7 tips for selling on Instagram

7 tips for selling on Instagram

Instagram is among the social networks with the highest number of active users and for this reason many companies use it to sell their products and services.

In this article we will look at some tips for selling on Instagram and how to make the most of it .

How to sell on Instagram

Switch to your company profile and optimize it

Switching to your company profile on Instagram is really easy. This type of profile has numerous advantages: among the most important are the statistics, which a personal profile does not have.

Once this step is done, it’s up to optimization.

Profile picture : choose an image that represents what you do, your company or your brand. Make sure it is a clear and impactful image, which people immediately associate with your profile.

Biography : Optimizing your bio is essential for an Instagram profile. It’s a way to convert a visitor into a follower and to briefly explain what you do, who you are and what value you can give to users.

Link : Instagram only allows you to insert a link in your profile, why not use it? If you have an e-commerce, a blog or a landing page where you convert users into customers, insert the link and add a call to action (a call to action) at the end of the bio.

A messed up profile, with a badly written bio or with little information drastically decreases the interest of visitors.

Use relevant and varied hashtags

Many are “forced” to advertise to increase sales, but many, for lack of budget or otherwise, prefer to do it organically.

Using the hashtags relevant to your profile, you will go to show your posts to people who might actually be interested in your posts and products.

I see lots of store profiles that use hashtags like #love #fashion #style … and then they have 10,000 followers, half of which are bought.

Using this type of hashtag is wrong, they are useless (unless you have millions of followers).

The maximum number of hashtags you can use is 30, but that doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. Use only the hashtags relevant to your profile and related ones, create different lists and don’t always use the same ones.

So do a good search to find the hashtags to use and create 3 or 4 different lists to vary hashtags for each post.

Configure Instagram Shopping

Instagram is facilitating purchases and sales within the app: this is why it has created Instagram Shopping.

With Instagram Shopping you can promote your products directly on Instagram without users switching exclusively to your e-commerce.

Users will go to your site only to finalize the purchase. Although this step will not be needed soon.

Instagram will allow users to pay directly from the app without leaving the social network and, therefore, without going to your e-commerce.

I consider Instagram Shopping “mandatory” for e-commerce or for those who sell products online.

Collaborate with influencers

The influencer market is growing rapidly.

Many companies prefer collaborating with influencers over traditional advertising, thanks in part to the great impact that many bring.

Collaborating with influencers allows you to make advertising more targeted and, in many cases, more effective.

If you don’t have a big budget, you can also rely on micro-influencers (who are influencers with a smaller audience, but usually more interested).

If you need an influencer to promote your products on Instagram, then look for one that fits your niche.

Use Instagram stories

In Instagram Stories you can be more creative and have great potential: if used well they can greatly increase sales.

You can show behind the scenes and give a preview of new products or offers available on your e-commerce.

If you have a company profile and more than 10,000 followers, you can also insert links of your products within the stories.

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Always write a caption

When posting on Instagram, always write a caption (possibly long enough).

The caption has the task of capturing the attention of followers, making them stay on your post to read, and making them take an action (leave a like, comment, etc.).

This way the Instagram algorithm understands that your posts are interesting and will show them to more users.

Use user generated content

Users what?

User generated content is content created by customers or users who follow you. These have a double advantage:

  • By using them you make these people feel part of your project, your company, your brand: which translated means creating a community
  • They are excellent advertising and testimonials that could entice other people to buy your product

They are very effective. You can also create a custom hashtag for your followers to use and draw the best posts from it, republishing them as posts or within stories.


Well, so we have seen some tips for selling on Instagram , useful for e-commerce but also for those who have products or services to advertise on this social network.

These are accompanied by a editorial calendar and a good content marketing strategy.

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