How to upload or put multiple photos in a single Instagram story or post

How to upload or put multiple photos in a single Instagram story or post

Social media is used almost all the time these days. It is not surprising, all people have, even if it is an account in some social network and the best known of all is Instagram. Most people live by taking photos and sharing them on networks like this one. Instagram stories did nothing but enhance that “need” to want to share with our friends every moment lived. Any moment can be shared through Instagram stories that last only 24 hours and are then deleted, although they can always be saved as featured and kept on our profile. But a great question that many people have is how to upload several photos in a single story or Instagram? Let’s see below how we can upload a few photos in the same story.

How to Upload Multiple Photos in an Instagram Story

Instagram is probably the most fashionable social network in these times, and the truth is that it has managed to conquer absolutely all users in the world, both the youngest, and perhaps those people who at the time did not they paid a lot of attention. In any case, in recent times we have seen that Instagram has been adding all kinds of new functions or tools, including saving stories as featured and being able to modify them.

Uploading more than one photo in an Instagram post has been possible for several weeks now, and if you usually use this application, you will have seen for sure that many of the people you follow have chosen to make posts of this type, so you too it may be one of them. The first thing you have to bear in mind in these cases is that it is much more practical to upload several photos and that they remain together in the same publication than to be uploading several separately for each event or moment that you want to share .

subir varias fotos varias historias

And in effect, although this function was tested for a couple of months, now almost all users have it available as they have I’ve been updating the application. Thanks to the most recent versions of Instagram, we then have the possibility, both on Android and iOS, to add up to 10 photos to each of the posts we make on Instagram.

How to upload several photos to a single Instagram story

Before starting with all the details about it, we have to tell you that it is specifically the 10.9 Instagram update that allows us to access to this new function, and that to obtain it you only have to go to G Google Play or App Store and update it if it is possible to do so. Beyond that, since the vast majority of the time applications update themselves, it should not be a problem.

subir varias fotos unica historias

The first thing you have to do then is open the application Instagram. Then you should check that it is completely updated. Next, you have to press to upload a photo regularly, and then press on the blue icon that enables uploading up to 10 photos at the same time. You give Next, and you will see that you have the option of ordering the photos as you wish. Later, you can add filters to each of the images, change the color and typeface or font, in addition to performing the classic actions such as tagging friends, adding a description, indicating the location and more. That is, you will not lose any of the basic actions of Instagram by uploading several images.

The interesting thing about this function is that, unlike other image applications, the system does not force us to make a collage, but we can see the photos one by one, not superimposed. Indeed, there are a maximum of 10 photos that can be uploaded in the same publication and we will see them as we move the screen to each side, being an extremely simple system that you will understand in a second .

Upload multiple photos to a single story with one application.

In case you want to upload multiple photos to a single story. By default, the application does not allow us to do it. We are just going to have to do a little editing before uploading the story and voila, nothing complicated.

For that we are going to use the application “Video Maker”.

  • Once downloaded we will have to select the first option that appears as soon as we open it “Editor”.
  • What we are going to see now is a screen where we can choose between the photos or videos in our gallery. So what we have to do is go to the “Photography” tab and then we choose the photos we want to upload. To go to the next step, click on “Next”.
  • Now we can see that a video is created with our images. In case you want you can add music. Once you finish, you will simply have to click on the button that is in the upper right part of the screen.
  • We have several buttons to share on social networks . But we are going to click on the “plus” sign so that more options appear.
  • Among all these options is the “Stories”. Click on it.
  • Several modes appear: “Quick mode”, “HD mode”, “1080p mode”, “GIF mode”. You must choose the mode that seems appropriate to you.
  • Once we finish, simply click on share and then on “Stories”.

subir varias fotos aplicacion instagram

How to upload several photos to different stories

We also have the history of uploading many photos to different Instagram stories in case we want them divided.

  • For this you simply you will have to enter the application and then in the upper left part of the screen click on the camera icon. You can also slide your finger from left to right.
  • Then we go to the photos icon that is located at the bottom left to select the photo that we want to upload.
  • At the top of this screen we can see that on the right side we find an icon. This icon is used to upload several photos at the same time.

  • Now you can select all the photos you want to upload, you will have to mark them all.
  • To finish, simply select “Next” at the bottom right to upload all the photos as stories.

As you will see it is quite simple upload a story with many photos or a good number of photos in many stories.

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