10 ways to grow organically on Instagram

10 ways to grow organically on Instagram

How to grow organically on Instagram . It is not easy to get new followers constantly and this is a problem that affects everyone a little

In this guide, we see how to deal with this headache and how to grow organically on Instagram .

Instagram numbers

Everyone wants to know how to grow on Instagram using who knows what “magic” tricks. Increasing the number of followers is of little use if they do not interact with your profile. The important aspect is the type of growth .

Instagram has become part of many people’s daily lives thanks to the greater visibility it offers compared to Facebook and the visual format, offering an engaging way to interact with other users.

Companies have also taken note and adopted the social platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg as a means of marketing and keeping in touch with their customers or potential customers.

Instagram has
currently 1 billion active users.

No, it’s not a
typo. According to Business Insider, starting this summer
Instagram has reached a staggering 1 billion users
active. Facebook has around 2.19 billion active users and Snapchat,
instead, it has about 100 million.

The potential of
growth on Instagram is really high.

Thanks to this number of active users and, as I said before, to the visual format, the interaction rate is higher than on Facebook. Reaching new customers or followers is therefore much easier than on other social networks.

For many
entrepreneurs, however, it is difficult to know where to start. Lot of
they want to exploit this enormous potential of Instagram, but few
they know how to do it effectively.

Now you are thinking: “Yes, but how can I grow on Instagram?”

There are many ways to grow on Instagram and increase the number of followers, many ‘wrong’ or risky for your profile, risking a nice ban.

In this guide, however, we will focus on only one strategy, perhaps the most ‘healthy’ for your profile: organic growth .

1. The importance of the biography

It’s simple but important to create a bio that describes who you are and what you do and that best explains to people why they should follow you. The bio has a limited number of characters, so keep it short and straightforward.

If you run a company or have a shop, include your location and be sure to insert a link (in the appropriate space) of your site, your products or anything you want to advertise.

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2. Publish constantly

There are no real rules on posting frequency, but a good place to start is to post at least once a day.

Everyone has their own opinions on this aspect, but to grow organically on Instagram you need to focus on interactions: to focus on this you need content.

I post on my profiles at least once a day and this strategy has always paid off. Many people follow a lot of profiles and if you don’t post often they will end up seeing less and less of your content.

The posts must obviously be of quality, they must bring your followers to comment and create engagement and, moreover, make sure you always reply to all comments so as to create a stronger bond with yours followers.

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3. Use videos

Videos are a great way to grow organically on Instagram .

They have the opportunity to get more engagement and, especially if they get a lot of bailouts, to end up in ‘Explore’. This only means one thing: organic growth .

4. Use Hashtags well

Hashtags can be a great way to attract potential customers and followers with specific interests.

If on your account
talk about fashion, then you will go to insert all the related hashtags
so as to intercept only potentially interested people
to the topic.

Try to always change hashtags for each post and not always use the same ones, but try to alternate them with every post you publish.

5. Join or create DM groups on Instagram

While this method becomes increasingly ineffective, it can be useful initially.

Look for accounts similar to yours and offer them to join your DM group and exchange ‘Likes’ and comments on your posts, in order to increase engagement.

This strategy, when used well, can be very important for
get your posts to the ‘Explore’ section of Instagram.

Remember that comments must not look like spam like “Wow” or “Great post”, but they must be as good as the photo or video posted.

6. Publish at the right times

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

There are different times of the day when it is best to post a post. If you have a business account on Instagram, you can see the statistics and understand when your followers are most active.

So take this data and post in the timeslot where you can
get as much interaction as possible.

Always keep an eye on your most successful posts and post something like these: it means people like it.

7. Interact with your audience

There’s a reason they’re called social, right?

Interacting with followers is essential. Responding to their comments under your posts will make them feel noticed and appreciated, and this will make them come back to your profile again to interact with your posts again.

8. Always write a (good) caption

Posting a photo or video on Instagram without writing one
caption is a huge mistake.

You should always try to write a few lines that bring your own
follower to comment, be it a question or something

Also add some emojis to make it funnier and smoother.

9. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are very useful for quick updates or for ‘disposable’ content. This is not to say that only poor quality content should be published in stories, on the contrary, you must always aim for quality.

The stories last only 24 hours and here you can publish all those contents that do not ‘dirty’ your profile, which may contain photos modified with filters or studied contents.

If you consistently post interesting content, this can lead to attracting new followers.

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10. Insert the location tag

Adding the position to your posts can help get you
noticed by people in that specific place or who have it

This strategy works for all cases, whether you run a company or if you are an influencer.

How to grow organically on Instagram: ready to apply these tips?

Grow organically on Instagram takes longer than other strategies, but this organic growth will produce significantly better results in the long run.

Growing up on Instagram is still much simpler (even if it was much more so before) than on other social networks, so if you keep these rules in mind your account will have a quality growth, with people who are genuinely interested in your content.

What do you think? Already follow these little rules to grow your Instagram profile ?

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