6 Free Tools To Analyze Your Instagram Profile

6 Free Tools To Analyze Your Instagram Profile

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1. Iconosquare

iconosquare instagram

Website Link: https://pro.iconosquare.com/

Iconosquare is one of the most advanced tools dedicated to Instagram, thanks to which you can manage your profile and view the statistics of your account activities.

Thanks to Iconosquare it is also possible to analyze the statistics of other profiles present on Instagram, viewing the photos and hashtags used, thus being able to copy and edit them for your Instagram profile.

The strength of this tool is certainly the possibility of being able to study different statistics , both of your own profile and of others and discover which are the most engaging contents and which generate more interactions, the days and the times of publication of the posts and which are the best, the growth of the profile on a weekly basis and a lot of other information.

2. Buzzole

buzzole influencer marketing

Website Link: http://www.buzzole.com

Buzzole is a Influencer Marketing platform where you can get collaborations with brands, as well as allowing you to view lots of statistics.

Once you have registered, it will be possible to connect your profile (in this case, that of Instagram) and obtain different statistics on your Instagram profile ranging from engagement rate total, up to the age groups , nationality and interests of their followers.

This data is essential to make your Instagram profile more effective, especially if you want to work in Influencer Marketing .

3. Socialblade

socialblade statistiche instagram

Website Link: http://socialblade.com

Social Blade is a free tool and easy to use which, by analyzing the trend of followers and followers of an Instagram profile, allows you to understand whether this profile has undergone a natural growth or if, on the contrary, its development presents some strange upsurge, perhaps due to the use of BOTs or the purchase of fake followers.

4. Socialbakers

social bakers

Website Link: https://www.socialbakers.com

Through Social Bakers you can get a free report of your Instagram profile that includes the most used filters, the most popular hashtags and all your interactions with followers.

The most useful section of the report that is generated is certainly “Most liked or commented post” as it provides you with important information to understand which contents of your profile are most involving your followers.

5. Squarelovin

squarelovin analisi instagram

Website Link: https://squarelovin.com/business/home/

Thanks to Square Lovin you can get a basic analysis of your profile completely free. The report is easy to understand and well designed.

In the “Optimization” section you can also find insights that can help you improve your strategies, for example as the best day of the week and the best time to post on Instagram.

The information in the “Worst time to post” section is also particularly useful for understanding how to best organize your content.

6. Instagram Insights

instagram insights statistiche

Instagram Insights is the free analysis tool present within the Instagram app and available to all users with a company profile.

Within Instagram Insights you will be able to see the performance of your posts and your stories on Instagram and get lots of other useful information about your followers, for example, when they are most active on Instagram or what ‘is their country of origin.

Now that I’ve shown you the 6 free tools for analyzing statistics, all you have to do is use them to improve your Instagram profile and make it even more effective.


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