7 ways to use Instagram for your ecommerce

Do you want to use Instagram for your ecommerce ? Below we have summarized 7 ways we suggest you keep in mind to be able to achieve extraordinary results in no time or … at least try!

Optimize your Instagram profile

Always try to optimize your business profile . Create an interesting and creative description of your company, not too formal. Make sure your bio includes keywords to make it easier for you to search for your account, and don’t forget to include a link to your online store. Keep in mind that interactions on Instagram come with a thumbnail of your profile picture, so make sure it’s simple and recognizable, like your company logo.

Focus attention on images

Instagram is by definition THE social network of images . However, try to balance your online store images with creative posts or lifestyle content that may not include your products. In short, it is not advisable to publish only content for promotional purposes.

The beauty of Instagram ads is that they are designed to look like any other shared image, with the exception of the word “sponsored” at the top right. Try to exploit them as part of a good marketing strategy.

Timing is the key

Consider Instagram’s mobile nature and timing before posting. For example, he remembers that most people are on the phone in the morning before they go to work, and they are also when they get home and when they have finished dinner. Try to post your favorite photos during peak traffic hours.

Get creative with captions and hashtags

With so much focus on photos, it can be easy to overlook the subtitle area. Instead, give your image a better context by telling the story behind the photo using caption text and hashtags. You can also increase engagement by asking a question in the caption. A Facebook study revealed that captions that ask for help or ask for advice have higher rates of likes and comments.

Also add hashtags to help users discover your content and connect with other users based on a common theme or interest.

Organize competitions and special offers

Turn followers into buyers with contests or special offers . A simple and effective contest idea can be to ask your users to Like or comment on a photo, to participate in a prize draw. Also do one-time special offers to increase engagement and your customer base!

Play an active role

Finally, engage users with comments and questions about your own posts. By using hashtags and location tags you will be able to join the conversation about posts with other members about your brand. Use the “Add People” feature to tag the accounts in the image to help you reach a wider audience. You will also need to enable notifications to promptly respond to comments left by users on your posts.

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