Because Instagram doesn’t let me post Stories

Because Instagram doesn’t let me post Stories

Instagram Stories are one of the funniest means of communication among those available on the social scene. In fact, the Instagram Stories, thanks to their freshness and versatility, are perfect for communicating anything quickly and directly. Since you have opened this article, however, it is possible that you are in that slice of users who often wonder why Instagram doesn’t let me publish Stories .

This is indeed a problem much more widespread than you think and it can affect anyone, at any time. Luckily for you, I have a number of tips ready that can help you post Instagram Stories the right way. Sit comfortably, give me a few minutes of time and I assure you that you will not regret it.

Why Instagram doesn’t let me publish Stories

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie

Situation like: you are at a party or concert and decide to take out your smartphone and post an Instagram Story. The moment is perfect, unrepeatable, press the “Publish” button and… nothing to do: impossible to share the Instagram Story . Who has never happened to? This is a problem, sometimes temporary, that affects millions of users around the world.

Although Instagram Stories are extremely simple to publish, sometimes something happens that interrupts the upload process or returns a sudden error. You need to know that the cause is often easily identifiable if you have an experienced eye. If you are here, however, it is very likely that you have not been able to solve the problem. Don’t worry, after a short read, you can stop wondering why Instagram doesn’t let you post Stories.


What can be published in Instagram Stories

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie contenuti

The first thing to understand to try to solve this problem is what can be published in Instagram Stories . In fact, this method of communication, although very versatile, must meet very specific requirements. So first, let’s see what types of content you can use in IG Stories:

  • On Instagram you can post any type of photo , taken with a smartphone or downloaded from the web. Format is not a problem, while size may be. The most suitable are in fact the same as the portrait mode . A photo in panorama mode on the other hand, although it can be published, will have to be adapted to the size of the screen.
  • In Instagram Stories, you can also publish your videos favorites. The only requirement in this case is the length, which cannot exceed 15 seconds . If not, the video will automatically be split into multiple Stories. Always keep in mind, however, that Instagram Stories have been made available to users to post short and impactful content .
  • Even posts can be re-shared in Instagram Stories . You can do this both on those published by you and on the posts of the users you follow. In fact, just press on the airplane-shaped icon under the photo or video and then select the item “ Add post to your Story “.

Instagram Stories can also be made interactive . Thanks to a kind of plugin, you can add fun content perfect for interacting with your audience. Here they are in detail:

  • Polls
  • GIF
  • Questions
  • Countdown
  • Quiz
  • Music

To activate one of these interactive contents, once you have identified the video or photo to be published in the Instagram Stories, all you have to do is press the sticker icon at the top. On the next page, you will be able to choose from the options available to you.

Requirements to publish Instagram Stories

Since I have told you in detail about which contents you can publish in the Instagram Stories, perhaps it is appropriate to further explore what the characteristics of the multimedia files that can be uploaded should be.

For the photos , the ideal format is 9:16 with a theoretical maximum resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels . Likewise, videos must also have the same format 9:16 . In this case, however, even if those with Full HD resolution are supported, my advice is to use the 720 × 1080 pixel format, much more manageable with a smartphone on the go.

If you want to find out even more details on the requirements of Instagram Stories, I suggest you take a look at my article dedicated to the format of Instagram Stories.

Instagram doesn’t let me share other people’s Stories

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie degli altri

I can already hear your voice in the distance, while you complain to a friend and say because Instagram doesn’t let me share other people’s stories . You should know that, in reality, this is not an error of the social network, but a limiting feature, deliberately introduced by the development team.

In fact, you will only be able to share an Instagram Story provided that you are tagged inside. In this case, you will receive a notification directly in the Direct messages, which will warn you of the mention in an Instagram Story. That warning will be interactive and will allow you to share the Story with your followers. To learn more, see this in-depth analysis.

In the rest of the cases, however, the only thing you can do to repost a story of others, will be send the stories of others via direct mail or DM . To do this, while you are viewing the Story you want to share, you have to press the share button in the shape of airplane . This will open a window, which will allow you to choose who to send the Story to.

Alternatively, you could use an Instagram repost app , as I suggested in this tutorial.

Instagram won’t let me share Stories I’m tagged in

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie in cui sono taggato

From a some time now, on Instagram, a feature has been made available that allows you to share the Stories you are tagged in . You will notice the mention on the Story, because you will receive a notification about it directly in your in-box.

Usually, to repost the Instagram Story, simply press the button “ Add this content to your Story “. After that, once you have edited it to your liking, you can republish it with the appropriate button.

What if Instagram doesn’t let you publish the tagged Stories ? This is in fact a fairly common situation, which can depend on several factors:

  • Shadowban : this is a punishment that affects many users, especially if you use an Instagram bot or if your content does not embrace the social network guidelines. In this case, for a limited period of time, your account is invisible to other users, who will therefore not be able to interact with you. The only solution is wait for the end of this “disciplinary action”.
  • Bug : despite being significantly improved compared to the past, the Instagram application is not exempt from bug. If this were the reason why you can’t share Stories you’re tagged in, you can only fix it with a update . However, I recommend that you search for more information online or contact Instagram support.
  • Privacy : privacy settings have become a very serious matter. If your profile is private , not everyone will be able to tag you in Stories. In this regard, check the privacy section within the Instagram settings. The same goes for those who publish the Story: their privacy settings can in fact affect the tag.

Instagram does not let me publish Stories with music

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie con musica

The Stories with music are a rather recent introduction within the social network, as well as the function to put the lyrics of the song . As always, when new features are introduced, the roll out occurs gradually and is account related . This means that, if a friend of yours has already received the new feature, it does not mean that the same has happened to your profile.

The first thing you can do to check the veracity of this statement is compare the two menus of the Instagram Stories. Most likely, you will find that your music icon is missing.

The only apparent solution, at least for the moment, is to wait for the function to be implemented on the your account. If in the meantime you want to know more, I invite you to read my in-depth article, in which you will understand in detail why you don’t have music in Instagram Stories.

Instagram doesn’t let me post photos or videos in Stories

In case Instagram doesn’t let you post photos or videos in Stories , the problem may be slightly more serious. This could mean that measures have been taken against you that prevent you from taking this action.

The most frequent cases are those of ban or shadowban : during these punitive periods, in fact, it is possible that you are forbidden to publish Stories or posts. Another cause, at least based on my experience, is the Instagram activity block . To protect your safety or because you have performed too many actions in a short amount of time for X number of times (think Instagram bots), you will be blocked from posting content.

The first step I recommend. to do to verify that it is not an application bug, is to reinstall the application after deleting it from your smartphone. In fact, it is a procedure that usually works properly, both on Android and on iOS. In the event of a negative result, however, all you have to do is contact Instagram support to receive additional information about your case. Find more details about it in the dedicated guide I have already written.

Instagram does not let me highlight the Stories

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie downdetector

Do you know what Instagram Featured Stories are for? These albums, which you can put on the home page of your profile, can contain an unlimited number of Stories that would otherwise disappear after 24 hours. This is a very nice way to keep your most important or most successful content.

Sometimes, however, Instagram doesn’t let you highlight Stories. for no apparent reason. The cases are usually very similar to that of the previous paragraph and may include: ban , shadowban and bug.

In In addition to these causes, never forget that the problem could also come from a malfunction of your telephone company. If you have any doubts about it, you can consult the free site downdetector , which offers a constantly updated map of the main inefficiencies that users encounter throughout Italy. You can find it at this address and it is ideal to understand if an Instagram down is in progress.

Many users, on the other hand, think they have reached the maximum limit of the Instagram Stories in evidence . From this point of view, you can rest assured: the social network allows you to publish as many contents as you want without any kind of limitation .

Instagram doesn’t let me post Stories on Facebook

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie su Facebook

Since Facebook bought Instagram, the interaction between the two platforms has become much easier to manage. This allows users to post with just one click on both social networks. If you are encountering an error in this regard, that is Instagram does not let you publish the Stories on Facebook , it is very likely that you have not connected the Instagram account to the Facebook one . Fortunately for you, solving this problem is really a breeze.

Open Instagram and, after reaching your profile home, go to Settings . Here, after clicking on Account and then on Connected accounts , choose the Facebook item and enter your profile login data.

Once finished, you will be able to post Instagram Stories on Facebook without any problem.

Instagram doesn’t let me share Facebook Stories

perché Instagram non mi fa pubblicare Storie di Facebook

The same problem I just analyzed can also occur in the opposite direction, that is when Instagram does not let you share Facebook Stories . Again, you can follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous paragraph, as it is a two-way action.

After taking your photo or recording your video, do not you just have to press the “ Share on ” button and select your Instagram account . Within seconds, the Facebook Story will also be visible to Instagram followers.

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