Buy followers for Instagram, Facebook or other social network – Is it a good option?

Buy followers for Instagram, Facebook or other social network – Is it a good option?

Today we will talk to you about why not buy followers or fans for Instagram, Facebook or another social network , something that every novice content creator should know.

Is it worth buying followers for your social networks? – Why?

The practice of buying followers consists of acquiring a certain number of followers. In fact, in most cases these “services” are offered in batches, some people even offering up to 10,000 or more followers.

For newbies, it could become appealing, as it is an “easy” way to get a large following, a process that is otherwise somewhat tedious. Even so, not everything is as good as it seems, in fact, buying followers is not a practice that is recommended under any precept.

Ultimately, the best thing if you want to grow a social network is to do it organically. This will ensure that all your followers join your account for the purpose of viewing your content. Clearly, this is very convenient if you intend to create a business using your social networks .

Given this, we will tell you about some of the most relevant reasons why buying followers or fans for Instagram, Facebook or other social networks is not something that is recommended. At the same time, remember that there are other ways to gain followers on Instagram and other social networks.

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Some reasons to stop buying followers

As we pointed out before, buying followers is not something that is recommended, but if you are still not convinced that this is the reality, then you should read the following reasons why you should not buy followers > for any social network.

Terrible engagement

Engagement or emotional connection is very important when it comes to getting followers, comments, times that content is shared and the community that can develop around your account are a very big boost. When you buy followers you do not get any of these advantages , they are just accounts of ‘bots’ that make generic comments and do not really make your content known, since they do not generate true interaction with you or others.

You will give the impression of being a spammer

The use of bots to generate ‘visibility’ in the networks is a double-edged sword, since you can attract attention but not in the best way . Using followers that are not real creates a bad appearance about you and your content, bringing ridicule or rejection, similar to the reaction we have towards people who spam or invasive advertising; Make sure that people reach your content out of genuine interest in what you offer, it is the healthiest way to grow in the networks.

It is not sustainable for your brand or company

Most of the time, those who search for advertisements analyze deeply the accounts with which they will work. It is something logical when we talk about money, therefore, when there is disparity in an account (something common when buying followers ) is something that can be noticed.

In other words, it’s easy to see when organic reach is increased on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube or when it is obtained in other ways. Having a good number of followers can help, but not when you intend to use your account in a professional way, sooner or later it will become known that you bought followers .

como obtener seguidores de calidad en instagram

Most purchased users do not exist

It is understandable that you want more followers for your social networks, as this often helps to gain credibility, but there is something you should take into account in this regard. The followers you buy will surely not interact with your account .

The number of followers is not everything, interactions are also very important, that is, likes, the number of times your publication has been shared, etc. Whether you want to get real followers on Tik Tok or any other social network, this principle holds true for most of them.

In fact, many pages take interactions more into account, as they show that people like the account. In other words, it is thought that this way there is a greater chance of interacting with advertisements , which is more convenient for monetizing your account.

You will get a ban

At present the use of bots has become very frequent in the different social networks, most of these already choose to ban the accounts that they detect use false followers , since this is a dishonest way to grow within the platform, it also generates distrust of the product you offer.

The quality of the followers is not prioritized

Being bots that handle these false accounts as followers, the interactions are usually very basic and it can be noticed many times that they are not real, that is, there is no quality of interaction and this damages your image or simply does not make your page grow as much as you expect.

You would not only have to buy followers

As we mentioned before, followers are not the only important thing in terms of social networks, likes and other interactions must also be taken into account. This means that in addition to buying followers, you should buy likes and other interactions.

Clearly, the above makes it not very smart to buy followers, since you will spend a lot of money . In addition to this, it is an action that aims to help at a certain time, but does not have the advantages that organic growth offers.

The issue with social networks is currently complex, followers are not everything, as we have pointed out on several occasions, interactions are also important. In fact, interactions are essential if you intend to earn money with a social network .

porque no comprar seguidores en instagram

It could be said that active followers define the profitability of your account, so purchased followers really don’t measure up. A clear example of everything shown before is getting followers on Twitch, a process that must be carried out organically, otherwise it is simply not worth it, the truth is that this principle is fulfilled in all cases. In other words, don’t buy followers or fans for your social networks .

What are the pros and cons of buying followers for social networks?

If you want to grow your page and are considering buying a few followers to speed things up, you should be aware of the pros and cons that come with these. When we talk about the ‘pros’ of buying followers , we can mainly mention the ‘generate visibility’ if you are a content creator, having many followers makes new ones arrive, already that you can place yourself in trends due to the number of reproductions or other interactions.

But on the other hand, among the cons of buying followers are the lack of reliability, since having false followers puts into question the quality of the product you offer, it is also considered a ‘dirty’ way to become known in the networks. In addition, using bots generates a bad interaction, since the comments are very generic; This is also detrimental to your page, since this aspect is quite noticeable and causes distrust.

How to get high-quality followers for Instagram

In order to generate authentic followers on your Instagram account, the first thing you should do is set a goal for yourself What do I want followers for? Either because you want to be an influencer or sell a product, you must be quite clear about the ‘why’ to be able to start planning regarding the type of content you are going to offer and the constancy you will have.

Once you are clear about the type of content you are going to offer, you can use the ‘Hashtag’ strategically , the ‘hashtag’ makes the People interested in certain types of content will reach your profile faster if you offer it. For example, if I have an account where I sell shoes, when uploading photos of my merchandise I can use the hashtag #shoes in my public account so that those interested in this content can see it more easily.

Always try to publish quality content , you must take good pictures at the best possible angles and resolution. Appearance is very important in a medium as visual as Instagram. You should also try to respond to comments as much as possible, if your followers feel close to you, this will make them continue to like and share your content.

You can upload stories frequently , in this way you can establish a more ‘intimate’ bond with your followers, the fact that they can see what you do in your daily life or how you pack / distribute the merchandise you offer, will make them feel closer to you. Finally, another strategy that you can use to get more followers or keep the ones you already have is to run raffles , if your followers tag their friends to win a ‘gift’ On your part, they will probably end up staying if they like your content and it will grow your account more.

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Best alternatives to buy followers for your social networks

Among the wide variety of pages and applications that offer the follower purchase service, in this article we mention the most accessible, efficient and above all safe alternatives:

The first alternative that we can mention is ‘Nacvi’ this application offers packages from a thousand followers for a price of 6 dollars, it has an international service and It also does not ask you for the password to your Instagram account, so you should not worry about its security.

Mr. Insta is another reliable alternative , it also gives you the option to get free followers in exchange for fulfilling certain tasks on the site. The paid package of this page offers 15 followers per day paying a monthly payment of 20 dollars, making the use of the bots undetectable due to the gradual growth.

Buy-Followers is also a reliable option when it comes to getting followers, this page offers you followers internationally and also gives you a guarantee throughout the month in case you lose the followers you have purchased. This page not only works with Instagram, you can also get followers on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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