it in any other application that you have installed on your mobile phone as long as you have a registered account and can publish in it. For example in the Twitter Fleets. However, in the case of WhatsApp or Twitter, the Instagram story is not shared as such, but the link of the story is shared so that users can access through it.

Share stories from Instagram on Twitter Fleets

historia instagram fleets twitter

Recently the social network Twitter joined the creation of stories which they called Fleets These, like the stories of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp status, have a duration of 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. For now, you can upload photos, videos or text, but it does not have the option to publish directly, so if we want to publish our Instagram stories as a Fleets on Twitter, we must access in the same way as with WhatsApp. For this you have the option to save your story on the device and then enter Twitter and upload it from the gallery. Second, you can choose to access from the story with the option to share in, and select Twitter, in this way a link will be published that will take your followers to your story on Instagram.

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