15 things you didn’t know about Instagram

15 things you didn’t know about Instagram

It will be strange that at this point in the film there is someone who does not know what the hell this Instagram is (except for my mother, of course. But that’s another issue. Mom, you’re doing it very well). For this reason, we are going to skip the introductions and formalities and go to the heart of the matter: today we are celebrating . Yes. But celebration level: we are plethoric and we are going to take more photos than usual, if possible. Wildly! Because the occasion deserves it, what the heck! Today Instagram turns five.


Perhaps for many of you, dear staunch fans who already feel the little camera as part of your life (a group in which, luckily or unfortunately, I include myself), five years sounds like little. But the truth is that, in that time, Instagram has managed to beat all kinds of records , surpassing the famous 140 characters of Twitter by more than one statistic. Even so, beyond that photographic gift that the application has given to humanity (save himself), what do we know about her? Well, the basics in these cases: two computer geeks smarter than you and I will be together in our entire holy lives, they decided to finish university and ‘hit it hard’ (let’s use the relevant jargon) by making a social network where we could share our photos and succeed as much as they do.


The thing began as a geolocation and check-in application (like Foursquare) until they realized that what really interested people were the photos that were uploaded of the places. And then, boom: three months after its launch they had already reached one million users . Meanwhile, the king of social media , AKA Mark Zuckerberg , realized the potential and bought Instagram for a trillion dollars . And taking into account that there were only thirteen people in the company, we deduce that they all received a very complete Christmas basket that year, with all kinds of details.

Now, the network follows an average of 80 million photos shared per day, at a rate of 3,500 million likes in the same period of time. But also …

© Mondadori Photo
© Mondadori Photo

1. We thought it was a network created for and maybe even by cats, but no. It turns out that the first photo that was uploaded was of a dog !!, that of one of the creators, @Kevin. Note that there is also a foot on it, another of the great hits of Instagram.

© Instagram @kevin
© Instagram @kevin

Still, cats have won the battle, something that Taylor Swift corroborates every week with his Olivia and his Meredith posing without much enthusiasm but breaking hearts all over the planet.

2. The snapshot that has got the most likes (ever) is that of Kendall Jenner lying on the floor and forming hearts with the her mane. As well as casually, nothing prepared huh? Hardly. The photo has, to date, 3.5 million ‘likes’.

With this image, the model stole the throne from her sister Kim from her, who ended 2014 being queen and mistress of the double click on the photos with the snapshot that was uploaded in November of her wedding with Kanye.

En efecto: esta imagen de la boda de Kimye es la más 'megusteada' de la historia de la red social. © @kimkardashian
The thing about Kim being the queen of Instagram is sooooo 2014… © @kimkardashian
< / figure>

3. Hashtags! Worldwide known or fresh from the sleeve, do not believe that they were there from the beginning. They arrived in January 2011. What did we do before to categorize food dishes as #instafood #foodporn? It is not known (or nobody can remember it, at least).

In this last year, in addition, Mr. Instagram has let us make hashtags only as emoticons. Because nothing, nothing in this digital world expresses our feelings better than a successful emoji.

© Mondadori Photo
© Mondadori Photo

4. One of the oldest hashtags is #TBT. The first to use it was the creator of the social network (Mr. Instagram, you know) and, to date, it has been shared 33,059,552 times. That is, in case you do not count, MANY times, and there is no celebrity with a profile on the platform who has not used it once.

5. The first #selfie was uploaded in 2011 , a day after the hashtags option was activated. And, attention, this was the trendsetter in question (so yeah, all the blame on her):

Did you imagine that the first #selfie of the Instagram story was like this? © @jennlee

6. It is the favorite toy of the celebs , all of them with their many K’s of followers … More popular? Beyoncé (47.2m) was dethroned as the most followed celebrity, first by Kim Kardashian (48.1m), then by Taylor Swift , that with its 49.6m is the most beloved of the place. Others who accumulate exorbitant amounts of followers are Ariana Grande (44.6m), Justin Bieber (40.3m), Selena Gómez (45.9m) or Kendall Jenner (38.1m).

"Voy a hacer una foto a mi taza de café... Ah, no, que yo no necesito hacer esas cosas de Instagrammers para ser la más seguida, casi se me olvida".
“I’m going to take a picture of my coffee cup… Ah, no, I don’t need to do Those Instagramers things to be the most followed, I almost forgot. ”

The new guest of honor? David Beckham , who joined last May and, of course, broke records by getting one million followers in less than a day. Baboom.

7. As for the rest of the users (of the human ones, I say), we are in total more than 400 million active accounts.


8. The most used filter is the absence of the same , the famous #nofilter or the #tropecientosfilters but from third-party applications, such as Afterlight or VSCO Cam.

9. Images with a higher percentage of blue get more interaction than those that tend towards red or yellow. So now you know, you have to follow the PPC rule (beaches, pools, skies).

10. Thursday is the day that more photos are uploaded , although it is on Sunday when the publications work best. It is already known that looking at the timeline is the greatest fun of any instagramer before going to bed and getting up, and even more so on Sunday.

'No importa lo que esté haciendo, yo instagrameo y hago cosas divertidas
‘No matter what I’m doing, I instagram and do fun things.’ yes, Kim: constantly.

11. Updates: In this year, Mr. Instagram has been very active. We have two new filters (although see point 8 and learn), it has launched Layout, a parallel application for making instagramer pro collages, and it has allowed to upload images in landscape and portrait format. That being squared is no longer mandatory.

Kanye is fine too.

12. There is a hotel with benefits for being an Instagrammer . Really. The 1888 Hotel is in Sydney, it has a room created specifically for taking selfies and, if you have more than 10K followers, they will give you a free night. Ea.


13. Your images have multiple uses: that if you share them on the network (plain and simple), that if you make a printed album with them, that if you print them in (eeeeehm) marshmellows … It’s a whole world of possibilities, make no mistake about that.

© Boomf.com

14. Many users use Instagram to put things up for sale under the hashtag #forsale . That if the old bike, that if he takes my pants that no longer serve me, that if … that they have even ended up selling weapons, go. Very crazy everything. Since this summer, in addition, Instagram has added the option to purchase directly from Instagram through profiles such as MyTheresa.com. Ea.

15. A little advice? It turns out that the selfies in which we make a weird, ridiculous face (as well as squashed snouts and wide open eyes: what the Yankees call duck face) are more popular. No problem. 86539_instagram3

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