How to become a fashion blogger on Instagram

How to become a fashion blogger on Instagram

Who would not “play false papers” to be able to monetize their passions enough to be able to maintain a Hollywood lifestyle? A rhetorical question, of course, which, today more than ever, finds a concrete answer in the world of the web. Yes, because the flourishing of social networks and alternative means of telecommunication has allowed many to express their vision of the world, so much so that unprecedented professional figures have been born, such as bloggers and influencers, capable of involving thousands of users by dealing with the most disparate topics: from lifestyle to science, from nutrition to fashion. I will deal with this last theme in today’s article. My intent, in particular, is to talk to you in the most organic way possible (without dwelling on unnecessary technicalities), about how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram .

Before this, however, I consider it essential to make a premise: although social networks have speeded up and simplified communications, sometimes giving the impression that making a fortune is child’s play, the current high number of aspiring influencers have finished. to make it really difficult to stand out and stand out. Especially if you believe it is possible to do it without the skills. All of this to tell you that if your intent is to make easy money online, then forget it. The world of fashion bloggers and influencers is extremely competitive and it will certainly not be a series of badly taken photos (where maybe you wear some outfits chosen with superficiality) to make you break into the world of fashion on social media. But what you could do is commit yourself, study with dedication and patience, contenting yourself with even the smallest results you will get every day. In short, do not aim to earn money online quickly, but invest in your future by carving out a solid job on your skills. Well, finished – at least for now – the part of the sermons, let’s move on to the point.


What does fashion blogger mean?

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram

One or a fashion blogger manages and updates, possibly on a constant basis, a diary focused on issues related to fashion, the universe of glamor, travel and, more extensively , lifestyle and the latest trends.

A rather broad definition, which is useful for me to make it clear immediately how numerous are the ideas from which you can get ideas for your blog.

The first point of the game, in fact, is played right here:

  • Define your own unique and original style to stand out from the crowd;
  • Find a communicative key personal;
  • Clarify your ideas about your target audience without setting yourself too many restrictions.

A series of arguments that must be “gutted” well before getting your hands on Instagram business accounts or WordPress pages, because in practice, simply write what goes through your head, without having a more structured project in mind , it’s not necessarily a good idea.

Analysis of an Instagram fashion blogger

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni

For the reasons mentioned above, I strongly recommend that you “look around”, perhaps by peeking at the Instagram pages of successful influencers, to try to understand and interpret their choices .

Try to do it systematically, following this procedure:

  1. Open Instagram and search for the profile of your favorite influencer;
  2. Switch to grid mode , to get an overview of all his posts over time. I’m sure you will notice a sort of fil rouge made up of colors, styles and themes that are repeated in order to create a recognizable and unique communication key. Obviously, you will not have to get discouraged by noting the very high quality of the photos. On the other hand, the most famous influencers in the world, such as Ferragni, Lively, Kattan, Dallas and co., Generally travel with a bevy of professional photographers who use extremely expensive equipment to make even the glimpses of everyday life glossy. It is also true, however, that an investment of thousands of euros will certainly not be necessary to get started (I’ll tell you about it in a few paragraphs);
  3. Take a look at the individual posts , where you will notice a certain attention also to the captions and, above all to the hashtags, which in fact will represent the “keystone” for viewing your posts by new potential followers. I will not go into detail at the moment, but I ask you to take a few more minutes, because later you will find a whole paragraph on the subject;
  4. Last advice, but not least, take some time to take a look to the Stories of your favorite Instagram influencer. These, in my opinion, return the most real moments of everyday life of those who decide to share them. However, do not believe that they are always and in any case the result of the “spontaneity of the moment”. A true professional always thinks twice before sharing something, especially since even a single misplaced word could make a lot of people indignant.

Difference between blog and Instagram page

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram o aprire un blog

At this point, you may be wondering what the main difference is between a blog dedicated to glamor and a fashion-themed Instagram page, I’m right ? In short: the speed of communication .

An undoubtedly superficial answer, which however makes it clear how Instagram, with its vocation as a “photo social network”, provides the possibility of quickly communicate their idea of ​​fashion and glamor, without however giving space to texts or insights.

This could seem limiting in the eyes of all those who would like to publish more discursive content or to tell in depth their fashion concept . At the same time, however, this intuitiveness is perfect if you are interested in showing your original style and perhaps sharing important moments of your life.

To then enter, briefly, on the technical aspects of the difference between a blog and a Instagram page, I tell you that to open the latter you will not have to worry about buying a hosting. Simply log into the main Instagram page and follow the procedure for creating a business account.

And what if I already have a personal account ? More than legitimate question. In this case, I recommend that you turn that profile into a business account . By doing this, the published content (and hopefully some interactions with your contacts and friends) will remain visible, which could act as a “launch pad” for your profile.

In short, the unnecessary to buy a hosting and the speed of communication, seem to me two excellent reasons to open an Instagram page if your desire is to become a fashion blogger on this platform.

At the same time, however, it is just specify how, due to its characteristics, a blog would give you the opportunity to write articles and report your thoughts in a space that goes far beyond that of the short caption under a photo on Instagram.

Without forgetting that among the sources of income for the biggest influencers on Instagram, there are also the revenues obtained from the views of the pages on their blogs and related sites (thanks to affiliate programs, advertising banners and various sponsorships). Therefore, I recommend that you also read how to open a blog to support it with your project.

This is to say that, although engagement on Instagram is important, this will be even more so if you are able to drag and drop the followers on your own blogs and e-commerce sites. Do you want a striking example? The Blonde Salad, the blog on which Chiara Ferragni founded her empire, is now an e-commerce site where it is possible to buy the items of her collections and much more.

What to do to become a fashion instagrammer

All very nice, right? So basically what to do to become a fashion instagrammer? Here are the key points:

  • Study the characteristics of the platform well;
  • Get the equipment to take pictures and shoot short videos of sufficient quality to catch the attention of some ‘of the public;
  • Learn how to best use photo and video editing programs;
  • Open accounts on other social networks (the main ones) and connect them to your Instagram page to reach a slice of the widest possible audience;
  • Do not “fool” looking for loopholes (bots and the like) that would end up penalizing your work, but rather focus on the involvement of followers;
  • Post regularly ( studying the progress of the most responsive moments of the day) and use the Instagram stories in the most profitable way possible.

Continuing the reading, you will find extensive insights regarding some of the tips I have just listed for you . They will be useful for you to start your business as a fashion blogger in the best way.

Learn to use Instagram well

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram apprendimento

How do you do it to make the most of a platform like Instagram if you don’t know it well? The biggest mistake that can be made is to underestimate the complexity and “layering” of the functions of a social network.

For this reason, I recommend that you rely on reliable sources to fully understand the functioning of the algorithms underlying Instagram. It may seem boring and perhaps useless, but I assure you that the dynamics that guide for example the selection of posts inserted in the Explore page of Instagram are anything but random.

Therefore, I suggest you search of guides and online courses valid and also inexpensive. If you accept suggestions, take a look at:

You will thus be able to improve your knowledge of the social network’s features.

Basic equipment for an Instagram fashion blogger

attrezzattura per fashion blogger Instagram

I know, it would be great to be able to take perfect photos with your smartphone without having to retouch the lighting, saturation or colors. You can be content to use your phone for the very first few posts, but if your intentions are serious, you will have to resign yourself to buying some equipment.

The good thing about investing money in tech equipment is that currently the choice is very varied and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get quality material that can be well rated on the platform.

Try to take a look at the products listed in the example of equipment that I have elaborated below. These hi-tech devices and gadgets could be a good starting point for you to create your first home photo shoot, which still allows you to take noteworthy professional photographs.

Example of equipment for Instagram fashion blogger

Smartphone with professional cameras:

  • Google Pixel 3
  • iPhone XS
  • Samsung S10

To find out more, check out my article on the best smartphone for Instagram.

Google 99928198 Pixel 3 13, 86 cm (5, 46 pollici), Smartphone (2.5 GHz, 64 GB, 12.2 MP), Bianco chiaro

Google 99928198 Pixel 3 13, 86 cm ( 5.46 inches), Smartphone (2.5 GHz, 64 GB, 12.2 MP), Light white

Apple iPhone XS (256GB) - Grigio Siderale

Apple iPhone XS (256GB) – Space Gray

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone, 128GB, Display 6.1', Dual SIM, Bianco (Prism White) [Altra Versione Europea]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone, 128GB, 6.1 “Display, Dual SIM, White (Prism White) [Other European Version]

Compact camera :

Nikon Coolpix A1000 Fotocamera digitale compatta, 16 Megapixel, Zoom 35X, 4K, mirino elettronico incorporato, RAW (NRW), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Nero [Nital Card: 4 Anni di Garanzia]

Nikon Coolpix A1000 Compact digital camera, 16 Megapixel, 35X Zoom, 4K, built-in electronic viewfinder, RAW (NRW), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Black [Nital Card: 4 Years Warranty]

Reflex :

  • Canon EOS 200D + with EF-S 18-55mm f / 4-5.6 IS STM lens

This SLR is also ideal for VLOGs.

Canon EOS 200D Fotocamera Digitale Reflex con Obiettivo EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, Nero

Canon EOS 200D DSLR Digital Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f / 4-5.6 IS STM Lens, Black

Infrared remote control for camera (for remote shooting):

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni0

Canon RC -6 Infrared Remote Control for EOS Cameras

Case neoprene for body and lens

  • MegaGear MG1057 for EOS 100D and 200D (18-55mm)
come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni1

MegaGear MG1057 Canon EOS 200D, 100D (18-55mm) Ultra Light Neoprene Camera Case – Black

Camera Backpack :

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni2

AmazonBasics – SLR camera backpack + accessories, color: Black

Shoulder strap :

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni3

Camera Shoulder Strap, Sony Camera Strap, Nikon Reflex Camera Strap, Neck Strap Neck Strap for Canon Camera, Nikon Memory Shoelace Strap, Black.

Tripod :

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni4

iGadgitz U4884 Lightweight Large Flexible Foam Mini Tripod Compatible with Canon EOS SLR DSLR Series Cameras – Black

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni5

CAMBOFOTO Travel Tripod 160cm Camera Tripod, Lightweight Aluminum Photo Tripod with Ball Head (Black)

Micro Memory Card :

  • Samsung MB-MC128GA EVO Plus 128 GB, UHS-I U3
come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni6

Samsung Memory MB-MC128GA EVO Plus 128 GB microSD card, UHS-I U3, Up to 100 MB / s, with SD adapter

Memory card case :

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni7

Memory Card Case – Pack of 2 – Keep f up to 22x SD, SDHC, Micro SD, Mini SD and 4x CF – Case with 22 Slots (8 Pages) – for Storage and Travel

Cloud services for fashion bloggers

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni8

The cloud computing services that can help you transfer files to your computer are the following:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • OneDrive

For other services and for more information on plans and prices, read my guide to the best cloud storage.

Software for post scheduling by fashion blogger

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram esempio account Chiara Ferragni9

The apps for iOS and Android, but also the software for PC Windows 10, macOS or Ubuntu / Linux, could help you a lot in publication. Here are the tools most used by fashion bloggers:

  • Onlypult – software
  • Gramblr – software
  • Grum – software
  • Instapic – software
  • Hootsuite – app
  • Planoly – app
  • Later – app

For more details on the subject, read my guide on how programming Instagram posts.

Video and photo editing programs for fashion bloggers

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram o aprire un blog0

Then there are the video and photo editing software that allow you to edit the contents and apply special effects to make them as professional as possible. Let’s see which are the ones that could really increase the photographic quality of a content:

  • GIMP
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Canva

It is not easy to use these programs, although some of them are free. However, with a little practice, you should be able to get satisfactory results. For more information, read my video editing guide.

Why should you switch to a corporate account?

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram o aprire un blog1

Very simple , because a corporate account is essentially the “enhanced version” of a personal one. In particular, the upgrade provides the user with a series of really interesting tools .

The Instagram Insight service, for example, will allow you to monitor (and consequently optimize) in a more refined way the effectiveness of your communication strategy, returning you reports on impressions, engagement of followers, demographics of the audience and much more.

more. Given the great utility of Instagram Insights, recently, third-party developers have proposed other apps devoted to further analysis and improvement of the Instagram profile. An example above all, is Sprout Social . But there are also other noteworthy software, such as those to see ghost followers on Instagram.

As part of the Instagram for Business services, there is also the possibility to take advantage of Instagram Ads . It is a tool that allows you to promote posts in order to target a wider audience to your site (or blog), so as to obtain more conversions and increase interactions on photos and videos.

At the same way, a company account will allow you to present yourself to your followers with a more complete, intuitive and easy-to-consult bio, in which to integrate contact buttons that allow faster communication.

For this and many other reasons, I strongly recommend that you think about the possibility of opening a corporate account . To find out more, take a look at the guide to switch to the corporate Instagram account I have already written.

Share Instagram accounts on other social networks

The engagement of your Instagram page also passes through the interactions we are able to establish with our followers. Needless to say, these, in turn, depend on your ability to grab their attention.

For this reason, I recommend that you comment your posts and those published by others. people, always trying to offer interesting content and possibly in line with your way of being and with what you prefer to share on your Page.

In practice, it is about building what English speakers would define brand identity , therefore a real signature, which reflects you and which progressively becomes recognizable also for your followers.

Not only active interactions on Instagram, but also the possibility of connecting your Instagram page to a counterpart on Facebook and / or Twitter, with automatic publication of your content on all platforms, it can help you reach an ever larger slice of audience. Ditto for mutual sponsorship (perhaps through Stories) or the creation of projects or activities shared with other users interested in increasing their followers.

Don’t forget to share your best videos on TikTok and maybe put some background music on it. You could thus become trendy and end up in the “For you” section of the social network, as well as in the Explore section of Instagram. Read the guide where I explain how to become famous on TikTok for more tips.

Propose professional content

Please don’t make the mistake of believing that it is enough to take some “nice” photos to be successful and become a fashion blogger on Instagram. When I advised you to study, I was referring to all the aspects of the creative process , ranging from knowledge of the platform to the drafting of captions, from the choice of hashtags to the packaging of professional graphic content.

Not for nothing, just above, I have proposed a series of products that, even if basic or entry level, will be of great help when you are struggling with the first photos to publish.

Besides the devices, remember to familiarize yourself with at least one of the numerous editing tools for photos and videos as soon as possible. In fact, you know very well that being able to take a “publishable” photo is anything but simple. Therefore, having mastery of tools that can facilitate your work is absolutely advisable.

Another possibility is to seek collaborations with professionals of the sector (photographers and videomakers), even if in this case, you could find yourself shelling out many euros for a single photo shoot. In short, evaluate the situation according to your possibilities and your budget.

Build a good reputation with honesty

It may seem like yet another sermon, but I assure you which is not the case. The goodness of the contents defines the success you will have as a fashion blogger and will strongly contribute to the building of your brand and, above all, of your reputation.

Starting from this assumption, I strongly advise against you to rely on methods of “compulsive accumulation” of followers through the aid of bots or other tools, in order to avoid being misunderstood within the community of influencers. Moreover, by doing so, you could be penalized by the same algorithm as Instagram.

In short, try to create interest in you without “being smart”. How to do? It is certainly not easy, and success is far from guaranteed. However, you could start like this:

  • Study a strategy and start publishing constantly
  • Diversify your content, trying to ask questions and ask for opinions from followers (interact with them )
  • Look for your “communication key” and find an original hashtag that can strike the user
  • When possible, create contests and give away some giveaways (a small expense could pay off with many more contacts on your Page and shares)
  • Use Instagram Stories to tell about yourself and your projects in an engaging way
  • Enjoy small daily hits without mounting yourself your head

Also keep in mind that there is always room for improvement. And a Page with many followers today could suffer serious setbacks at the slightest modification of the algorithm. Conversely, a little-known but innovative page could increase its visibility exponentially when the parameters that regulate the social network algorithm change.

Hashtag for fashion blogger

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram o aprire un blog2

You have studied, you have prepared yourself properly and maybe you have even bought some equipment to take pictures that you would now like to publish. The caption is ready too, only the much-feared hashtag is missing. Feared and loved, as many novice users tend to tag posts in profusion, hoping that the many hashtags will facilitate them in the climb to success.

Well, I’ll give you some news: overdoing hashtags won’t make you it will help to get more likes on the post or new followers. Indeed, be careful of the interactive tags you use, because some are forbidden (broken hashtag), especially those related to likes. If you used them, in fact, you could run into the dreaded Instagram shadowban.

To help you improve, I leave you a list of the best hashtags for fashion bloggers on Instagram most popular:

Related to #fashionblogger : #shopping #photooftheday #instafashion #model #outfitoftheday #milano #picoftheday #blogger #streetstyle #photography #fashionstyle #lookoftheday #madeinitaly #fashionable #beautiful #shoppingonline #styleblogger #igersitalia #igers #girl Related to #fashion : #girl #cute #me #happy #model #art #travel #beauty #instagram #instadaily #summer #outfit #fashionblogger #smile #photo #igers #moda

To find other popular interactive tags for fashion bloggers, I recommend using one of the best Instagram hashtag apps.

How much does a fashion blogger earn?

come diventare fashion blogger su Instagram o aprire un blog3

I know, in my excursus I advised you several times not to focus on the desire to make money online, because among all possible ways, becoming a fashion blogger on Instagram is unlikely to make you easy money.

However, we are human and, let’s face it, dreaming costs nothing. So… how much does a fashion blogger make ? Well, it is not easy to define the amount of income of a fashion blogger, since the activities undertaken by each are very different. In general, however, I can tell you that the sources of income can come from:

  • Advertising banners placed on sites and blogs owned by the influencer (eg through Google AdSense);
  • Affiliations with Amazon or other e-commerce (e.g. to publish products of a certain product category or specific brands)
  • Engagement on social networks, sharing of content (virality is one of the factors key);
  • Partnerships, corporate sponsorships and brand ambassador activities;
  • Advertising in major media;
  • Participation in events;
  • Photo sets.

Admittedly, access to many of these job opportunities is tied to the relevance of the influencer. Therefore, I can approximate by telling you that the average earnings range from a few hundred to thousands of euros.

The cases in which staggering figures are reached are few, but more numerous than I expected. Just think of the American stars and also of our homegrown ones, who manage to earn even tens of thousands of euros with a single post on Instagram. Among these, how not to mention the queen of fashion addicted, Chiara Ferragni , capable to the point of having built a real empire with dedication and passion. Well, it is estimated that one of her posts on her Instagram could earn her between $ 35,000 and $ 55,000 . Not bad, isn’t it?

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