Best Instagram Stories Apps

Best Instagram Stories Apps

In a society like the present one, where the role of the media is increasingly pervasive in the personal sphere, it is not surprising that you want to maintain a daily social connection with friends and acquaintances. This is even more true in light of the growing desire of young people (and, indeed, also of not so young people) to gather an audience to whom they can tell their life experiences and their wishes for the future. In short, if until some time ago the role of the influencer on Instagram was the prerogative of a few and the communication solutions were more formal, currently there are many aspiring micro-influencers, so numerous and important for Instagram to be rewarded by the algorithm ( which evaluates in an extremely positive way the quality and the higher rate of interaction within small communities).

Even the expressive language has changed over time and with it the tools that Instagram has put in place have changed available to its users. In fact, if the standard posts (photos or videos followed by a short caption and a series of hashtags) give the possibility of creating a sort of personal signature and therefore hopefully recognizable, the Stories, due to their deliberately transient nature (they are no longer visible 24 hours after publication), have even greater potential in terms of quick interactions and daily follower engagement. Not for nothing, although using the templates for Insta-Stories is the fastest and most intuitive way to get started, software and applications (for Android and iOS devices) aimed at simplifying and speeding up creation have really “flourished”. of captivating, original and engaging content. In light of this, it is worthwhile to dedicate an in-depth analysis to the best apps for Instagram stories currently available on the main digital stores.


Why use the apps for Instagram Stories

app per Storie Instagram

Before devoting the right depth to the apps for the Stories, it seems appropriate to use a little time you are dedicating to me to highlight their real importance in the strategy of growing an Instagram page .

If you had the opportunity to talk to a Social expert Media Marketing, he would confirm the absolute importance of stories in increasing the engagement of an Instagram page. According to recent estimates, in fact, the Stories have a strong appeal on the public who, for this reason, are encouraged to access the social network and stay there for longer. This is why it is essential to find your own communication key and make sure to effectively insert the Stories within the development plan of a successful brand identity.

I know, I used a lot of big words, but the concept is actually quite simple: if you will be able to propose to your followers Instagram Stories populated by captivating, engaging, original and well “packaged” contents, you will have already climbed many steps on the climb to success. And that’s where Instagram story apps come into play, because if you don’t need to be an Adobe Certified Expert (a “cool” way to say “Photoshop expert”), it’s also true that to create what you Americans would define a “killer story”, basic Instagram filters are no longer enough.

This is why applications for mobile devices come in handy which, thanks to their highly intuitive vocation, allow you to easily customize and embellish the Stories playing with their creativity.

Types of content that can be shared in the Stories

I hope I have convinced you of the importance of Stories and the enormous potential made available by the applications I am going to tell you about. Moreover, most of them are not limited to providing services related to editing photos (filters, frames, changes regarding the quality of the shot, etc.), but also gives the possibility to modify the video to adapt them to the Stories format, create GIF and other animations.

Good Instagram Stories also attract new followers. Which is really important, because when you reach the fateful number of 10,000 followers , you will be able to implement links that refer to blogs, sites or events related to you in some way, increasing your earning possibilities.

App for special effects in the Stories

app per storie Instagram effetti speciali foto e video

Stop chatting, then, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Below, I am going to offer you some of the most interesting photo and video editing applications that are currently available on the Google and Apple Stores.

For convenience, I have decided to divide them by to the most interesting editing functions . Although in fact all the apps for Instagram Stories integrate many features, in my opinion, some more than others stand out in providing the user with tools for editing videos rather than filters for photo editing, multiple fonts for original texts or frames.

In short, every app seems to have its “flagship”. So let’s see what they are.

Photo and video editing

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Among the most used apps by industry professionals, Adobe Premiere Rush CC allows you to quickly edit and share videos on social networks (including InstaStories). It relies on a cloud that makes it very easy to transfer content to laptops, so you can also use the desktop version of Adobe Premiere Rush CC.

Some of the most interesting features of the application are those that allow to change the colors of individual frames, to adjust the size of the videos and to put your signature on the clips. You can try this app for free or take advantage of Adobe’s Creative Cloud plan, available starting at $ 9.99 / month. To start the test, install the app for Android or iOS.


This application belonging to the GoPro universe allows you to create captivating clips almost automatically, thanks to intelligent AI who searches for the highlights within each shot and then cuts them out and highlights them with filters and special effects, all to the rhythm of the music. Also interesting is the possibility of including subtitles in the videos, in addition to texts.

The Quik app is free and can be found on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS). After installation, it will be really easy to use.


The Canvas feature makes InShot the most effective Instagram Stories app for cutting videos to square (unlike the standard Instagram Stories format in 9:16). Among the other prominent functions, we also find the option to speed up clips and apply original filters, different backgrounds, texts or music.

InShot is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android.

Adobe Spark

Interestingly designed app, Adobe Spark offers a series of animated effects to apply to the photos you want to publish in the stories. Like its “big sister” Adobe Premiere Rush, this app also allows the re-sizing of contents to better adapt them to the standard dimensions of Instagram.

In this sense, Spark is used by users all over the world to create short videos extracted from a series of photos or other multimedia content.

This application is available for free as a trial version for mobile, tablet and PC. The version for iOS can be found on the App Store, the one for Android can be found on the Play Store, while the one for desktop (Windows and macOS) can be found on the Adobe website.


The Magisto app allows video stabilization, automatic cropping and affixing of filters. It also allows the creation of clips from photos and the incorporation of music from the library of the app itself.

You can take advantage of the free trial period for 7 days. After that, you will have to pay $ 5.00 / month. To start the free trial, download and install the app for iOS or Android.


Outstanding for photo and video editing, VSCO is perhaps the best Instagram Stories app about inserting filters on clips. In addition to the free filter packs, VSCO allows users to change some frame properties (e.g. brightness and temperature).

If this brief introduction convinced you to try it, you are given 7 days for a free study “in the field”. After that, to continue using the app, you will need to subscribe to VSCO by paying $ 19.99 per year. To get started, install the app via the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

Horizon Camera

Interestingly, Horizon provides the ability to record and publish videos horizontally while keeping the smartphone in a vertical position (but also in an oblique or rotated position).

The app also allows you to take photos and record videos. While capturing videos, you can change the number of frames per second (at 60 and 120 fps) and then apply various filters and quickly export the freshly produced footage to social media.

This app is available for free for both iOS and Android. Try it and see if it suits your needs.


For precise editing of each frame and for enhancing slow motion clips, KineMaster Is what it takes. This application allows you to overlay videos, images, special effects and much more (music, text and voice). It can be useful for editing a particular and noteworthy Instagram story.

Find KineMaster available for free on both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). If you like it, you could even upgrade to the full version with a monthly or yearly subscription.

FilmMaker Pro

Video size will no longer be an issue with FilmMaker Pro . This app for Instagram stories allows professional editing in 9:16, 16: 9 and 1: 1 (square) of the clips.

If you want to try it for free, all you have to do is connect to its card on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).


app per storie Instagram Canva

My favorite? If I had to choose, I’d tell you that Canva , available for both Android and iOS, would be my first choice. It is perfect for tweaking InstaStories, thanks to the large number of templates made available by the developers and its intuitiveness.

Between frames, filters, backgrounds and customizable texts, the originality of the stories edited with Canva is almost guaranteed. And as I told you, the creation of interesting content can really become a key point in the growth strategy of an aspiring influencer.

Canva, among other things, protects the intellectual property of all photographers who participated in the creation of his model library. In this sense, you will notice the presence of watermarks, which could be annoying to you. But don’t despair, because the app allows you to download and export the image of your interest and then proceed to pay the copyright, so you can use it in full freedom.

Likewise, if the your desire is to put your brand on the contents to “package” them so that they are recognizable to your followers, know that Canva offers the possibility to insert and modify your logo in videos and photos intended for Instagram stories .

Other apps for editing videos in stories

The applications for editing videos in Instagram Stories that I have proposed have not yet completely convinced you? Then try to take a look at this other:

I wanted to offer you all these names to make you notice how the panorama of video editing apps on Instagram Stories is really wide and varied.

Now, however, I will propose similar apps to insert other types of multimedia effects. However, if you still want to dwell on video editing, I suggest you to deepen the matter by consulting my video editing guide.


app per storie Instagram adesivo musica

The possibility of adorning your stories with musical segments is really interesting, as it allows you to convey messages more effectively and to convey your mood directly. In addition to Instagram music sticker , however, there are many applications that offer tools to add music to Stories. I have already mentioned some in the paragraph dedicated to the best apps to edit videos in Instagram stories. Which will not surprise you, because it’s clear how the sound frame plays a key role in making a clip that is captivating to the eyes (and at this point also to the ears) of the followers.

If I had to choose my favorite , I would give you the name of the aforementioned InShot , which, once installed, allows you to insert songs (or fragments of songs) in the videos already saved on your smartphone.

Not only that, it also allows you to apply effects such as fading, volume editing, deleting sounds or out-of-screen noises, and then save and upload the video as an Instagram story (but be careful not to infringe copyright!).


app per storie Instagram scritte

Once again, I find myself reiterating the huge choice of applications aimed at improving and diversifying their contents. Even in the case of writings and subtitles , the services available are really many.

To mention two applications not yet considered in the previous paragraphs, I suggest you take a look at :

  • Clipomatic – iOS – simple and intuitive service for inserting captions on stories and videos published in the post section. Very interesting is the possibility of taking advantage of the automatic transcription of one’s voice, which is incorporated into the video in the form of subtitles (obviously to be customized at will);
  • Font Style Candy – iOS / Android – this app offers more than 60 fonts for free. It allows you to write on photos and videos in a truly whimsical and unique way. You can add special effects to text and multimedia content, with styles for all tastes;
  • Instagram multimedia editor – to add lettering with special fonts or freehand drawings, of various colors, the photo and video editor made available by the social network may be enough. It is proposed to you when creating a story. To activate it, press the A button that appears at the top right. Read the guide to change writing in Instagram Stories if you want to learn more.

​​White background

app per storie Instagram sfondo bianco

Are you wondering if it is possible to edit that beautiful photo ruined only by unsightly people or objects in the background? The answer is yes. Once again, I refer you to the paragraph dedicated to the video editing apps of Instagram Stories, in which I mentioned several useful services for this purpose.

Among the other photo editing apps which integrate the possibility of putting a white background , I quote you:

  • Pixlr – iOS / Android – using the “brush” function, this app allows you to manually color, and therefore also in white, the background of the photo. In addition to this, Pixlr also allows you to apply a grainy effect on the details of the image, in order to censor faces, brands or other;
  • Prisma – iOS / Android – allows you to select specific filters and selectively apply them to the background of the photograph;
  • SnapSeed – iOS / Android – effectively allows you to modify the background and possibly edit some characteristics, such as contrast and brightness;
  • AfterFocus – iOS / Android – in a very interesting way, this app inserts a sort of bokeh effect, distracting the user’s gaze from some elements in the background of the image. No background change in this case, just the possibility of reducing distractions so that you can focus only on the subject in the foreground.

Templates, filters and frames

app per storie Instagram template e filtri

I have already told you about the interesting features of Canva , which however is not the only one among the applications for ‘photo editing to make available to users a wide range of filters, templates and frames.

There are in fact many other apps for personalizing photos and videos that fall into this category. Here are some of the best:

  • Adobe Lightroom CC – iOS / Android – among the best photo editing apps thanks to professional tools and ease of use;
  • Unfold – iOS / Android – offers a good choice of layouts (some for a fee) to create original stories, but does not edit photos;
  • Black and white camera – iOS / Android – allows you to change colors and create fantastic b / w photos;
  • Vintage 8mm Video – Android – fantastic for creating movies and photos in full vintage style;
  • Typorama – iOS – very original fonts, text on multiple layers, editable backgrounds. These are some of the interesting services provided by Typorama.

Polaroid filters

app per storie Instagram filtri Polaroid

Fashion has a cyclical trend and, more generally, people’s aesthetic taste also seems to have it. Could this be the reason why the passion for Polaroids is back in vogue? Probable.

The fact is that, in line with technological progress, impressionable films and instant-developing machines have been abandoned to enthusiastically welcome specific applications and filters simulating the Polaroid style. Here are some useful apps for this:

  • Canva (always her, yes!)
  • Unfold
  • Polaroid Originals – iOS
  • Instant Lab Frame Editor – iOS
  • PhotoFunia – iOS / Android

App for long Instagram stories

app per storie Instagram time-lapse

If you use Instagram, you already know that the platform does not allow you to upload videos that are too long . The maximum duration for the stories is in fact 15 seconds , a time that could seem limiting to all those who like to share their thoughts more extensively.

How to overcome this problem? Just use one of the multiple apps for long Instagram stories , which allow you to post larger videos without being overly fragmented. Here are some of them:

  • CutStory – iOS – allows you to split videos into shorter clips (of variable length according to your needs);
  • StoryCutter – iOS / Android – allows you to record long videos and then convert them into clips of 10 seconds each;
  • Limitless Stories – iOS – like StoryCutter , also Limitless Stories allows you to “fragment” long videos, in order to make them compatible with the duration of the Instagram Stories;
  • Lapse it – iOS / Android – if your desire was to create videos from static photos and then publish them on Instagram Stories, you could rely on an app like Lapse it. It allows you to take a series of photos with a predefined timing, and then create a collage in sequence;
  • Hyperlapse – iOS – application developed and maintained by the Instagram team, also, in a very similar way to Lapse it, allows you to create time-lapse videos with your mobile phone, quickly and quickly.

Thanks to these apps , you can speed up the frames or cut them into multiple videos, so as to respect the time limit imposed by the social network. Don’t forget, however, to also take into account the size of the Instagram Stories, so as to avoid the publication of blurry and low-resolution content.

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