How to become an Instagram Influencer: 5 tricks to be successful

How to become an Instagram Influencer: 5 tricks to be successful

so many people, but to become an Influencer on Instagram you have to work very hard. The good news is that anyone who posts content that is interesting and attractive to the public may be able to create a profile with thousands or even millions of followers!

So I decided to share with you 5 simple but equally fundamental tricks on how to become an influencer on Instagram and on Social Media. So here’s how you can grow your profile and have the opportunity to earn with Instagram.

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1. Pick a niche and create something unique

First of all, remember that as an Influencer on Instagram your personality is your brand . The more authentic the content you publish, the more successful it will be. This is even more effective if your profile specializes in a specific niche or topic of interest .

Specialized influencers are much more likely to see their visibility increase and trust their followers. What are you most passionate about? What stories will you mostly share? What is it that best suits your personality?

Answer these questions to understand what niche you can specialize in and become an Instagram influencer.

Profilo Influencer Instagram

2. Choose a communicative style for your brand

In the era of Instagram, the communication style is of fundamental importance, especially when it comes to working on social media. For example, if you want to sell products on Instagram , then you definitely need to adopt a certain type of communication style.

I’ll give you an example: the Instagram Influencer Ashley Rose (known on Instagram as “Sugar and Cloth” ) uses in her photos a series of vibrant colors and very lit so as to distinguish your own contents and make them unique compared to those of other influencers.

stile comunicativo influencer instagram

Using a communicative style helps people immediately recognize your content in the midst of everyone else, which is even more true if you want to become an influencer on Instagram.

Photography, colors and graphic style are the basis of communication so always remember to publish content that is consistent with your communication style and try to maintain a certain uniformity. Over time you will learn that effectively managing the publication of content on your Instagram profile means spending a lot of time on it.

I therefore recommend that you use Later , one of the best free tools currently on the internet, to manage and automate the publication of your content on Instagram . Through the “ Visual Planner ” function inside it, organizing and planning the future contents of your Instagram profile will become child’s play!

Once registered, you can drag and reorder the photos within the “Visual Planner” to preview how they will appear in your profile and then you can schedule their publication!

later visual planner

3. Always stay up to date and always be open to new platforms

The world of social media is evolving day by day with new and different features. Becoming an influencer therefore means having to stay up to date and embrace new platforms that can help you grow your profile and consequently your brand.

Many influencers, for example, are not only found on Instagram but also have a Youtube channel with which they can earn money through affiliation and the advertisements present in the videos and which are seen by millions of people.

Canale Youtube Andrea Galeazzi

Remember, updating and learning new skills is part of becoming an influencer . I therefore advise you to follow my P Facebook page and my Instagram Profile so as to always be updated on new articles dedicated to Instagram and Social Media.

Another way to stay up to date and always have new inspiration is to watch what is posted by your community, as well as by Influencers. Remember, taking inspiration does not mean copying other profiles but simply taking what is best and creating something unique for your brand.

4. He also works outside of Social Media

Being an influencer on Social Media means being social also in the real world, so you will have to try to take the time to create new bonds and relationships with people in your niche and above all to get to know your fans.

Interpersonal relationships can often help you further improve and strengthen your online brand. Don’t be present only on digital channels but build and cultivate new friendships with your online community, organizing meetings and participating in events where other influencers are present.

amicizia influencer instagram

5. Enhance your profile with the right tools

If you want to become an Influencer you will need to learn how to use tools to improve your content more and more. For example, if you want to improve your photos and give them a uniform photographic style, you will need to know how to use Photoshop , or if you want to write articles on your Blog you will need to know WordPress .

In this regard, I have created a guide dedicated to anyone who wants to create their own Blog or Website in complete autonomy.


I would like to conclude this article by saying that there are several ways to become an Influencer on Instagram, on my blog I have written many articles that I suggest you read and which are dedicated to this topic:

Always keep these words in mind every day:

“Find your niche, show your passion to people and learn from mistakes. Every day spent working on Social Media is an opportunity to learn and try something new, meet new people and build an ever stronger community. “

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