How long videos work on Instagram and why to use them

How long videos work on Instagram and why to use them

After the various rumors that appeared last week around the web about the new feature of long videos on Instagram finally on 20 June, as reported by the TechCrunch website, we will finally take advantage of this novelty, which will radically revolutionize our favorite Social Network!

Just in view of the launch, Instagram is organizing a special and behind closed door event for the launch of the Long Videos .

So why is everyone looking forward to the launch of this new feature?

The answer lies in the possibility for Instagram to evolve from social media into a “media platform” , stealing longer mobile viewing sessions from other platforms such as YouTube.

So, let’s immediately discover the characteristics of Long Videos on Instagram and why we need to use them to increase the visibility of our profile.

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How Long Videos work on Instagram

Format and duration: Instagram will allow people to post videos up to a maximum format of 4K, vertically oriented and viewable in full screen, with a maximum duration much longer than the current one limited to 60 seconds.

Destination: the videos will be available on a specific page where there will be sections dedicated to popular videos and an option to continue watching the clips already started, although it is not clear if there will be a ‘separate app or if this sort of “hub” will be available directly on the main Instagram app.

Quality: the contents will not have the same quality as the videos on YouTube, which instead are made with care and professional cameras. The format of the videos on Instagram is in fact designed for much simpler and more natural videos, which are not intended for high quality.

External links: Instagram will allow content creators to insert a link that can be viewed by swiping up on the video in order to drive traffic to other social channels, eCommerce stores or websites.

Monetization: With this new feature, Instagram expects content creators to earn money with their long videos . While this hasn’t been fully defined yet, it could in all likelihood result in showing pre-roll ads or mid-break spots, with content creators potentially earning a small share of revenue as they do today. on YouTube.

Instagram reaches 1 billion users?

utenti attivi instagram

Among other announcements could be released on June 20 by Instagram, it could also be the achievement of the quota of 1 billion active users , a great way to attract the content creators present currently on other platforms. Instagram had reached 600 million in December 2016, 700 million in April 2017 and 800 million in September 2017. If we add 100 million users approximately every four months, it means that it should be able to reach 1 billion active users by the June 20 event. .

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