How to be invisible on Instagram

How to be invisible on Instagram

Although the current society pushes us more and more to share opinions, interests and moments of personal life on social networks, if you are here, it is possible that you have realized that you care about your privacy much more than I thought. You would therefore like to know if there are ways to reduce your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like, without necessarily deleting your accounts. Well, I think you ended up in the right place. Since sometimes I too have found myself struggling with users who are a little too intrusive and not really welcome comments on the various sharing platforms, I thought about dedicating a series of articles to managing privacy on social profiles.

In particular, today I will try to explain without too many words how to be invisible on Instagram or, at least, I will give you some indications on how to preserve your personal sphere from unwelcome intrusions. I know, it might seem like a proposal in total contradiction to the basic function of the platform owned by Zuckerberg, whose success, like that of Facebook, is essentially based on the possibility of making the facts of others without being discovered. In fact, however, I would like to emphasize that sharing images or short videos that portray us in private moments does not necessarily have to be available to all users of the platform. Indeed, I believe that the decision of some to restrict the shared contents to a small audience, perhaps made up of friends and relatives with whom one has a face-to-face relationship, is absolutely legitimate.


What happens if you hide on Instagram

come risultare invisibili su Instagram

As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, Instagram gives each user different opportunities to safeguard the own private sphere. Of course, each of the strategies I will list carries with it consequences more or less relevant in relation to the visibility of the Instagram profile.

It may in fact happen that the account is removed from the Instagram search, that it no longer appears in searches carried out via the browser, or even, it may disappear permanently from the “Explore” section.

Alternatively, you could choose to hide some content such as stories and posts from a single unwelcome user, for example blocking him while keeping the profile in public mode. In this case, you would only partially protect your privacy, since, in fact, your shares would continue to be visible to many people, who could follow you without your knowledge (and absurdly even to blocked people, since they could use third-party tools parts to view them).

In short, everything to warn you: camouflaging or being invisible on Instagram is possible, but you will have to carefully evaluate all the opportunities and weigh them in relation to the consequences that could affect, in a negative way , your Instagram profile. This, especially if one of your wishes was to become an influencer.

​​How not to be found on Instagram

Advances and disclaimers apart , if you are here, you have probably already weighed all the pros and cons of being invisible on Instagram well, and therefore only want to take action in order to protect yourself from any data and information theft, negative comments and pushy followers. So I’ll settle for you right away.

Below, I’ve included a number of strategies to help your cause. Take a few minutes to read the in-depth information, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Deactivation of online state in Direct

come risultare invisibili su Instagram disattivazione stato attività

Deactivate online status in Direct Instagram could help you reduce your visibility and maybe stem the receipt of unwanted messages every time you open the application.

The activity status, in fact, allows the accounts you follow and all the people you messaged with to see the time of your last activity on Instagram. By not showing it, you will prevent prying eyes from knowing when you are active on the social network. You can therefore be invisible and offline on Instagram .

To hide the activity status on the Instagram app (Android / iOS), it will be sufficient for you follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Instagram and tap the Profile icon (with a stylized half bust, bottom right) ;
  2. Tap the Menu icon at the top left;
  3. Tap on Settings and immediately after on Privacy ;
  4. Find the Activity Status entry and drag the toggle that appears next to it from left to right (until it turns gray).

If you usually use Instagram on Windows 10 instead you will have to:

  1. Open the app and log in to your Profile;
  2. Scroll the menu to the “ Settings ” section;
  3. Look for the item Show the active status tà and drag the toggle from left to right.

If you prefer to use Instagram on browser , the deactivation of the online status in Direct must go through these steps:

  1. Log in to Instagram and click on the Profile icon (bearing the classic representation of a half-length stylized man);
  2. Click on the gear icon immediately next to the Edit profile button;
  3. Click on Privacy and security , you will be redirected to the extended page dedicated to the settings relating to the management of your account;
  4. In the Activity status section, uncheck from Shows your activity status , in order to prevent the accounts you interacted with from knowing when you last accessed Instagram.

I remind you that by deactivating this function you will no longer be able to see the activity status of other accounts. In short, your privacy also passes through respect for that of other Instagramers. For more information, read how to deactivate the online status on Instagram.

Making posts and stories invisible

Along the lines of what was said in regarding the deactivation of the activity status, another opportunity to safeguard your privacy on Instagram, is to make posts and stories invisible .

The two operations provide for a series of very different passages from each other. Therefore, it’s worth addressing them separately.

Making posts and stories invisible by archiving

come risultare invisibili su Instagram archiviazione post

The archiving is an excellent opportunity if you want to make some (or possibly all) posts published on your Instagram profile invisible. This operation will allow the viewing of Instagram content stored exclusively to the account owner; they will be included in the section dedicated to the Archive.

Are you wondering how it is possible to archive a post? On the Instagram app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app and access your Profile (by tapping the icon bearing half-length, at the bottom right of the screen);
  2. Tap the post you would like to archive and tap the three dots top left;
  3. Choose the option Archive.

To verify that the post has been archived correctly, follow the path Profile> Menu (icon with three horizontal lines at the top right)> Archive> Archive of posts .

If you decide to retrace your steps and repeat “in clear ”the archived contents, follow the path Profile> Menu> Archive> Post archive . Then, tap the post you want to make public again and tap the three dots at the top right. Finally, tap the Show in profile option. Then performing a refresh of the profile, you will notice the posts that you had previously archived reappear.

Last, but not least, I would like to point out that the option “ Archive ”is also available for stories . If you want to learn more, read how to archive Instagram posts.

Making stories invisible with targeted restrictions

come risultare invisibili su Instagram nascondere storia

The opportunities to restrict the use of the stories you publish to a chosen audience do not end here. It is in fact possible to hide Instagram stories and live videos from specific people.

To do so, first follow the path Profile> Menu> Settings> Privacy> History . In that section, tap Hide story to , choose “ 0 people ” and then select the users you want to exclude from your updates. Finally, tap the check mark (top right) to confirm the changes made. If you want to learn more, read how to hide Instagram stories.

Using the “Closest-friends” list

come risultare invisibili su Instagram amici più stretti

Make use of the “Close friends” list, it’s a great idea if you want to eliminate any opportunity to be spied on by unwelcome people and thus be invisible on Instagram.

Restricting the viewing of shared content to close friends, in fact, you it also protects you from any third-party apps, specifically designed for anonymous “spying” on public Instagram profiles.

How to create a list of closest friends to share posts and stories with? It’s easy to say:

  1. Access the Instagram app from your smartphone and tap the Profile;
  2. icon Access the Menu (icon with three horizontal lines at the top right) and choose Settings;
  3. Tap the Privacy
  4. Tap “ 0 people ” to access the list of accounts you follow;
  5. In the “ Suggestions ” section, you will be able to add or remove followers via the Close friends list.

The photos and videos you will share with the list will be marked with a particular label. Also, be aware that Instagram will in no way communicate to other users their inclusion or eventual elimination from the list. To learn more, read how to create the list of closest friends on Instagram.

Block a user

come risultare invisibili su Instagram blocco contatto

If you think that the options proposed so far are not sufficient to inhibit nasty comments or excessive intrusions into your privacy, you could consider blocking one or more users on Instagram .

While it may seem like a pretty radical act, banning a user can really get annoying people out of your way. In fact, you could be invisible only to this person on Instagram and in a total way. Here’s how to proceed via the app:

  1. Search for the user you want to block;
  2. Touch the icon with three dots placed vertically (top right);
  3. Choose the option Block.

At this point, a warning will inform you that, once blocked, the user will no longer be able to search for your profile, your posts or your story on Instagram. Confirm the operation by choosing the Block option again and you are done. The blocked user will not be informed about the operation, but could nevertheless find out what happened easily. For more information, read how to block an Instagram user.

Change of name

If your interest is to “confuse the waters” among yours followers without deleting your account, you could try change your username .

To do this, you could follow the guide to change your username on Instagram. However, I must tell you that, in this case, you would probably not get satisfactory results. This, as long as you do not decide to also change the photo and description in the biography.

Setting up a private profile

The profile option private is undoubtedly the most suitable when you want to preserve your private life from prying eyes and be invisible on Instagram. By setting your profile as private, you will be able to directly filter the following requests from your potential followers and to actively decide who can participate in your life on the photographic social network.

To make yours private profile, follow the path Profile> Menu icon> Settings> Privacy> Account privacy . Then, drag the toggle next to Private account , until it turns blue.

Remember that if you set your account as private, only approved people will be able to see the content you will post. So, be careful to carefully select your followers. For more information, read how to put your Instagram profile private.

Creating a secondary profile

If your intention was to be invisible on Instagram, then you should try to create a secondary profile . This way, you could recreate your following from scratch while keeping the current one on your old profile.

Sure, you should publish posts and stories to both accounts. In any case, you would be able to have two different virtual identities within the social network. To learn more, read how to create a secondary profile on Instagram.

How to use Instagram anonymously

In addition to the methods I’ve talked about so far, there are also other tricks to stay hidden from the views of others. Below I will list some of them.

Anonymous viewing of stories

Stories always arouse a lot of curiosity, it’s undeniable. Whether it is for their immediacy character or for the curiosity to virtually get in direct contact with their trusted influencers, we have all experienced at least once the desire to enter Instagram and enjoy the stories of others, perhaps without being discovered. Well, as you know, unfortunately this is not possible to do officially, since the visualization of the stories is always notified to the author.

The only opportunity you have to view previews of Instagram stories without making your name appear, thus being invisible on Instagram, comes from apps or third-party online services that allow you to save stories shared by public profiles anonymously. I remind you that these tools can also be used by those you have blocked.

As for the private profiles , it is possible to preview their stories using some third-party apps parts that provide access. To learn more, read the guide on how to see Instagram stories without being seen.

Anonymous viewing of Direct

Anonymous viewing of Direct could “ remove chestnuts from the fire ”to all those who wish to access the complete text of a message without having to feel obliged to reply quickly.

With regard to this aspect, I would like to give you partial reassurance. Partial because, at least for messages received from unknown users (not included in your followers and who contact you for the first time), you will be able to read the full body of the message directly from the Instagram app, without they know it. This is because Instagram will not notify you of the reading until you accept the message.

As for the messages received from your followers , there are several strategies to put into practice to guarantee the reading of a Direct in total anonymity. Among these, I would like to mention:

  • Android / iOS notifications : you can hope that the message text is short enough to completely fit into the notification preview provided by the operating system of your phone;
  • Reading the message offline : you could rely on free third-party apps for anonymous Direct reading. There are several, but from personal experience, I can confirm that Unseen for Android turns out to be quite reliable not only for Instagram Direct, but also for WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram messages. On iOS , however, it is better to activate the offline mode (on the App Store there is very little to recommend at the moment).

Anonymous posting

On this front, you can rest easy. In fact, Instagram does not in any way notify the author of a post about your view . There is no need to wonder how to be invisible on Instagram in this case.

To confirm what I just told you, you must know that influencers (even those who have a business or creator account) can only obtain general (or in any case overall) statistics on impressions, without however knowing the nickname of those who accessed the post. It’s not like Instagram Stories.

Anonymous profile view

Like post views, there will be no trace of your passage on the profiles you decide to visit . In fact, the owner will not be notified of anything and therefore your view will be totally anonymous.

How do you say? Your problem is that you’ve been blocked by the influencer you like so much but would still like to follow his latest updates? Well, in this case, the only opportunity you have to continue viewing his posts will be to log out of the application and carry out a simple internet search with the name or nickname of the user in question, hoping then that his profile is set to public (although, in some cases, private profiles appear in search results as well).

Alternatively, you could always view his stories unnoticed. But I advise you not to invade a user’s privacy too much.

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