How to be followed on Instagram

How to be followed on Instagram

Instagram is a social network based on images and, at the moment, it is one of the most famous and used social networks in the world. By now everyone (or almost everyone) has their own Instagram profile, and everyone is looking for a new and original way to approach the platform and share their memes and their most beautiful photos with the world.

But how exactly does Instagram work? How is it best used and what are its functions? How to get lots of followers? If these questions have led you to search the internet how to be followed on Instagram , I am happy to tell you that you are in the right place, because with this guide, I want to teach you how to use Instagram in the best way to get the maximum from your photos and videos.

How to be followed on Instagram

come farsi seguire su Instagram

In the guide below, I will explain which are the best methods to legitimately increase Instagram followers . I’ll explain what hashtags and profiles are, what you can upload and how to get a professional approach to the platform, so you can find out what your followers like and when to post. In short, I will not dwell on the functions of Instagram.

If, on the other hand, you would also like to know more in depth the various functions of Instagram, I suggest you consult the dedicated article, in which I have detailed them one by one . That said, I’d say we can get started.


Basic Instagram functions

come farsi seguire su Instagram funzioni di base

Before starting with the actual guide, I wanted to explain to you roughly what Instagram is and how it works .

As I said in the introduction, Instagram is a social network which started out as app, and that is why its main functions are available on the various applications (mobile and desktop), while the web version is still a bit limited.

This social network has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from any other social network, namely images . Yes, because Instagram, initially, was just an application for sharing photos and images.

Over time, this feature has remained constant, despite the fact that the app, over the years, has introduced new functions and has begun to support new types of content, such as live streams, videos and stories.

Instagram was born to share images and if you want to make the most of this platform, you will have to necessarily share photographs through posts and stories.

But Instagram is also a social platform and, for this reason, a long time ago, it introduced Direct , or messages direct. Initially, thanks to Direct it was only possible to send images and videos privately to some specific users. Over time, however, Instagram’s Direct function has turned into a real instant messaging app.

When you post a photo on Instagram, you can use a series of filters or operate a series of manual actions to customize the image, so as to bring out the colors, lights, shadows and make your photograph even more spectacular.

But it doesn’t end there, because Instagram also gives you the possibility to attach to your photos a text . Many users and Pages use this small text space (reduced because the characters available to the user are limited) to describe the photograph or to tell their life, a bit as if Instagram were a personal diary.

In the description of the images, it is also possible to insert hashtags. These are particular, interactive words, marked with the hash # character, which allow users to associate their image with a stream of infinite other images that have used that same hashtag, and thus be found by others. users.

For some time now, everything that can be done with posts can also be done with Instagram stories , where, however, the contents remain visible for only 24 hours. This, unless they are highlighted.


You must know that on Instagram there are three different types of accounts: the personal profile , public or private, and the company profile , exclusively of the public type.

When you sign up for Instagram, an account is generally created public type personnel that you can later convert into a business account.

Having a business account is essential to be followed on Instagram. Thanks to it, in fact, you can study the behavior of your followers and increase their number, because it allows you to have a series of additional information , such as the number of impressions.

This information is useful for knowing how many times your posts have been viewed in the stream or in the Explore section. You can compare this data with the number of likes, but the two numbers will hardly coincide, also because, if a user sees your post after leaving a like, it will generate a new impression, but will only be able to leave one like.

This means that impressions will always be greater than likes, but you will still have to work hard to minimize the spread .

A company profile, however, also gives you access to other information, such as days and times where your posts have received the most interactions. And if you are not a regular publisher, and you do not post daily, you will almost certainly notice an increase corresponding to the days and times you publish your content.

Having this information available allows you to study users, testing different days and times, so as to identify the best time to publish.

Last but not least, a company profile also allows you to plan advertising campaigns and sponsor your post, which you couldn’t do with a personal profile.

How to switch to a company-IG account

come farsi seguire su Instagram passaggio profilo aziendale

To switch to a corporate IG account , you will need to go to your profile page and tap on the Settings tab, which you find in the corner at the top right, in correspondence with an icon with three horizontal lines .

Next, you must i tap on the Settings item, located near a gear icon, and then on Account.

Once you reach that section, you can perform various operations on your account, including deletion, synchronization of contacts and, of course, transformation into a corporate account. The option is light blue and is called Switch to a corporate account .

To start switching and converting the account, simply tap on this button and follow the instructions shown on the screen. Instagram will ask you to choose a category you belong to (select it carefully). Furthermore, the social network will ask you to verify your e-mail and to associate your account with a Facebook Page or to create a new one.

This last step is not mandatory and you can tell Instagram to do it later. Further information on this can be found in the dedicated guide.

App to be followed on Instagram

There are many apps that help you manage and better monitor your profile, some are supplementary apps, which allow you to choose the best Instagram hashtags according to current trends. Others, on the other hand, are apps that identify new profiles to follow.

There are still other third-party applications that promise to increase likes and followers , through automatic systems based on “follow for follow”, “like for like” models, or on a more complex mechanism for following profiles that publish images using certain hashtags.

Personally, I advise against you to resort to these automatic systems, since the user that would be created around your profile would be a fictitious user, or made up of users who do not really follow your profile, who are not really interested in what you publish and who, often , they follow several hundreds of thousands of users, effectively missing many of your published photos.

In short, these are fake profiles or accounts generated by bots. In fact, there are Telegram bots to increase Instagram followers , but using them, as well as not getting results, you could run into a shadowban.

If you want to use apps to improve your performance on Instagram, search for integration and help tools . Or also, use apps that analyze hashtags (see below). Instead, avoid those that promise free followers and likes. You may come across malware and viruses, but to no avail. Remember, in fact, that “nothing comes from nothing”.


come farsi seguire su Instagram Iconosquare

If you are a professional Instagrammer, a influencer then, you may find Iconosquare , a premium app available for both iOS and Android, useful. You can try it for free for 15 days and, if you like, buy it for 29 euros per month. You can find more information on the official website of the application.

It does not only allow you to see the hashtags for certain categories (for this function, probably, it is better the app you find in the next paragraph).

Iconosquare is perfect for looking at who the competing Instagrammers are for your same category, niche or theme. That’s right, you got it right: with Iconosquare you can see who your Italian competitors are and what they publish.

In this way, you can do a complete Instagram Audit , so you can understand what they are the trending posts and the hashtags used.

You will then be able to process the posts with that extra touch that could distinguish you from the competition, to the point of being followed on Instagram by followers who already follow other competitors.

Hashtag to be followed on Instagram

come farsi seguire su Instagram hashtag

One of the most powerful tools that Facebook offers to users to make themselves known and discovered, is the hashtag function. If used well, hashtags can make the difference between a 10 and 10,000 follower profile.

But how? In the introduction, explaining what Instagram is, I told you that in the description of the images it is also possible to insert hashtags, that is, some particular words that allow you to show your photos in a certain section of the social networks.

For some time now, you can follow hashtags as if they were users. I have explained it to you in this guide. This means that, when you publish an image, if you use the right hashtags in the description, so that they can describe the content of the image and allow users to find it, you will certainly get many likes and followers. Not only that, you could also end up in the Explore section, that is, in the Instagram trends section.

But be careful about the hashtags you use, because a hashtag with many posts is not necessarily an active hashtag. . Take, for example, the hashtag #christmas which, at the time of writing, has about 129 million posts. There are certainly a lot of posts. However, since it is a keyword linked to a specific event, Christmas in fact, it is very unlikely that, by publishing a photo with the hashtag Christmas in July, it will end up in many streams.

So try to keep hashtags and trends under control. Select the hottest hashtags of the moment, checking how many are active and how many posts are published every day with that hashtag.

As I told you in the previous paragraph, there are several free tools that can help you select and track the best IG hashtags . Read on to understand what they are and how they work.

How I just told you said, there are free applications that analyze the public Instagram hashtags and show the related trends based on certain categories , such as travel, people, nature, holidays, family, technology, fashion and the like.

Below, you find a mini-review of the most reliable (in my opinion) free app for find Instagram hashtag .


come farsi seguire su Instagram app Android HashTags

HashTags is a free app available only for Android , but extremely useful. You can find it on the Play Store. Thanks to it, in fact, it is possible to see all the trending hashtags of the day . Since popular hashtags change and evolve at all times (certainly every 24 hours), this app analyzes Instagram’s APIs in real time, so you can always stay up to date on current topics.

With HashTags, no hashtags from your niche will be lost. You will be able to publish posts for a certain category and immediately appear in hashtag trends, as soon as it becomes popular. If you post in time, you will have a better chance of being visible to new users. So, you can grow faster on Instagram.

Get Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram

You need to know that Instagram is owned by Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg’s popular social network. A few years ago, Facebook Inc. bought Instagram and, since then, has activated a series of very interesting integrations between the two social networks, including the possibility of following all Facebook contacts on Instagram .

Upon subscription , Instagram gives you the ability to automatically follow all your Facebook contacts. But don’t worry if you didn’t do it right away, because you can always fix it later.

Following your friends , is the first step to being followed by them. . The second step is to interact with them , comment on their photos, like and so on. Also, you can enable automatic sharing of Instagram Stories on Facebook, or manually share only some photos as a post, so as to inform your friends that you are on Instagram and that you post beautiful photos there that they are missing, not being your followers.

Always remember that Instagram is a social network based on images . This means that images and social relationships are essential to increase your followers.

In short, try to be courteous, polite and respectful, but above all, try to post beautiful photos. You also follow a specific theme, without being too generic or obvious.

Be followed on Instagram by famous people

Education, respect, friendliness and beautiful photos are the universal recipe for being followed on Instagram by famous people .

By interacting with other users in the right way and entering the Explore section, you may be able to obtain important followings from VIPs, well-known TV faces, famous YouTubers, movie stars or even other Instagrammers.

I can’t give you a specific “recipe” to succeed in this feat . You will have to be the one to stand out from the crowd for your niche by following the suggestions I gave you above, so as to show you interesting even in the eyes of the most famous people on the web or those of the entertainment world.

Get followed on Instagram without following others

come farsi seguire su Instagram senza seguire promozioni ed Insight

I would like to tell you that there are tricks, secrets and magic formulas to be followed on Instagram without being followed, but I’d lie .

The truth is that, to get lots of followers from strangers on Instagram , there’s only one thing you can do: post videos and photos niche , quality and unique. There is a lot of competition on the net now, it’s true. However, there is still a good chance of success. What matters today is originality .

Publishing great content in stories or posts, however, is only the first step. In fact, those photos or videos must also be seen by other users who do not follow you . This can only happen in three ways:

  • Through the likes of your followers and the repost (with credit to the author, of course);
  • Through the hashtags and any tags of position or user tags;
  • By sponsoring your posts, so that users belonging to a specific target, defined by you on a personal and interest basis, can see your posts.

If you manage to mix all these elements in the right way, simple anonymous visitors will convert into followers and will start to like them more often. Also, they will comment on your posts with interest. This will create a noteworthy community.

You will be able to monetize followers and earn with Instagram as I explained to you in the dedicated guide I have already written.

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