How to advertise on Instagram in 10 steps

How to advertise on Instagram in 10 steps

We are in the age of the visual and you should take advantage of it, because you will not have a better opportunity than this to take your business to the top .

Just as a detail, our brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than a text and there are several studies that show that we only remember 20% of what we read while we retain 80% of what we see . Is that not enough?

Well, to all that we must add that visual content is 43% more persuasive and 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks .

With all this we want to tell you that now is the time for visual social networks and, specifically, for one of them: Instagram .

And it is that Mark Zuckerberg already went up to see for a few years that Instagram had a great life ahead so he bought it for the innocent figure of a billion dollars and got to squeeze your potential.

The result? Instagram went from having 30 million active users at the time of purchase to having more than 400 million users today .

And that was not all but recently the company has introduced a change that is causing a shock for small and large companies: advertising on Instagram .

Think that Instagram is the most visual and mobile social network that exists , and more and more users are connecting to social networks through their mobile devices, which is causing that ads on Instagram are reaching high effectiveness figures .

So if you want to reach your audience and improve your brand’s figures then yes or yes you have to advertise on Instagram and implement advertising campaigns that help you achieve your goals.

Are you wondering why you should invest in advertising on Instagram and how to get the most out of it ? We’ll tell you all about that right away and show you how you can start posting ads on Instagram step by step and with very few resources .

Are you ready to jump into the visual age through the front door? Well then, don’t stop reading, because this has only just begun!


Why advertise on Instagram? Some reasons to say ‘yes, I do’

Many believed that this moment would never come, others crossed their fingers that it was not a reality but the truth is that since last September 30 2015 Instagram has joined the group of social networks that allow sponsored content and they have not been slow to revolutionize the online advertising landscape.

Today Instagram already has more than 400 million users who publish a total of 800 million photos and they give 1.2 billion likes a day . So if your potential customers are there and also remain active, why not take advantage of the pull and also do Instagram posts do you also take advantage of enhance your advertising campaigns on the platform?

Without going any further, it is calculated that by 2017 advertising on Instagram will surpass that of Facebook and Twitter, and its earnings will be more than 2.8 billion dollars compared to the 595 million estimated for this year – .

That is why we can shout from the rooftops, loud and clear, that now is the time to include this platform in your advertising campaigns and bet hard on doing advertising on Instagram since the social network has become one of the best platforms that exist right now to advertise.

Mainly, for three main reasons:

  • 1. The high attractiveness generated by images
  • 2. The low cost of creating advertising campaigns
  • 3. The integration and naturalness of the ads , perfectly integrated with the rest of the publications

This is what Instagram ads look like today:


In addition, along with Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is the social network in which users spend the most time online, so the probability that your message reaches them is very high .

On the other hand, advertising on Instagram for companies is full of advantages since, as with its older brother, Facebook, it has a high degree targeting so you can run ads for the type of audience you choose – and it is clear that if you exclusively target your target audience, you are more likely to end up with better results—.

All this without forgetting that compared to Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook Ads, advertising on Instagram is much cheaper with costs per click between 0 .01 and 0.015 cents. That means that you can get a lot of visibility by spending very little money .

And although this will not always hesitate, now is the time to take advantage of the novelty . The best?

To advertise on Instagram you do not need to be a genius or have the creative team of the big brands but with a little imagination you can also create your advertising campaigns and promote your business, your products and your services quickly, easily and efficiently .

Want to see how to achieve this? We’ll tell you about it right away.

How to advertise on Instagram step by step in an easy, fast and efficient way to publish ads that convert

1. Link your Instagram account with Facebook

The first thing you should know when advertising on Instagram is that you will need a Facebook account for later link it with your Instagram account , since it is through the first platform from which you will have to create, design, configure and publish your ads for Instagram.

Although at first glance it may seem inconvenient to have to manage your advertising on Instagram from Facebook, the truth is that this option is full of advantages because it means that from the Facebook ad creation tool, Power Editor , you will be able to design your advertising campaigns for both social networks in an easy, fast and efficient way.

To link both accounts, enter your Facebook fan page, go to settings, select “Ads on Instagram” and link your Instagram account as it appears in the following image:


From that moment on, you can start creating and posting ads on Instagram.

2. Get familiar with the Power Editor

From the same Facebook ads page you can access the Power Editor to create your own Instagram ads as shown in the following image:


Once inside Power Editor – you can also access directly from here You will see a menu like the one shown below and with which you should familiarize yourself since it will be there where you will design and configure your advertising on Instagram.


As you can see you have several options that are very easy to follow and complete, so familiarize yourself with them and then click “Manage Ads” either to start creating your ad or ad set from scratch or to edit an already run campaign.

3. Choose the type of campaign according to your objectives

The first step to publish ads on Instagram is to create the name of the campaign and select your advertising objective out of all those shown in the list:


For example, do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Or, on the contrary, do you want to achieve more video views? Choose el priority objective on which your advertising will turn on Instagram and focus your ads on reaching that goal.

4. Define the audience you want to reach

One of the great advantages of creating your ad using the Power Editor is that as with Facebook Ads, it allows the possibility of segmenting the public according to tastes and interests . This will be very useful to optimize your advertising spending by focusing only on users related to your brand :


That is, if you have a women’s fashion company and your potential clients are women between 18 and 29 years old, then you will be able to configure your campaigns to exclusively reach this type of audience . And it goes without saying that this has incredible power in increasing the profitability of your business.

Regarding segmentation, on the one hand you have the basic options such as age, language, origin or gender ; and on the other hand you have more advanced options such as creating custom audiences, according to interests or based on behaviors and connections among others, which will still give you more options to limit the audience you want to target .

5. Set a budget

As in any advertising campaign, when advertising on Instagram it is also essential to define the budget, something that is relatively simple as you can see in the following screenshot:


For example, you can choose to invest five dollars a day for a period of a month or two, or on the contrary to concentrate your entire budget in a few days in order to earn more visibility in the shortest possible time – although you should bear in mind that you need at least two weeks to start seeing significant results -.

6. Decide what type of ad you are going to publish

There are currently four types of ads that you can create to show your audience:

  • Single image: the ad displays a single image.
  • Carousel : allows you to add up to five images that the user can scroll from one side to the other.


  • Image player: You can add up to five images to play themselves. It is a mix between the single image and the carousel.
  • Video: You also have the possibility of publishing a video advertisement although, yes, it must not exceed the 60 seconds.


7. Make good use of space

Think that advertising on Instagram is very particular: you have very little space to convey what you want to your audience, and it is also an advertisement that will be displayed on mobile devices .

That means you have to go for ads that have a lot of value . Try to be short and direct and think that when we talk about advertising many times less is more.

You can also take the opportunity to include watermarks , your logo and create different ads depending on your objectives as we do in Postcron :


When you go to design the ad, keep in mind the minimum measurements for the image : 600 x 315 pixels for horizontal ads and 600 x 600 px for square ads; And whenever you can, use the square format of 1080 x 1080 pixels since the ad will be much more appreciated .

8. Make #hashtags your best allies

Don’t overlook the power of hashtags so research which ones are the most used in your industry and try to use at least one or two in your advertising – don’t forget that in your organic posts you should be including between three and seven – . Even a good option would be to use a specific hashtag for your ad campaigns .


9. Includes calls to action

And if hashtags are important, what about calls to action!

Marketing experts say that if you don’t tell your audience what you want them to do, they will hardly do it , and that is precisely the call to action or calls to action.

Tell your potential customers what you want them to do in your ad and you’ll be much more likely to end up doing it.

For example, you can take advantage of the text of your ad to add an ingenious phrase or a creative comment, and on the other hand take advantage of the option that Instagram offers you to add a button according to your objectives: from install or download an application to get more information and even buy.


Of course, when publishing ads keep in mind that on Instagram, as on Facebook, it is only possible to add 20% of text to the image . And a unque the maximum text allowed is 300 characters Instagram recommends around 150. Again: do not use 10 words to say what you can transmit in five.

And as an extra tip, keep in mind that humor usually works well on Instagram so you can take advantage of that in your ads for promotions and by the way make your ads fun, that not everything is going to be serious when we talk about selling!

Now, once you have done all this, the great moment has arrived: ¡ launch your campaign and publish your ads on Instagram!

10. Measure, interpret and optimize

Not everything ends once you publish your ads, but we could say that that is precisely where it begins . Remember that nothing you do will help if you do not measure the performance of your advertising on Instagram later, so it is an obligation to analyze the data of your campaigns once you have launched them.

Ask yourself if you have reached the expected result, if you have achieved the clicks, downloads or conversions you wanted, and if you also created different ads highly recommended, since that way you can see which style your audience prefers and which design works best and is the cheapest for you— analyze which of them worked best and focus your efforts on that. And above all, no lose sight of your competition , it can show you the way when you least expect it.

Much of the success of your advertising campaigns will be precisely how you analyze the data and the decisions you make based on it!

And very important: remember that Instagram is a mobile network so when you choose the website to which you are going to direct your audience when they click on your advertising make sure you have a responsive design and that the landing page looks good from a mobile device or else you will be losing a lot of conversions.


Well, what did you think of this guide on how to advertise on Instagram? The truth is that there is no better time than this to make the leap in advertising to this social network, so start designing your advertising campaigns and create ads that convert . Now you know where to start ????

If this article was interesting to you, do not hesitate to share it with all your contacts in the networks so that they too can make the most of the potential of Instagram .

Via: Postcron

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