8 ways (that work) to get followers on Instagram

There is something that (almost) everyone likes on social networks: that they like our content and have followers. In this post I tell you 8 ways to get followers on Instagram, one of the top social networks at the moment.

# 1. Choose a theme

Many of the most successful Instagram accounts have one thing in common: a defined theme: food, shoes, glasses, phrases, jokes … But they are accounts that have chosen ONE single theme and are following it.

So, stop and think: what do I want to create content about?

A great example of a successful account with a defined theme is the Alexandra Pereira account. In it she shares images mainly about her looks and her life. An example to follow.

# 2. Post the best images in the world

Instagram is the visual network par excellence. Take care of each image and pamper it as if it were a treasure. Upload quality images, without distortion, that look good, original and creative. For example, Ernesto Villalba uploads very good quality images (he is also a photographer).

# 3. Tell a story in the legend

The title you give to the image is the place you have where you can empathize and create engagement with your followers. Show your feelings, tell how you took the photo, or reflect on issues that concern you.

# 4. Control the periodicity

It is important that your followers know when to expect a photo. Consistency and rhythm are the key. Much of the number of followers and likes will depend on how much content you publish. If you post three images a day, you will have to keep up if you want your followers to continue to adore you. If you think that sometimes you do not have time and you will not be able to upload any image, you can program the content. Here are some great tools for scheduling your posts. The last thing that should happen is that you post a wave of images and then disappear from Instagram for 4 days.

# 5. Interact with your followers

If ever a famous person has interacted with you … What have you been excited about? It’s not that we (at least I’m not) are famous, but I’m sure your followers will be very happy if you follow them, if you like or respond to their comments. The guys at Pompei Brand always respond to mentions and comments from their followers. A great example to follow!

# 6. Hashtags yes. Boring with hashtags not

Fortunately, the use and creation of hashtags has been one of the best tools in social media. They help us to get more visits to our tweets, posts or images. In addition, using hashtags is a good way to reach users who do not follow you, although it is not always the best strategy to get followers. Among all the hashtags created (infinite), there are those that will give you greater visibility and others that less. Tagging a photo with #love isn’t bad, but your photo is going to get lost in an image stream and will soon go unnoticed. Use hashtags that are in tune with your image and that is not too saturated. But yes, as the title of this section says: do not bore. Placing 40 hashtags one after the other shows that you are desperate for likes and followers, and that does not look good. Place a maximum of three.

# 7. Sponsored hashtags

Sponsored hashtags are a reality on Instagram. Many brands take advantage of hashtags to interact with their audience. Others encourage their followers to tag their photos with the company’s hashtag. If there is a brand that fits you and uses a hashtag that you like, go ahead and tag your images with it.

# 8. Use the “Explore” tab

Navigating this tab is an ideal way to find images that you probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. It shows you the images that the Instagram algorithm thinks you will like the most, depending on the accounts you follow or the likes you have given.

It’s a great way to find new accounts that you like, give likes (and hopefully win you some), and discover more interesting people on Instagram.

Via: Hootsuite

Translation: Yanirablaya

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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