Best times to post on Instagram

Best times to post on Instagram

Despite the numerous content you shared on Instagram, the number of your followers does not grow and, in general, there is little movement around your account. This only pushes away the dream of becoming a successful IG influencer. In fact, you’d like to get to a level where you could start earning something.

If you’ve followed various tips on Instagram without getting feedback in terms of impressions or conversions, you probably haven’t yet set your sights on the best times to post on Instagram . Although this factor is very related to the number of followers that follow you (and their geographical position), by following some simple indications you could improve the performance of your posts and your stories, without having to upset the topics you normally publish on Instagram. In this guide, if you want to dedicate a few minutes of your time to me, I will indicate all the reference time slots and give you indications on the analysis of your followers.


How often to publish on Instagram?

orari migliori per pubblicare su Instagram

To optimize the result, you absolutely must avoid publishing all your posts in a single time slot or, even worse, all together in a few seconds: in addition to the risk of shadowban and definitive ban, you run the risk of obtaining the opposite effect, that is, forcing the Instagram algorithm to slow down the diffusion of your content.

Therefore, the best thing to do is post routinely , on a regular basis and with the right frequency, at certain times of the day. Continue reading to find out the reference time slots.

Why choose a time to post on Instagram

Choosing a specific time to post on Instagram will allow you to get the right visibility of the contents , also based on the type of followers you want to aim for or who already follow you.

In fact, create a content suitable for mothers in the afternoon or evening may not be a good idea, as is sharing content suitable for kids in school hours. It is therefore necessary to analyze the age of your followers and then post taking into account, in a generic way, the commitments of that type of audience.

What you need to maximize the hourly visibility of Instagram

If you really want to maximize the visibility of your posts on Instagram, you need to follow some rules and activate some settings.

Here are the tips that I would like to give you:

  • Always follow the trends of the moment and the most followed hashtags;
  • Activate the company account to have more statistical functions on the followers (as you will see in one of the following chapters of the guide);
  • Always add the right hashtags, regardless of the chosen time;
  • Follow all Instagram rules to avoid a shadowban or a ban.

To this, add a good check on the number of posts you intend to publish : search to realize no more than 3/4 posts in the reference time slot ; furthermore, it limits the publication of posts to 1/2 in the time slots with less traffic .

Analysis of own followers

orari migliori per pubblicare su Instagram Insight

Normally, you can’t see many stats for your standard Instagram profile. However, you should know that the social network offers an advanced data analysis suite, which you could use to find out the demographic details on followers and to understand in which time slot it is convenient to send content on the feed.

To unlock this feature, and thus improve the performance of posts, you may want to consider switching to a professional Instagram account . You can do this directly from the Instagram app for iOS or Android (follow the reference tutorial to learn more).

By doing this, your profile will be recognized as a company and you will be able to log in to the Instagram Insight function, with all the information and metrics on the posts you publish and the followers who follow you. With Insight, for example, you will know immediately what the target of your followers is, and therefore you can adapt the publication of posts or stories based on this information.

Obviously, not focus only on one data: to create a successful Instagram profile, try to also focus on age groups not yet reached , for example by creating content for these users and posting them at the right time slot, without exaggerate, as if it were a special publication.

You will thus be able to significantly increase the interactions on the posts and the total number of followers that follow you.

Posting times for Instagram

orari migliori per pubblicare su Instagram tempo e fasce orarie

Now that you have your profile metrics available, you can learn more about the best times to post on Instagram in Italy , so as to maximize the visibility of your publications. I’ll tell you everything in the following paragraphs, taking into account every possible period of time and recurrences.

For now, I suggest you ignore the habits of foreign users, unless they are your main target. With the growth of the audience, then, you should be able to invest in your project, publishing quality content even in the time slots with less traffic, and thus managing to “hit” everyone, even users who follow you outside Italy. .

During the day

Let’s start by analyzing the time slots that make up a day . Below, you will find the most appropriate Instagram times to post at various times of the day.


In this time slot, especially from 8:00 am onwards , you will hardly find young followers who follow you, due to work and school or university lessons. This time slot is perfect for meeting elderly or housewives.

people, however, if your target refers to youth and would like to publish a post in the morning, try in the time slot 06:30 – 07:30 , during breakfast or transport to school.


From 14:00 onwards the kids start leaving the schools, so the “youthful” contents must be published in this time slot. The timetable is also ideal for other targets, such as for workers who are on a lunch break, or even for part-time workers, who finish the day’s commitments.

Always keep in mind though, office hours , which runs from 09:00 to 18:00. And therefore, if your target were the business environment, this may not be the right time to publish.


The evening time slot, which indicatively goes from 6pm onwards, it is perfect for meeting all professionals who return (tired) from work and for sharing content tailored to the whole family.

Please note that at 20:00 there is usually less traffic, as it is dinner time. The audience increases around 21:00 , until 22:00, maximum 22:30.


In this time slot, which roughly goes from 22:00 onwards , the presence of followers decreases drastically, as many go to sleep.

So, I suggest you limit the publications only to content that you would never publish in other time slots, such as: your thoughts, your reflections, a music video, a funny or messed up video, a goodnight wish or a special dedication.

Over the course of the week

Even six days of the week all seem the same to you, there are times when it is preferable to share certain content.


Beginning of the week, then mood of followers tending to sad and listlessness. Better to focus on cheerful content , with jokes and viral videos that can lift the mood.


Intermission day, in fact, any content is fine. However, take into account any strikes or demonstrations, which could limit the visibility and interest in the post.


This is the day basically more productive . Therefore, you have to share content that is very “energized” or that stimulates users to draw more strength (motivational videos, gym videos, workout posts, stories that show you at work, “on the piece”).


The efforts of the week are starting to take their toll, but the weekend air speeds up every process. Here, you have to aim for relaxing contents , wisely mixed with fresh and “pumped” contents, which give the right boost to end the week.


The weekend is upon us. This is the best day to publish content that relaxes or stimulates you to live the weekend , even in company (trips, videos with friends, videos around the city, preparations, sweets, etc.).


The day of fun par excellence. Here humorous posts are good, content on the most popular meeting places (pubs, bars, discos, museums, public squares and attractions), but also videos on preparations (cooking recipes, party decorations, birthday preparations and the like), clothes and make-up.


The day of family and relaxation before start of the week. Better to focus on light content and suitable for the whole family.

Over the seasons

Even the course of seasons can greatly affect the success or failure of an Instagram post. This, especially if the product you are talking about or if the niche you are interested in is derived from a seasonal trend.


The season relaxation and fun . I only recommend content that is fun, fresh, or about a momentary situation (analyze trends). Maybe post about beach holidays and new places to visit, such as unspoiled places, but also about products that your followers could use during this period.


The opposite season, very popular with lazy users or those who like to stay indoors. The contents on things to prepare at home, on video streaming, on products to buy for anniversaries (think for example of Christmas or Black Friday), on how to deal with the cold and on moments that are as “hot” as possible (photo or videos of stoves, fireplaces etc.). Memories of summer are also not bad, to give a slight feeling of amarcord.


Intermission season, with falling leaves. This season, it is better to focus on profound contents , which stimulate reflection , without exaggerating (always provide a solution, a “light of hope” at the end of the discussion).


The flowering season. Here, it is preferable to focus on cheerful topics , with a love theme or with nature in the first place.

Over the course of the year

In addition to the seasons, also consider the National Holidays , recognizable on the calendar as red days , even if these do not coincide with Sunday. In short, publishing Easter photos at Christmas is definitely counterproductive, as well as forgetting events or anniversaries, an ideal opportunity to congratulate followers and thank them.

Try to always stay on topic with the timetables and topics I showed you in the previous chapters, so as to always create quality and trendy content .

Instagram posting based on a time schedule

orari migliori per pubblicare su Instagram post programmati

Are you too busy to meet the times I gave you? Don’t worry: in my guide on how to schedule Instagram posts, I talked about all the methods available to schedule posts at any time slot , for the social networking system to post them automatically.

I suggest you read and apply it, so as to plan the publication of a post at any time of the day. And don’t worry about your followers, because they won’t notice anything: at most, if you usually write in the comments, they won’t get an answer (which you can give later). The important thing, however, is to provide them with the right information at the right time, so as to be “frowned upon” even by the algorithm of the social network, and perhaps end up in the Explore section.

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