Instagram won’t let me comment or react on stories – Solution to the problem

Instagram won’t let me comment or react on stories – Solution to the problem

The internet is a tool that has changed our lives since its appearance, since it was finally established in society at the end of the 90s until today, it has had a great evolution, every day the internet grows and is developed, giving us the task of updating ourselves.

60% of the world’s population has access to the internet, this is very positive, since with it we can connect, navigate and interact through each of the many websites that make it up, with any objective we have, such as study or communication through social networks.

Social networks are websites with the objective of allowing communication between the millions of users that it has, be it in the form of text, audio and video, these grew so much that they reached the point of crossing the browser barrier and having their applications, Instagram is an example of this.

Instagram is one of the platforms that are at the top of the most used networks today, this aims to allow its users to develop content in the social network, such as uploading two photos in Instagram Stories , videos, temporary and highlighted stories, with the added bonus that you can edit them with thousands of filters and settings that the Instagram app has.

interfaz de red social instagram

Despite all this, it is normal that Instagram being such a large social network may have one or another error or bug, these can occur for many reasons, due to connection errors or some failure from the server as well as an error on the part of our device, one of them may be that it does not allow us to comment or react to the stories of the people we follow, however, we will teach you a method to solve it.

Why can’t I comment or react to the stories of others?

The most common thing in these cases is to think that the person has us blocked and that is why we cannot respond to his stories . However if this were the case and we were blocked, we would not even be able to see their stories.

What happens in these cases is that the person who has uploaded the stories has the reactions and comments disabled . This in order to prevent anyone from commenting or reacting.

Instagram does not allow me to reply to stories with images

If you try to respond to a story with an image and it is not possible, the first thing you should try is to restart the app and your cell phone . Sometimes errors occur and these get stuck, which prevents some functions from being performed successfully.
If this does not work, it is likely that the previous case will happen and these responses will be disabled. What you can do is try a different person and know if it is something from a single user or is it general

How to know if Instagram has blocked my functions

This network came to light in 2010 in the App Store as a tool for photographs, it grew and after a year it already had a social network structure, with the implementation of hashtags or tags, so that its users They will use them both to share and to find images, this set the trend and revolutionized Instagram, becoming four years later the largest social network.

Through its minimalist and pleasant interface, offers us all kinds of functions for users, ranging from inserting a voice audio from WhatsApp to Instagram Stories, to activating the focus, blur or portrait mode in Instagram stories, an application that innovates to give the best experience for your users.

Without a doubt Instagram became an important app that with such striking functions is impressive, with it we will have hours of fun and without a doubt we invite you to download it.

For this reason, if you do not have access to any of the functions mentioned above, it is because you have been blocked. The reasons for this vary, but it is usually due to a violation of community guidelines.

Reasons why Instagram blocks the functions of its users

There are several reasons why Instagram can take tools away from users , and one of the most common is to commit copyright. Generally, if you upload copyrighted content and it is reported, your account will be blocked for at least a few days. There are also cases where it is requested to remove the content to solve the problem.

Other times it is the case that an account receives a lot of attention unexpectedly . By this we mean an amount of ‘likes’ or an abnormal increase in followers. This is generally taken as rare and the account is put under review. If everything is correct, the block should be very short.

usuario bloqueado de instagram

Another reason why functions can be removed is due to content uploading that violates the community rules of the application. This usually refers to adult content, improper practices, and even things that could spell a legal problem.

Finally, if an account is reported by many users, it can be blocked or its functions reduced until the verification is done. If the complaints are verified to be valid, the account may be closed.

Instagram does not let me comment or react in the stories: Steps to solve the problem

If you have this error in the Instagram application, we can recommend this series of steps to follow to solve this problem:

  • The first thing you can do is update Instagram to its latest version, with the Google Play store or App Store you can do it.
  • You can clear the cache memory of Instagram on your device.
  • In case it still does not work, you can delete all the data of the application and download it again.
  • If you still continue with this error, enter your Instagram account from another phone and check if you still have the problem, if you have it, you should contact Instagram support and report the error, since it is your account problem.
  • If you do not have this error on another device, since the problem lies from your mobile, a good solution would be to search for APK pages (this is the extension of all the applications that are on our phone) the version of Instagram with which you could react and comment earlier and install it .

Once you have solved this not so common error of the platform, you can easily manage and use Instagram, both as a regular user or if you want to achieve your goals with the application, Instagram gives us the opportunity to experiment and interact with it, to communicate, create a page, be content developers, make a digital portfolio where we can exhibit our work, etc.

How to contact Instagram technical support to solve the problem

Communicating with Instagram support is simple and you can do it both by phone call and by email . If you want to make a phone call, you will have to contact the number (+1 650 543 4800). This is available at all hours of the day, likewise your email is ‘[email protected]’

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