How not to see the Instagram stories of others

How not to see the Instagram stories of others

Since you opened your Instagram profile, you have started following friends, pages and profiles of famous people in a frenzied way. If on the one hand your doing has allowed you to learn more about various issues and keep the post feed updated, on the other hand it has made the stories section of your followers practically meaningless. It is a bit difficult, actually, to look at the stories of specific people without looking for them (that is, without waiting for the algorithm of the social network to propose them). And here comes the dilemma: to not see the Instagram stories of others , can you just stop following the instagramer who publishes them? Or are there other solutions too?

If you also have this doubt, you may want to clarify it by reading the next paragraphs. I will help you to make the IG stories that are published by certain accounts you follow invisible, thus avoiding deleting them from the list of followers.


How are the stories sorted in the Instagram feed?

non vedere le storie Instagram degli altri

The timed contents proposed in the feed (which appears at the top of the main section) are sorted taking into account the interactions and the publication time . One more condition is applied than the order of IG story views.

In this case, the profiles you relate to most often are “intertwined” with their publication frequency, specifically related to the stories . For example, if a close friend of yours posts a lot of stories, their profile is likely to appear in the top results of the expiring content feed.

Analyzing the matter based on our anecdote (removing the stories of people who do not interest us), it follows that it is quite unlikely to be able to do it following a specific criterion. This is mainly because Instagram doesn’t allow you to select only specific contacts to show in the feed.

Which stories appear in the Instagram feed?

Theoretically speaking, in the stories section of Instagram you can find the timed content published by the accounts you follow . I’m talking indiscriminately for personal profiles and Pages, of a private or public type, as well as hashtags. In addition to this content, on some occasions, you may see sponsored stories.

However, since the followers may have been regulated differently for what concerns privacy, it is also good to specify that will not appear the stories of:

Instead, will be shown those of:

  • Limited accounts;
  • Accounts you follow (even recently);
  • Accounts that have placed you in close friends.

Can it be done without unfollowing?

As we said at the beginning, if you stop following someone, their stories will no longer be seen. If you are on this page though, you have probably decided not to use this method, as it is not suitable for your purposes. Maybe you are following a private profile, and would like to continue seeing his posts (which you would not be able to do if you were no longer his follower).

Fortunately, the social network has a specific option to resolve this anecdote, known as Instagram’s silent mode . It can also be enabled for timed content only and I’ll tell you about this particular condition now.

What happens hiding someone else’s Instagram story

Now that you know that it is possible to silence an Instagram story, you are surely wondering what the consequences of this action are. Simply, the expiring content of the following profile that has been silenced will no longer show in your Stories feed.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot view the Stories. of this account in another way. In fact, you could look at them by searching for the person (or Page) silenced, connecting to their wall and tapping their profile picture. The only drawback is that by doing this you would not know when a new story would be published and, consequently, you might not be able to find it (since it would disappear a day after publication).

In any case, keep in mind that this feature is completely reversible. Therefore, you might want to try it for just a few minutes and see if it fits your needs.

What is the use of silencing an Instagram story

The option that “mutes” the IG stories of the followers is useful for organizing the feed of your profile, therefore to improve the browsing experience and visualize the most interesting according to your preferences). Indirectly, this function saves time and does not require you to “remember” which profiles to look for in order to follow trends or in any case the contents that are shared by your favorite profiles.

In short, it is a personal setting that does not absolutely affects the silenced user, who will not notice anything (or almost, considering what has been said in the in-depth analysis related to the discovery of a silenced IG account).

How to mute Instagram Stories from Pages or People

Now I will explain how to mute Stories posted by an Instagram account. I preferred to divide this section into sub-chapters, so that you can read – and subsequently apply – the procedure relating to the type of device you are using.


non vedere le storie Instagram degli altri silenzioso storie iOS

Using an iPhone or iPad , first open the Instagram app and go to the main screen. From there, look carefully at the list of suggested stories and see if you can locate the profile you want to hide. If there is, press and hold your finger on his profile photo and tap the Deactivate option. Then, choose Turn off history .

Alternatively, if you can’t find the profile in question, you could use the Search (magnifying glass option, bottom left) to find the user and connect to their dashboard . Once this is done, just tap the Follow button, choose Silence and enable the Stories item.


non vedere le storie Instagram degli altri silenzioso storie Android

Using a Android smartphone or tablet, you can not see the stories of an Instagram profile in two ways:

  • Starting from the main section . To do this, go to the home screen (from the app) and find the profile or the Page in the stories section (top). Once the account has been identified, press and hold your finger on its main image , choose Silence and then Disable history ;
  • Switching from the profile page to be hidden . Connect to the dashboard of that account, after searching for it, and tap the Follow Already item. So, choose the Silence option and then enable the Stories item.


If you connect frequently from Instagram Web , you may not be able to locate the silent option for the stories. In fact, this is not yet available for PC, and IG stories can only be played by activating the browser’s “mobile” mode (no mute-related options).

Anyway , just follow the procedure for iOS or Android , and then go back to using your PC to browse Instagram: the muted profile will no longer be shown even in the stories view mode, since the option will be enabled and synchronized on all devices connected to your account.

How to see Instagram stories that don’t appear in the feed

As I mentioned earlier, you can play the published timed content of silenced IG profiles . Simply, you have to search for the account and touch its main image (from its dashboard), obviously if the circle that acts as a “frame” is orange / red (indication that shows the publication of new stories). If you use your PC, simply enable the “mobile” mode of the browser and follow the same instructions.

To avoid this type of display, the only solution is to reactivate the stories of an Instagram profile that follow.

Alternative methods

Silent activated on timed content is not the only solution to not see Instagram stories of others. Here are any other applicable methods:

I repeat that, by activating the first two options listed, the person who manages the profile may notice what has happened.

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