How to activate Instagram Shopping

How to activate Instagram Shopping

Have you ever noticed that some accounts can tag their products on their posts where you are shown the product name, price and other details? To do this you need to activate Instagram Shopping .

Instagram Shopping allows you to tag up to 5 products per regular post or up to 20 products per carousel.

Instagram is trying to optimize shopping through the app on both the seller and customer side, so that you can sell and buy easily within the app.

In this article I will explain how to activate Instagram Shopping so that you too can tag your products on your photos and increase your turnover.

Activate Instagram Shopping: here’s how

First, to be able to apply and activate Instagram Shopping , you must have a business profile and link your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Then go to your Facebook Business Manager.

Click on the three lines at the top left to open the drop-down menu: finally click on ‘Catalog management’ at the bottom of this list.

Once the page has loaded click on ‘ Create a catalog ‘.

Choose from the 4 options that Facebook offers you and click on ‘Next’ .

Now you have to choose whether to connect your e-commerce to import your products or insert them manually, in a group or using the Facebook pixel. Once you have connected your e-commerce or have chosen the page to link the catalog and name, click on ‘Create’.

Well, now if you chose the first option (that is to add your articles manually or as a group) what remains to be done is… add the products. 🙂

You should check this screen where you will have to choose whether to add your products manually (useful if your products are few and do not change often), whether to add them in groups (if there are many and they change often) or whether to import yourself via the Facebook pixel. .

If there are few and you want to add them manually you will have to insert photos, product name, a short description, an ID if you want to retargeting, the link to your product page where people will make the purchase and the price. Once all this information has been added, click on ‘Add a product’. Repeat the operation for all the products you want to add.

If you want to add them as a group, instead, you will have to create a file or download it from your e-commerce and upload it to the appropriate section . Then click on ‘Use batch upload’ and upload your file in CSV, TSV or XML format that includes all the necessary information about your products.

Once the file has finished uploading, complete your settings and upload your products.

Using the Facebook pixel, on the other hand, just follow the wizard to create a new pixel and insert the code on your e-commerce.

“I’ve uploaded my products, now what should I do?”.

All done? Great!

Now all you have to do is wait. Instagram will have to verify your products and decide whether to give you access to Instagram Shopping.

The review usually takes a few hours, but in some cases it may take longer: from a few days to a couple of weeks. So be patient. If some products are approved and others are not, it means that the rejected products violate the guidelines.

On the Instagram profile of , for example, Instagram activated the Shopping function without me doing anything: and I don’t even need it. 🙂 Go to understand.

When Instagram activates Shopping you will be shown a notification in the app saying that you can start tagging your products in your posts.

Once you have received the approval notification, go to your profile settings and tap on “Shopping”.

Then select the product catalog you want to use on your profile.

Once this is done, your products will be synchronized on Instagram and your e-commerce.

How to tag products

Tagging your products on Instagram is really easy.

When you are about to publish a post, a box will appear on the screen where you need to enter caption and other details with the words ‘Tag your products’.

Then enter the tag on the products you want to show and users, once the post is published, will see a dot where, if they tap on the photo, the details of the tagged products such as price, description and photos will be shown.

The Call To Action ‘Shop’ will also appear on your profile where users can see all your products.

Instagram Shopping not approved: what to do?

If you don’t approve Instagram Shopping, it’s usually for violating the guidelines.

If you return to your product catalog within the Facebook Business Manager, you should find the reason for the refusal.

If the reason is violation of the guidelines, you could delete the rejected products and reload them following the instructions in the guidelines.

If this is not the case, I recommend you write to Facebook support and ask for clarification. Each case can be different and unfortunately there cannot be a general answer that is valid for everyone.


Well, we have seen how to activate Instagram Shopping by following the procedures that Facebook makes available in the Business Manager.

Hope this was helpful to you!

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