10 tips to improve engagement on Instagram

10 tips to improve engagement on Instagram

85% of the big brands have already invested in Instagram , the social network of the moment.

Since it was acquired by Facebook nearly four years ago, the social network has gone from having 80 million accounts to having more than 400 million users assets that daily publish 800 million images and generate 1.2 billion likes.

Perhaps its success is due to the fact that the visual content is the king of social networks , that every day more users access the networks through their smartphones (let’s not forget that Instagram is a network especially mobile ) or that every time we have less time and we look for content that is faster and more immediate to consume .

Be that as it may, there is something undeniable: images and videos like, generate interactions and of course sell ; and that is something that your business cannot ignore.

But contrary to what many believe, having a presence on Instagram is not enough but you have to stand out and get your audience to connect with you , interact with your brand, feel involved with it and want to be aware of your publications .

And for this there is something that is essential: improve engagement on Instagram and set yourself the goal of constantly increasing engagement with your followers, Because no matter how good your product or service is, without your consumers you will not go too far .

Is it difficult to improve engagement on Instagram? A little, especially if you don’t know where to start. Is it impossible? Not at all, and even less when you read these 10 tips to increase engagement and increase followers on Instagram that we have selected for you along with 10 extra tips that They will help you boost your social media marketing strategy.

Once you finish reading them and start putting them into practice, you will know how to get the most out of your publications on the platform and all this without having to invest not a single penny .

So get ready to learn how to improve engagement on Instagram with these 10 tricks that contain the ‘ Big 3 B’ : b uenos, b onitos and baratos.

Are you coming to conquer your followers on Instagram? You just need to read this article, have an account and invest a little time and effort . Let’s go there!

10 simple ways to improve engagement on Instagram and make your audience fall in love with your brand

engagement is the commitment between consumers and your brand , and the degree to which your consumers interact with it.

It is achieved creating a certain loyalty and motivation so that your audience loves your brand, defends it , share your values ​​ and feel part of it thus becoming clients and recommending it to other users.

Improving engagement on Instagram is something invaluable since the success of your business depends on recurring users .

We are going to share with you below 10 ways to increase engagement on Instagram with your followers and get your audience to simply adore you .


1. Take time to make your profile attractive on Instagram

Creating an account on Instagram is not enough to improve engagement but nevertheless having a good accessible, complete and attractive profile is essential to increase engagement with your followers .

So make sure you choose a good profile image that associates with your brand —your logo could be a good one option, and in fact it is the one used by the most successful companies on Instagram— , write a good bio explaining what you do and why they should follow you , add a web address so that they can find you and expand information about your products and services in addition to helping you increase traffic (for example to your blog or landing page) and above all I know original .

For example, @ natgeo , the account from National Geographic Instagram, has a profile in which he takes care of even the smallest detail as you can see in the following image. Perhaps this is, along with the quality of its publications, one of the reasons why is the company with the most followers on Instagram with a total of 56.3 million – compared to 5.1 million in 2014 -.


There are other companies such as Desigual or GoPro who also have a very good profile:


Extra tip : With a private account cannot be successful so make sure your profile is public so that your audience can see your posts, tags and connect with you before following you.

2. Post daily and at the right times

How are you going to improve engagement on Instagram if you don’t publish content to connect with your audience?

That Instagram is a very visual social network is no secret, but it is the fact that in the periodicity is the key .

Post often, have an active presence and above all analyze what hours your followers are most active .

Being a mostly mobile social network, users tend to connect especially outside working hours and on weekends .

And although each case is a world and it is best that you analyze the activity of your followers in particular, the truth is that this graph can give you an idea of ​​ when is better to publish :


Extra tip : Success on Instagram also requires planning so design a publishing strategy in social networks and create a publication calendar (or use this one that we share here) to know what, how and when are you going to be posting on Instagram and leave nothing to chance.

And if you want to go one step further, you can upload and schedule your posts on Instagram with Postcron to have everything under control and save time (and while you program with Postcron also you can add your watermark so that all images bear your seal).

3. Interact with your Instagram followers

Few actions are as effective to improve engagement on Instagram as interacting directly with your followers .

Go to them, make your posts personal , know the concerns of your audience and focus on them, make them participate in your posts , ask , invite them to comment , create conversations, comment … If you encourage the interaction, they will respond . And when that happens, engagement increases .

For example, in LovelyStreets , a brand for travel lovers created by the Mr. Wonderful company, they ask directly from their Instagram bio that their followers show their adventures using the hashtag that the brand itself created for the occasion: #lugaresimperdibles . In this way, the brand retweets them, they generate interaction and thus improve engagement.


Extra tip : Mention people in your posts , since it has been proven that it not only increases trust and loyalty with the customer but also improves engagement on Instagram.

4. And don’t forget to hit Play!

Okay, Instagram is the social network for images par excellence but… what about videos?

Several studies confirm that posting videos increases the emotional bond with followers but not only that but according to a study by HighQ :

78% of users consume online videos every week and 55% do it every day .

If we talk about brands that are doing well on Instagram we cannot forget RedBull, one of the companies that puts the most love and energy on the platform.

It is also one of the most rapidly joining trends , and in this case of its last 6 publications , 3 are videos . Chance? In business, nothing is left to chance!


And referring to the previous point of mentioning influencers to increase engagement on Instagram , RedBull is also an expert in it: in this video that already has more than 264,000 reproductions, they tag influential Instagrammers in the sector that are related to the post in order to reach more people.


Extra tip : When we talk about visual content, not everything goes so make sure that both your images and your videos are good quality ; that will improve the quantity but also the quality of your followers on Instagram.

Extra tip: Create and share Instagram stories so that your followers find you as soon as they open the application. The stories disappear after 24 hours but they are ideal to share news, discounts, promotions or allow your followers to enter your day to day and get to know you a little more.

5. Calls to action at the top

At Postcron we are fans of calls to action . We like them, they attract us and we know they work .

So if you want a tip to increase engagement with your followers, use calls to action that are effective and you will accomplish unimaginable things .

Where to start? In this article we will tell you how to do it in detail, but if you prefer to “get to the point” you can start with never leave the descriptions of your publications blank , describe your posts to complete the visual and tell your audience what you want them to do in each post to increase engagement and results.

Extra tip : Do you want your followers to love your brand? Is there something very easy you can do: use emoticons ? :mrgreen:? since it has been shown that publications with the already so famous emojis receive greater participation than those that do not contain .

For something Instagram is a visual network in every way, right? ?

The famous brand Dunkin Donuts , for example , always decorate your posts with funny emoticons in front of his more than 888,000 followers (in addition to taking into account a “current factor” not badly managed, by the way, like this post they published in the middle of Pokémon fever ).


6. Don’t forget about contests and promotions

contests and promotions on Instagram are liked, a lot. But in addition, they are the perfect way to increase engagement and inspire your followers to share their own content .

Invite them to participate, give them reasons to join the contest and encourage them with prizes. The result, as you will see, is surprising as long as you create good campaigns!

Extra tip : A good way to improve engagement by creating contests and promotions is to ask your users to upload and share images using your products . This is very powerful since it not only increases engagement but also builds trust in other followers and increases sales .

And if you want to go one step further, choose the best images that your followers upload and share them mentioning them and thanking them . This is done very well by the company Rituals , which on many occasions publishes the images uploaded by its clients on its account, thus showing everyone that people enjoy using their products :


7. Hashtags to power

What would our life 3.0 be without hashtags?

Hashtags were created to be used , and they also work very, very well. So take the time to research which ones work best and generate the most traffic in your industry and use them to reach a wider audience .

Extra tip : Why don’t you go further and create one or more exclusive hashtags for your products or for your brand either on a regular basis or in your promotions? That way you can improve engagement on Instagram and increase engagement with your followers by encouraging them to use them in their publications.

Starbucks is one of the companies that loves to do this, and has precisely created the hashtag #StarbucksOnIce to encourage their customers to upload an image with this product ( have you noticed that they also bet on emoticons? )? p>


8. Follow influencers

Did you know that following prominent people in your industry and even your own followers can also help you better connect with your audience? There are many free and paid tools, such as Social Rank or Sprout Social that can help you investigate who are your most valuable followers , the best or the most committed with your brand.

They can even help you track comments about your brand , detect the hashtags with the highest participation or monitor Instagram locations to find and link with customers who post from the locations where your business is located.

Extra tip : Precisely related to locations, a good option to increase engagement on Instagram as well as visibility would be add geolocation to your posts . This will help potential clients who are close to you to find your business, and it is a very powerful tool especially if you are a small business .

Just as a detail, Instagram posts with a geotag get 79% more engagement .

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why LATAM Airlines always adds the localization to your publications, giving information to your followers about places to visit or impressive places to go:


9. Show your heart from time to time

All businesses want to get interactions, be it likes , shares, comments > Or mentions.

But as in any relationship, it is impossible for yours to work if both of you do not do your part so don’t just get that be your followers who approach you but from time to time try to show “your heart” through likes by double clicking on the images of your followers that you like the most.


Extra tip : Why don’t you publish your Instagram images on other social networks of your company so that your Facebook fans or your Twitter followers can also follow you on Instagram?

It makes no sense to be active on the platform if nobody knows about it so make your other social networks act as spokespersons for your Instagram account . Show them it’s worth spending a few seconds following you on the platform and you won’t regret it.

10. And as we always say: measure to improve

We couldn’t finish talking about how to improve engagement on Instagram without one of its keys to success: measure, measure and measure .

So constantly monitor your activity and measure the success of your posts , analyze growth and loss of followers, see which posts worked best and how many interactions you had, the percentages of “likes” or shares and comments… Everything.

There are tools like Iconoquare that can help you keep track of all your metrics so that it is easier for you to see all your statistics and make decisions; Among them, knowing what day of the week and time according to tastes and engagement is better to publish as shown in the following graphic taken from your website. And although it is paid, you can try it for free for seven days.


Extra tip : If you want to improve engagement on Instagram analyze which are your most successful publications and follow that line .

Well, What did you think of these 10 golden tips to increase engagement on Instagram and make your audience go crazy about your brand ? Leave us your comments, would we love to hear your opinion?

Obviously, nothing happens overnight but we assure you that once you start implementing these tips by dedicating a little time and effort, you will see how your account Instagram reports better results. And all this without having to invest money!

So now you know: if this article was useful to you … share it with your contacts on social networks so that they too can make their account of Instagram rise like foam! Of course, keep it away from your competition?

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