How to block messages on Instagram

How to block messages on Instagram

Instagram is a valid alternative to other instant messaging apps, because it not only allows you to write to someone in chat, but also to send voice, movies, photos and video calls. If you have a public profile, you can also be contacted by those who are not your followers, and this can sometimes be a problem, because you may receive content that bothers you or does not interest you. It may also have happened that you started a conversation with a user, who then turned out to be unpleasant or insistent, and for this reason you no longer want to be contacted.

If you have arrived here, in short, stay looking for a way to block messages on Instagram . Sure, you didn’t want to resort to much, but you’ve tried them all and you no longer want two lines of text to ruin your day. In the tutorial that follows, I’ll tell you how to deactivate a chat and what other alternatives you have to prevent an annoying account from continuing to write to you.


What happens if I block someone’s messages on Instagram

bloccare i messaggi su Instagram

This action falls under the Instagram feature blocks, but it may not be beneficial if the user you no longer want from getting you to write is particularly insistent. Once activated, in fact, the person who has been blocked in the chat could not search for you via Direct, but would continue to see your posts, your stories and your profile , so he could write you in the comments.

If you don’t want to block his Instagram profile permanently, but only limit his interactions with you completely, you could use one of the alternative solutions that you find at the end of the tutorial. Using one or more of the proposed methods, you would have the possibility to move the conversation to the “Requests” section and, at the same time, you would make the comments invisible, which you could decide to approve or not.

Limits of the message blocking functions on Instagram

Clearly, if you have chosen to disable messages, mute or block the user, this will only happen on Instagram . For example, if the person knew your name, because you introduced yourself, you already knew each other offline or, trivially, you put it as your nickname when you created the profile, they could search for you and try to contact you on other social networks (eg. Facebook Messenger ).

If this individual were in possession of your number, however, he could try to write to you on WhatsApp or Telegram. If this happens and annoys you, block the contact also on these platforms.

Which messages can be blocked on Instagram

It is It is possible to distinguish two types of messages on Instagram: requests and Direct messages ; both can be blocked.

Requests are messages sent by users you do not follow and which end up in the section of the same name on the social network. You decide whether to approve or delete them and therefore whether to continue the conversation with that contact or block their messages. The same happens when you activate restrictions on a follower (see below what they are).

Direct Messages, on the other hand, are those you receive from the people you follow, or are approved message requests. You can find them in the section of Instagram marked with the paper airplane icon (top right).

Blocking messages on Instagram based on chat

As a matter of privacy, a user you don’t follow can’t start a conversation with you without being accepted in some way, that’s why there are two types of chats on Instagram. There are those where you talk to users you follow, or the chats that end up in the “Requests” section and must be approved by you, such as when eg. look at the requests for messages on Facebook Messenger.

So let’s see how to block the messages of a person or a page on Instagram depending on the type of relationship that there is (or has been) between his and your profile. I state that the recommended operations are valid for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (smartphone and tablet).

Conversation with a profile already accepted

bloccare i messaggi su Instagram disattivazione chat Direct

It may have happened that you accepted a user’s message request, but then this turned out to be very intrusive and annoying. Or you no longer want to receive messages from a person you follow, but you don’t want to make the drastic choice of blocking them. In this case, all you have to do is go to the Direct section of Instagram, tap the chat with the person in question and tap Details .

In this section, you will see various options. To stop being contacted, you must check the first one, called Disable messages . You can also disable messages by just holding down your finger on a chat in particular among those you have in the list: a box will appear with some options, including “Disable messages”.

From the section Details , otherwise, you can choose whether to disable notifications of that chat. This way, you would still receive the messages, but without being disturbed by the vibration or the ringtone.

As another choice, you can move the chat from the Main folder to that General : even so, notifications for new messages received in that chat will be turned off.

Message requests

If you have received a message request from a user, but you do not want to reply or be contacted again, you have to do differently. First, go to the Direct section. Here, if you have received a message request, the blue text called “ Requests ” will appear and, next to it, the number of how many chats you still have to accept.

When you open a message request, the other user won’t see you read until you reply or accept. You can consent, and then allow the user to contact you via Direct, or refuse, by touching the Allow or Reject buttons respectively, at the bottom of the chat.

If you no longer want to be contacted by that profile, however, you can also apply additional restrictions, as suggested at the bottom of the guide.

Blocking messages on Instagram in based on the content

It may also happen that you are annoyed by a single message from a user, perhaps because he left it under a post and therefore it is visible to everyone (privacy set to “Public”), and that you do not want to totally limit interactions with it, but block only that precise content .

If so, just continue reading the next paragraphs, in which, in fact, I will help you to moderate messages on Instagram depending on the content. Again, the steps described can be applied to the iOS and Android app.


bloccare i messaggi su Instagram blocco commenti

You may have received an inappropriate comment under a post, and this bothers you particularly, because all your followers could read it. The simplest thing to do in this case is delete the comment . To do this you must select it and, when it becomes blue , the trash icon will appear at the top right: you will have to touch it to complete the deletion .

Next to the trash, you will also notice a cartoon with a i inside. This icon can be used to apply additional restrictions, should you deem it appropriate to do so. If you have repeatedly received messages that you consider inappropriate under posts from one or more users, for example, you may decide to block their comments . To do this, you need to go to your profile , click on the three lines (top right) and follow the path Settings> Privacy> Comments . Enter the Block comments section, search and select the names of the users from whom you no longer want to receive messages on posts: the new comments of the people you block will only be visible them (that is, you will hide them from any of your followers).

Direct-message of-stories

bloccare i messaggi su Instagram blocco Direct storie

All people who can see your stories on Instagram can also reply to them directly, with a Direct message. You can block this type of comment from your profile , by selecting the three lines (top right) and following the path Settings> Privacy> History .

Here, in the Allow replies to messages section, you can choose who can reply to your story: whether all users (Everyone), only your followers (People you follow) or none (No). By selecting the last option, no one will be able to write to you by switching from timed content, but this does not mean that you cannot be searched in other ways.

If you no longer want show stories to someone , in addition to not being contacted via this section, you should hide the IG stories from that user.

Single Direct-Message

bloccare i messaggi su Instagram segnalazione messaggio

You cannot block a single Direct message within a chat. What you can do, however, is report it , if the content bothers you (see the alternative methods I recommend below).

If you want to avoid receiving other messages from that contact , follow the instructions I gave you to block message requests or messages from an already accepted profile.

Messages of an Instagram group

Finally, you may have landed in a group chat in Direct without wanting to and you are not interested in staying there, let alone receiving new messages. Here’s what you can do:

  • Leave the multiple chat : enter the conversation, click on Details (top right) and tap on the last item at the bottom, called Abandon chat , in fact. If you are added to the group again, you may think about blocking the profile that keeps adding you . Sometimes, however, it may be difficult to leave the group, perhaps because it was created by a person you know and you fear will be hurt if you leave;
  • Disable IG group notifications : still from the Details section, you can decide to disable notifications, or to no longer receive notifications of new messages from group members, mentions and video calls;
  • Move the chat to the “General” folder : also this way, you will turn off the notifications of that group, and the participants will not notice anything.

Alternative procedures

Throughout the tutorial , I mentioned several times to some alternative options to block messages on Instagram. Below, I am gathering them for you in a list, so that you can have them all in view and choose the one that best suits your situation:

  • Disable notifications . In this way, you will still receive messages from that particular user, but they will not disturb you;
  • Move the chat to the “General” folder , thus disabling notifications related to new messages;
  • Hide your stories to one or more accounts or don’t allow anyone to reply when you post content for 24 hours;
  • Restrict Instagram account . By choosing this option, starting from a conversation, it will be moved to the “Requests” section and the user will not be able to see when you are online in Direct, nor if you have viewed his messages;

  • Block the account , in this way the person who annoys you will not be able to have any interaction with you;
  • Report the Instagram account , if the person who manages it is continuing to bother you, despite having been warned.

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