5 myths to dispel about the Instagram algorithm

5 myths to dispel about the Instagram algorithm

Today I want to dispel those myths about the Instagram algorithm that have been around for some time and, I warn you, it will change the way you approach this social network.

Instagram, some time ago, created a profile called @creators where it often deals with these topics and clarifies some aspects of the platform.

Let’s get started!

I miti da sfatare sull'algoritmo di Instagram
The myths to dispel about the Instagram algorithm.

Myths to dispel about the Instagram algorithm

Get ready because it will be hard to hear what you believed or had told you up to now crumbling in an instant …

All profile types are treated equally

Do you have a personal profile and want to switch to a business or creator profile and believe that this step affects your engagement for better or worse?


Instagram has in fact confirmed that all types of accounts are treated in the same way by the algorithm.

Each type of account has more and different functions based on the activity you want to carry out on Instagram, but this does not affect engagement either positively or negatively.

“Short” comments are the same as any other

I don’t know if you’ve ever read the rules of some Telegram or Instagram POD groups where you share likes and comments.

Among these there is always the rule inherent to comments which must be at least 5-6 words, otherwise the algorithm does not “really” count it.


Instagram has in fact confirmed that even a comment of one or two words, or just a comment containing a simple emoji, has value for the algorithm and is counted equally as an interaction.

That these Telegram groups are totally useless is another matter.

The first 30 minutes after a post is published is NOT critical to its “success”

This myth has been around for years and for many it is a big blow.

Especially those who use or used the POD groups on Telegram tended to publish a post just before the start of a round believing that the post, which within 30 minutes obtained the interactions from the Telegram group, would be more successful and would be finished in Explore.

Well, it doesn’t.

The algorithm will show your posts to users who interact regularly with your profile, whatever the type of interaction.

This means that it will continue to show it the same way even after 30 minutes of posting.

The important thing is to understand when to publish your posts and do it at a time when your followers are often online, to keep the number of interactions high.

Photos and videos have (almost) the same importance

The Instagram algorithm does not have a preference between photos and videos, but treats them the same way.

So why are videos said to have a higher interaction rate than photos?

Simply because users prefer this type of content. So if a user interacts with videos more often, the algorithm will show him more video content both on the feed and in the Explorer.

The same for those who interact more with photos.

So why that “almost”?

In my opinion, Instagram has not been very honest on this point, and the reason is very simple.

In Explore, in fact, a video takes the space of 4 photos and therefore has more visibility than a classic post with an image or photo. While as regards the Reels it takes the entire space in evidence and if you scroll down the spaces it occupies are 2 due to the vertical format.

So they will also be treated in the same way by the algorithm, but the videos will always have an added advantage thanks to the way they are shown on Explore.

False interactions are not counted by the algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is very intelligent and understands where interactions come from. Therefore, false interactions coming from bots or POD groups (which I mentioned earlier), are not counted by the algorithm.

For this reason the Telegram groups of like and comment exchanges are totally useless and a great waste of time. Even if you will see a thousand thousand likes and comments on your post from Telegram groups, these interactions will be simple vanity metrics and for the algorithm they are worth zero.

Maybe this strategy could have worked years ago when the algorithm wasn’t so “prepared” and overlooked certain things, but now it’s totally useless.


As you could understand, there is no way to cheat the algorithm but you just need to understand how it works and build a strategy based on how it works.

These false myths have done nothing but waste time for many users believing they can circumvent the algorithm in order to increase the number of followers and improve engagement .

But all that matters is always the content.

Did you already know any of these myths? Let me know in the comments.

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