Why do Instagram Stories look Pixelated or Blurred?

Why do Instagram Stories look Pixelated or Blurred?

In the following article, we will look at some reasons why our Instagram stories look blurry . Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with a large number of users throughout the world. The application allows us to share photos and videos, in addition to interacting with other users on the social network. In turn, we can use it on a mobile phone and download it from our PC.

Instagram has several functions, one of which is to upload stories that last 24 times. Stories are very useful and used by the vast majority of users of the social network , but there are situations where they can be of poor quality. To solve this, we leave you the reasons why this happens and how we can solve it

Reasons why my Instagram stories look bad

To a good number of Instagram users, it happens that at some point Instagram stories look of poor quality , However, the important thing is to know, why does this happen? We will explain a couple of the reasons why Instagram stories look bad.

  • One of the most recurrent reasons is due to the bad internet connection . Instagram plays the stories with a lower resolution than the original in order to give the stories fluidity, occurring in stories recorded from the application. To avoid this problem, what we can do is upload the photos from the gallery of our cell phone to Instagram.
  • On the other hand, does not have a mid-range device on, or using a phone that is not exactly the most up-to-date, influences how we can see Instagram stories lowering the quality on some occasions.

How to improve the quality of stories on Instagram?

Since we saw a couple of the most recurrent causes in Instagram stories with low quality, we will solve these problems and go deeper, solving a variety of problems that make our stories have bad quality.

Disable data saving in the application

Instagram gives us the option to save data, making us not overspend or stagnate when using the social network. However, this causes the stories to be viewed at a lower resolution .

To avoid this problem and solve it, we have to go to the configuration of our Instagram profile and enter where it says ‘Use of mobile data’ and deactivate it. This is enough to make use of one hundred percent of our data, watching stories in good quality .

Use a stable Internet connection

Earlier in this article, we talked about how the internet connection can influence how we see stories on Instagram, since if we use a bad signal, the stories will be seen in low quality . In order not to have this problem, we must be vigilant and find ourselves near areas with good internet connection, allowing us to see good quality stories.

Don’t use the Instagram camera for your stories

In case we don’t want to open our camera, take a photo and mount it in the stories, Instagram allows us to take one from the space where we upload the stories, but is it recommended if I want a good resolution?

The problem with this camera is that everything has to go through a compressor, lowering the quality of the images from the beginning and turning them into poor quality . To solve this we have to take photos outside of the Instagram camera, since this camera does not put any type of compressor to save space, and we can obtain clearer photos or videos.

Adjust your camera settings

On the other hand, the problem may come from the configuration of our camera . It may be that the photos are being taken with a lower quality setting, with dimensions that are not and sometimes blurry photos are taken. To avoid this we must know the camera of our phone, experiencing the dimensions and division of pixels they have.

Use a professional photo editor

Another of the functions that Instagram offers us is to edit photos for publications and for stories. So far so good, just that the quality of these edits are not the best unlike what a good photo editor can do . Some editors that can help us have better photos are VSCO and Snapseed, which are available for Android and iOS.

Decrease the resolution

We have to be aware of the dimensions that Instagram handles, because if we mount a photo that does not meet the resolution used in history, by adapting it to the format the image is reduced or enlarged, taking advantage of this process to compress it. If we want to avoid this problem we have to respect the formats , and preferably modify any image that we upload beforehand.

historias instagram se ven mal

Use an external camera

Finally, we can try using an external camera to the default of our phone . If we want to improve the resolution we must choose a good camera application, with which to take better photos that look professional. For this we leave you a couple of these, which work excellently for Instagram.

Use Open Camera

With this application we can take better photos, since it allows us to make some adjustments that increase the quality of the photos we take . It is compatible with Android and iOS.

Use Google Camera

Available for Android and iOS, the Google Camera provides us with better settings than the camera default , thanks to this the images captured using this application have better resolution.

Other ways to improve the quality of your Instagram stories

On the other hand you can also try not to crop the photos in the application, it is best to fix it with an editor before uploading it, also try to upload it vertically , this will improve the appearance of your stories .

por que mis historias se pixela o se ven mal

You can also lower the resolution of your images, this is very common on Instagram; being one of the main reasons for the low quality. Try lowering the resolution to 10 or 12 mega pixels , by doing so you will see that the quality will improve a lot.

If you follow these tips, your posts in the stories will be the best and will no longer look pixelated or with low quality. As extra information , try not to place the filters that the stories bring, since some of them will look bad in your images.

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