5 Ideas To Promote Business On Instagram

5 Ideas To Promote Business On Instagram

promocionar en instagram

The social media giant, Instagram,
seems to have no intention of stopping. With over a billion users – and the
figure continues to rise-, this is the platform where every business should be yes or

If you still don’t have a presence on Instagram, or if you already have one, but you haven’t learned how to exploit the platform in your favor, find out 5 great ideas to start promote business on Instagram and watch your followers (and potential customers) grow.

Learn to use hashtags when promoting business on Instagram

As in any business, it is always better
start by using those tools that are provided at no cost.
The same happens with Instagram.

hashtags de instagram
Instagram hashtags

If you want to promote your business, product or services through this platform one of the best ways to do it is through hashtags. For those who do not know, hashtags are the equivalent of Google SEO.

It is the way to position your content in a category, so that when people search for topics related to your company they find your brand .

There are several paid tools that will help you find the most functional hashtags for your audience; although you can also dive into the search section of Instagram and see the performance of the most popular hashtags in your branch.

Get creative with Insta Stories

Another feature of the application that is included at no cost and that you can use to promote business on Instagram are Insta Stories. In a vertical format that covers your entire screen for a limited number of seconds and with a life of only 24 hours, these publications are a trend that continues to rise and has no trace of losing popularity.

Position that audiences seek every time
shorter and more engaging content, stories are the perfect place for you to
promote your business. Learn to use the correct dimensions and make use of
of little text or if possible a video.

Later you can let your Insta run
Stories organically or give them a budget to reach a number
more people.

Collaborate with influencers to promote your business on Instagram

influencers de social media

As in ancient times where the most famous brands hire celebrities So that they will promote their products, nowadays you can do the same for Instagram in a much more accessible way. This thanks to the influencers. Yes, as you can hear it, these personalities so recognized on Instagram have in their hands a power of influence that is almost impossible to measure.

Thanks to the evaluation that audiences give to their opinion, any brand or product that An influencer refer is like an instant goldmine.

The best part about finding influencers is that
you can know in advance if they have interests or ideals similar to those of your
brand, their rates can be much more accessible and are sometimes
willing to collaborate with you through an exchange of services or
more product that pays in cash.

Integrate the product catalog to your Instagram profile

catalogo de productos Instagram

While Instagram began to monetize personalities through influence, soon the platform was diversified to give brands the opportunity to sell their products and services directly through it.

So don’t miss the opportunity to have
an extra sales channel (or digital if you haven’t yet made the transition to
online stores) and once and for all integrates a product catalog to
Instagram profile of your company.

Remember that more and more people in this
platform take advantage of the convenience of buying without having to leave it, thus
that creates clear and attractive descriptions and maintains your messaging channel
always active to answer questions from your potential clients.

Take advantage of paid promotions

Last but not least, we have paid Instagram promotions. Like Facebook, promoting a post gives you the opportunity to reach not only many more people than those who follow you, but to reach a highly targeted audience.

Choose carefully what kind of audiences
you want to get there -this data must match your potential customers-,
determine the budget you are willing to spend, as well as the duration of
your promotion.

anuncios pagos

Once your promotion ends remember
thoroughly review the results so you can see how well it worked
and you can optimize your next promotions to attract new followers and
Potential customers.

Goals, objectives and KPIs for your social networks

So don’t think twice, starting to promote your business through Instagram is not as complicated as you thought . Learn to take advantage of the resources that are included with Instagram, they are extremely easy to configure and with a little creativity they can make you earn a lot of money.

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