Best Instagram hashtag apps

Best Instagram hashtag apps

Most likely, you have noticed that, to be successful on social media, and more particularly on Instagram, it is not enough to post beautiful photos. Of course, a well-made shot is the basis of every technique to increase self-respecting followers. On its own, however, it may not have the desired effects. One of the best strategies to be successful is to use the right hashtags, or those interactive words that you find highlighted in blue under the posts and which are preceded by the hashtag. Precisely for this reason, today I will talk to you about the best apps for Instagram hashtags .

You must know that the interactive words you can insert under the photos are practically “infinite”. New hashtags come out every day, which could easily become a real trend. In this case, however, it would be impossible to manually find out which are the most popular Instagram hashtags. Fortunately for you, I have selected a number of applications, bots and software – free and paid (for professional use) – that do this automatically. However, remember that the guide is published for information only, and that the use of such applications could partially or completely limit access to your Instagram account.


How hashtags work on Instagram

migliori app per hashtag Instagram

Although Instagram hashtags are very popular (sometimes even abused), not everyone is clear on how this mechanism works. In fact, most users believe that to be successful on Instagram, it is enough to use only the trending hashtags. In reality, the situation is more complicated than that and it is good to analyze it down to the smallest detail.

First of all, in fact, you must know that Instagram hashtags were invented to index the published photos and to divide them according to different topics. In this way, real galleries are created, with images that deal with the same theme.

With the evolution of the use of Instagram, however, hashtags have also taken on another clear task. These in fact, based on how many times they are used, identify the images that have become viral , then visible in the appropriate menu dedicated to the topic, or even in the Explore section.

Furthermore, since it is possible to follow Instagram hashtags, a thoughtful use of these indicators makes it possible to greatly expand your audience . In fact, if your photo is successful, it will be displayed on the feed of all users who follow that particular hashtag you used. And if the content were intriguing, these users could convert into real followers.

How many hashtags can you put on Instagram

One of the most heated debates, which for years it has inflamed the network, it is the one related to how many hashtags you can put on Instagram . In fact, you should know that, although the application allows you to enter up to 30 , this is not necessarily the best way to gain more popularity.

In the past, for example, we tended to make full use of this limit, also looking for tricks, such as hashtags in the first comment , to increase the diffusion of the post. The most used hashtags were also the most common ones, such as #likeforlike or # follow4follow , and managed to guarantee a respectable engagement.

With current Instagram updates, however, this technique turned out to be completely wrong. In this period, in fact, it is better to use hashtags strictly related to the image you have published, trying not to put more than 10 or 12.

According to the studies of industry experts, this seems to be the perfect number, which manages to push posts up without making them seem spam in the eyes of the algorithm.

Apps for the most popular Instagram hashtags

After this brief interaction, which I hope has opened your eyes to how the social network works, it’s time to move on to the “heart” of this guide . In the next few paragraphs, I’ll show you a number of the most popular Instagram Hashtag apps that will make your life easier. This, especially if you are a successful influencer.

As I told you earlier, however, try not to overdo it with their number. Otherwise, instead of improving your post’s circulation will drop dramatically.


migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash

The first Instagram hashtag application that you I want to introduce, it’s called AutoHash and is available exclusively for Android . If you own an Apple smartphone, you may also come across this title in the App Store. But know that it is a fake, which I do not recommend you to download. The only valid link from which you can download the APK, is that of the Play Store.

AutoHash is a simple but very well designed application, which allows you to choose the best hashtags with the utmost simplicity for your photos. Once started, in fact, you will find yourself in front of an interactive screen, where you can upload the photo you intend to publish.

After a careful analysis of it, you will be presented a series of hashtags that you can choose and customize. To use them, simply copy them using the appropriate button and paste them in the description of your post.

Hashtag for Instagram

migliori app per hashtag Instagram app Hashtag for Instagram

Are you looking for a simple but functional Instagram hashtag application? Hashtag for Instagram , available here, fits this description perfectly and is one of the best I have found among those available.

The main page adopts a minimal style, with a series of categories , among which you can search and use the most popular hashtags . Once you have chosen and after eventually eliminating those you consider less useful, you can copy them directly into your photo by pressing the Copy Tag button.

Even Hashtag for Instagram is only available for Android , but don’t despair. From the next paragraph, I will provide you with a solution that is also valid for iPhone.


migliori app per hashtag Instagram Leetags

Leetags is the first alternative, among those I propose, which is available for both Android and iOS. In fact, it is a particularly curated Instagram hashtag app and one of the best I’ve ever used.

With Leetags you can in fact choose to search by category or type a hashtag in the search bar to view related ones.

In this way, you can decide for yourself which hashtags are best for your post, composing highly customized sets that could boost the your images more than those posted by the competition.

Hashtag for Instagram Likes

migliori app per hashtag Instagram app Hashtag for Instagram Likes

Always for iOS , I suggest you absolutely try the Hashtag for Instagram Likes application, which you can find on the App Store. It is in fact an excellent solution, which combines multiple types of searches and thus improves the accuracy of the results.

With Hashtag for Instagram Likes you can in fact take advantage of the most used hashtag categories or upload your photo to discover the best solutions for your shot. In this case, you can still act manually and bypass the system if there are any errors.

Hashtag Expert for Instagram

migliori app per hashtag Instagram app Hashtag Expert for Instagram

Very similar to the previous application, also Hashtag Expert for Instagram, always available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad only, uses a search method based on a series of mother hashtags , which then generate a complete list perfectly suited to your photo.

Alternatively, as for the more classic solutions, 35 categories are available, which will allow you to “fish” the best set of hashtags to attach to your image. An added value of Hashtag Expert for Instagram, however, is undoubtedly represented by the graphic care, really above average.

In Tags

migliori app per hashtag Instagram app In Tags

Returning to the best apps for Android Instagram hashtags, it’s time to talk to you about In Tags , which you can find at this Google Play address. This tool, which at first glance can be deceiving due to the minimal graphics, proves to be really powerful if you are looking for the best combination of hashtags for your photo.

Once the application is launched, you can perform a search based on categories or related hashtags. In both cases, once you have chosen the ones that best suit your purpose, you can copy them directly under your image and in a few seconds share the post.

Top Tags – TagsForLikes app

migliori app per hashtag Instagram Top Tags

The last alternative that I propose to you among the apps for Instagram hashtags, is called Top Tags: TagsForLike app and is available for iOS . In this case, it is a relatively recent service, but which has been able to attract the attention of users right from the start. Find the application on the App Store.

Thanks to this application, you can choose the most suitable hashtags for your post, either by analyzing the image you want to publish or by choosing from predefined categories . In any case, the accuracy of Top Tags is really high and will allow you to easily reach an even wider audience than you usually manage.

If you constantly follow the blog, you will have noticed that I have published a guide on how to use Instagram from PC. In this case, you will surely be pleased to know that there are online tools for Instagram hashtags that can easily replace the applications I have shown you so far.


migliori app per hashtag Instagram tool Hashtagify

Hashtagify , available at this address, is an online tool created natively for Twitter that allows you to analyze hashtags based on the most disseminated and “rattle off” a series of statistical data that can permanently change your approach to social networks.

Once you reach the main page, just type the hashtag from you have chosen in the appropriate field and press the Search button to see a series of information very useful, especially if you deal with social networks in a professional manner.

Among the most interesting ones, I would like to point out the diffusion of the hashtag and its co rrelation . There are also diagrams dedicated to the accounts involved and the Countries in which it is used most.

All hashtag

migliori app per hashtag Instagram tool All hashtag

All hashtag , to which you can connect via this page, is perhaps an essential tool, but no less effective, especially for the tasks you proposes to complete.

Once you open the home page, in fact, all you have to do is enter one of the hashtags that you think best suit the image you are about to publish. After that, you have to press the Generate.

button In a few seconds, you will see a series of related hashtags divided into categories appear on the screen . Among these, you can choose the ones that best suit your purpose and insert them in the description of the post you have prepared.

Among the groups that are generated, I suggest you take a look at the ranking of the top 30 , which includes the most used at a given moment.

Tags Finder

migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash0

You want to be more precise in your search and have the option to also select the language in which you usually publish to reach a smaller audience? Then Tags Finder, which you can find at this link, is certainly the best solution for your purpose.

Once you have entered the first hashtag you want to search, you can in fact select the language to generate the report and eliminate some terms that, in some way, could penalize you.

At the top of the screen, trending hashtags will be displayed that have been processed by this online service. Once you have checked the contents of the report, you can decide whether to copy them by pressing the appropriate button or to delete the generated list.

Display Purposes

migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash1

The last online hashtag tool I want to show you, is called Display Purposes and you can find it down here. It’s a more elaborate solution than the ones you’ve seen so far.

To get started, you’ll need to enter one or more hashtags in the search bar related to the shot you want to publish. As you continue typing, you will notice that the bottom of the page will be populated with alternatives automatically selected by the online service. Now, you can decide whether to copy the automatic list or whether to manually choose the most suitable hashtags for your post.

Another possibility that Display Purposes offers to users, is to analyze a profile to find hashtags that are usually banned, and which therefore could have a negative influence on the growth of the same. For example, for these hashtags, you may have been given a shadowban without your knowledge.

Instagram bot for hashtags

Have you ever heard of Instagram bots ? These online services, usually for a fee, provide automations that are able to grow your profile in no time. In short, by using one of these alternatives, operations such as likes or follows will be entirely automatic and will save you a lot of effort. This, as long as you carefully choose the bots to use.

At the time of writing, unfortunately, Instagram has revoked access to profiles for third-party applications and it was the bots that were most affected by it, which temporarily stopped working.

As soon as these will be operational, however, the solutions you find below will certainly be the best among those on the net. However, I recommend that you try to use some of them by taking advantage of the free trial periods. It is likely, in fact, that now that you are reading, these bots are back to work.


migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash2

Gramista, available here, is one of the most popular Instagram bots right now, especially due to its effectiveness. It is in fact a really well-made alternative, which manages to guarantee purely organic likes and followers with very little effort.

Among the integrated functions in Gramista, there are those of auto follow and auto like , which can be calibrated both on the account and on the reference hashtag.

Once you have registered, you can in fact choose how to set up your profile and select one of the expected paid plans . In detail:

  • 1 day: $ 1.79
  • 3 days: $ 4.99
  • 7 days: $ 10.99
  • 30 days: $ 39.99

At first glance, the payment method, depending on the actual time used, may seem more expensive than average. In reality, this system exploits the functionality of the bot until the last second available, charging you only for the real use.

Social Captain

migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash3

Also Social Captain , which you find on this page, offers a series of really interesting tools for those who want to increase the audience of their Instagram profile in a short time.

This service, in fact, which also has a free trial, in addition to allowing you to automate likes and followers , allows you to automatically send private messages . Direct messages, also known as direct messages, are the new frontier of Instagram business and, if well done, can be an attraction not to be underestimated.

Social Captain plans start from $ 15 a week , up to a maximum of $ 99 a month for the Turbo plan, which promises interactions up to 10 times more fast compared to other alternatives.


migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash4

Ninchi , to which you can connect via this hyperlink, is now a milestone among Instagram bots and it is certainly one of the most reliable among those available online. Among the added values, it should certainly be pointed out that Ninchi is completely in Italian, therefore also perfect for those who “chew a little” English.

In addition to the hashtag filter , with this bot Instagram will be able to select more than 130 alternatives to grow your audience and improve your targeting.

Among the services offered, in addition to the usual auto follow and auto like , there is also the automatic display of stories , which seems to guarantee truly amazing results.

Ninchi is also one of the cheapest Instagram bots , with a unique monthly plan for only € 13.95 .


migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash5

Are you looking for a young and pleasant alternative to increase the performance of your Instagram profile? Instarazzo , which you find here, is proposing itself as one of the best in this sector and, since it also offers a 3-day free trial , I’m sure you’ll want to test it.

The operation of this Instagram bot is quite simple to understand and can be articulated in a simple scheme:

  • Auto Follow
  • Auto Like
  • Automatic display of stories
  • Automatic comments
  • Auto Unfollow

This way, after setting the target on which you want to act, Instarazzo will independently take care of growing your Instagram account.

Once the 3-day free trial is over, you can choose to activate the paid plan , which costs € 15.00 per month for each account you want to use.

Instagram bot follower

migliori app per hashtag Instagram AutoHash6

Instagram bot follower , which you find at this address, is a alternative still little known by the general public, but very promising. Compared to other solutions, this tool allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time and plan the publication on Instagram , as I have already explained to you in the dedicated guide.

In addition, this tool offers features that allow you to automate account activities (not just post sharing). Moreover, it can be easily used both from smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).

Also in this case, as for Instarazzo, you will have 3 days of free trial . After that, if you are still interested in this Instagram bot, I recommend that you activate the Silver plan , which will allow you to use 3 unlimited accounts at a cost of € 9.99 per month .

Instagram Pods for Instagram Hashtag

For a moment, you could leave aside the idea of app for Instagram hashtags, using instead the Instagram Pods , which are the latest trend of the moment. It is a series of groups which, by joining the forces of registered users, allow you to grow your profile. Their purpose is in fact to increase engagement by receiving real likes and comments without having to resort to the use of bots.

In this way, you could take advantage (at least theoretically) of a real boost , which would send your Instagram profile to the top of the ratings rankings or even in the Explore section.

But there are no tricks in how this goal is pursued. Once a user posts a photo on the Instagram Pod, in fact, the other participants will have to like the post. And so it will happen every time new content is published. Groups of this type can be both public and private . In the second case, however, to join, you will need to be invited by someone who is already a member.

How to find Instagram Pods

Know that there are three “fast track” to find the most effective Instagram Pods . First, you could start with a simple Google search , which will already be able to show you some results.

Alternatively, if you know someone who is already a member, or one of the administrators, you could contact them via DM and ask for inclusion in the group.

Finally, the simplest method in my opinion is to use the Telegram groups for Instagram . These, in fact, contain hundreds of users, who will be more than happy to apply the mutual aid rule.

To make your life a little easier, at the time of writing, these are some of the Telegram groups more interesting in this regard:

  • Dx5 InstaPro – link
  • GainSpace – link
  • Growth | C&L – link
  • BoostUP Cooments – link
  • iRound – link

I suggest you try them all to see the benefits in your Instagram account statistics.

Instagram hashtag for like

Are you curious to find out which ones are the best Instagram hashtags for likes ? Until recently, to get good coverage, it was enough to enter solutions such as # like4like or #like to make users interact substantially. Now, however, this conduct is considered negatively by Instagram, which could thus decide to submit your profile to a ban or a shadowban.

For this reason, if you want to receive many likes and comments , I suggest you use the hashtags you find below, while still trying to maintain a certain consistency with what you publish. Here they are:

#bestoftheday #fun #gang_family #golook #gramoftheday #ig_snapshots #ig_watchers #igdaily #igers #igersoftheday #implus_daily #insta_global #instadaily #instago #instagramenthub #instatal #jood me #photooftheday #picoftheday #statigram #tbt #webstagram

Instagram hashtag for follow

Similarly, if you want to be followed by many users, you will have to use Instagram hashtag for follow . As with the previous solution, try to avoid suspicious hashtags , such as # f4f or #followme.

In this case , you would only attract the attention of the IG algorithm, which could then penalize you. Let’s see what are the hashtags to increase real followers most used today:

#amazing #art #awesome #baby #beach #beautiful #bestoftheday #black #blue #bored # clouds #colorful #cool #dog #family #fashion #flower #all_shots #friends #fun #funny #girl #girls #golook # gramoftheday # hot #green #hair #happy #igaddict #igdaily #igers #igersoftheday #instacool #instadaily # instadaily

Instagram hashtag for photos

Are you an Instagram purist and only post photos taken with extreme care? Well, because you should know that, in this case, it is a good idea to choose hashtags closely related to your publications . Only by doing so, in fact, will you be able to reap all the benefits of the Instagram hashtag technique.

However, if you use some of the most used hashtags for photos in moderation, you could achieve better results. Let’s see what they are:

#all_shots #art #beautiful #capture #color #composition #exposure #focus #instagood #moment #photo #photography #photooftheday #photos #pic #picoftheday #pics #picture #pictures # snapshot

Other hashtags followed for Instagram

If your situation does not fit the cases I have shown you so far, do not worry. Whatever the subject of the photo you want to post on Instagram, you could use one of the applications or services that I have included in this guide. In this way you can filter the hashtags by category , in order to find the most suitable ones for your shots.

Always remember, however, not to use more than a ten and that these must in any case closely concern the object, theme, niche or topic to which you have associated the image. Only in this way will you be able to reach new fans.

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