How to activate deactivated stories on Instagram

How to activate deactivated stories on Instagram

After a bitter discussion with a friend of yours, you have decided to make his content disappear from your Instagram feed. Instead of banning him, you silenced her profile through a special option that was present within the social network. By doing so, you managed to hide his posts and his stories. Also, you blacked out yours. Over time, however, things have settled into reality, and now you would like to do the same virtually as well. Although you already follow each other, your profile is still set up to avoid your friend’s stories. Plus, your content is still invisible to him. For this reason, you would like to know how to activate deactivated stories on Instagram , did I guess? Good to know.

In the following tutorial, I’ll help you reactivate silenced or soft-banned Instagram accounts. You will then be able to go back to seeing the content of these people without too many headaches. And they, too, will be able to view yours again.


Can Instagram stories be deactivated?

come attivare le storie disattivate su Instagram

In truth, there is no option that allows you to disable Instagram Stories . If you think about it, the social network offers you various methods to make your stories invisible to others or to hide those that appear in the feed related to the accounts you follow. However, it is not possible to disable this feature permanently.

If a user, absurdly, does not want to show anyone content that expires after 24 hours, he may simply not publish it. But if he doesn’t want to see others , he could:

  • Don’t follow anyone
  • Mute the stories of all followed accounts

In short, these are operations that are difficult to apply to reality. The fact is that, to date, this is the situation.

Reactivate the Instagram stories of other accounts

If you have used the Mute option in the past Instagram in Stories in order to not see those posted by certain profiles , while continuing to remain their follower, you simply need to adjust these privacy settings.

Disable the silent of Instagram stories

come attivare le storie disattivate su Instagram account silenziati

To proceed with deactivating the silent for stories, first open the Instagram app on iOS or Android and tap the button with the ‘ bust icon to access your profile. From there, open the More menu, choose Settings and then Privacy . In that section, choose the Muted Accounts option.

At this point, find the profile you want to reactivate in the list that appeared. Once you have identified him, you should see, under his name, one of the two written between “ History deactivated ” and “ Post and history deactivated “. In both cases, tap on the account name to view it. If you weren’t blocked, you would be able to view their gallery of posts and stories.

To show that account’s content on your feed again, continue tapping the Follow Already option. , by choosing the Silence option and deactivating the Stories item (and also “Post”, if you think so).

By doing this, when that account shares new timed content, it will be visible again in your story feed (hence among the interactive circles that appear at the top of the main page). It is not possible to view previously published stories, even if 24 hours have not yet passed.

How to return to follow someone on Instagram

come attivare le storie disattivate su Instagram opzione Segui

If instead to silence the profile you have decided not to follow him anymore, to activate the deactivated stories on Instagram, you will have to become his follower . You can only become a follower again without approval if it is a public account. In the case of a private account, however, you will have to wait for acceptance by that person.

In any case, proceed by searching for the profile in question and connecting to his notice board . After that, tap the blue Follow button. From that moment on, the posts and stories shared by that account will be visible again in your feed.

I remind you that the Follow button only works if your profile has not been blocked by that account. This, in fact, is one of the most used methods to understand if you have been blocked on Instagram.

Reactivate the Instagram stories of your account

If you’ve used the privacy options to hide your Instagram Stories from someone, you need to remove the profile from the blacklist in order for them to be able to view your content again when it expires. It is understood, however, that this user has yet to be your follower.

How to reactivate Instagram Stories for a user

come attivare le storie disattivate su Instagram lista Nascondi la storia a

For re-enable a user to watch your Instagram stories , which are disabled for him, proceed by entering the Settings of Instagram. Then, tap the Privacy option and then History. Here, tap on the number of people that appears under Hide the story from .

In that list, search for the follower you want to remove the soft-ban from and remove the blue check mark that appears next to its name to deselect it (you can do this with a tap). After that, tap the blue v that appears at the top right to confirm the action.

By doing this, that person will return to seeing the stories you share with everyone. followers or just with him. However, if you also use the list of closest friends to publish certain stories, and would therefore also like to show them to the subject in question, you should also add his username to this circle in order for him to view them correctly. You can do this from the path Settings> Privacy> History , updating the list under Close friends .

If the profile is private

If you have put your profile private on Instagram and have hidden your stories from someone, or even made those of others invisible on your feed, you can follow the same tips to activate deactivated stories on Instagram that I have given you so far. The same applies if you have silenced the stories of a private profile.

On the other hand, if the private profile has removed you from its follower list, or in any case you have stopped following it, you will have to return to follow him. You will be able to do this if you have not been blocked and only after the user in question has reviewed your follow request.

If the Instagram block is active

If the blocking on Instagram was active , by you or by the other user, or even reciprocally, it is necessary to remove the ban to activate deactivated stories on Instagram. In no case can you view the contents of other users if you have been blocked.

The speech I just said is absolutely valid for private accounts, while is relative for accounts public . For the latter, in fact, the speech is valid as long as you are logged in to the social network.

A blocked person could still view the Instagram stories anonymously to spy on you without you. notice it. The only method you would have to protect yourself and stay with the public profile would be to share the stories in the list of closest friends.

the stories reactivated on Instagram are not seen

If you continue not to see the stories reactivated on Instagram , there could be many reasons. In general, however, make sure that:

  • The profile in question is posting new stories;
  • You have not been blocked by that profile;
  • You have removed the user from the blocked accounts;
  • The Instagram Stories posted by that user are not shared only with close friends;
  • You have been accepted as a follower (in case of private profile);
  • The user in question has removed you from the “Hide story to” list;

If the answer is yes for all assumptions , restart your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet. After that, try connecting to Instagram again to see if anything had changed. If not, try removing yourself from that user’s follower list and follow him again . You should then resolve any related issues.

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