How to block on Instagram

How to block on Instagram

Using Instagram on a daily basis, you have noticed that the feed no longer meets your needs. There are useless stories and posts that appear repetitive and often boring. On the other hand, you have several fake followers who keep sending you Direct messages. Wanting to solve this situation, you asked the web how to block on Instagram , thus ending up on my blog.

In the following guide, in fact, I will help you in putting an end to all your problems. Specifically, I will explain what happens if you block a user, how to ban them and also how to avoid viewing someone’s posts without removing them from followers. Also, I’ll tell you how to suspend friend and message requests. There are other tips on the subject that may be useful in certain situations.


What can-be-banned on Instagram

cosa si può bloccare su Instagram

In general, the content that can be blocked on Instagram are the following:

  • Post
  • Instagram stories
  • Live direct
  • Hashtag
  • Public and private profiles

The users of the social network can be grouped into two categories: active and passive. The first are those who create and publish multimedia content in photos or posts. In short, they are the entertainers. The others, on the other hand, are those who use Instagram in viewing mode, that is, they only watch published content without sharing their own. They can view the contents of their followers or even of famous people or Pages with many followers that have ended up in the “Explore” section.

This premise on the types of users is important to explain what and who can be banned on Instagram. Usually, in fact, users are blocked for two different reasons: because you don’t want to see their posts; or because you don’t want to show them your content.

What happens if I block someone on Instagram

In the specific case of blocking a user, it’s good know what happens by taking this action before proceeding. In fact, although Instagram will not send a notification to the one you have blocked, certain operations take place within the social network. And by analyzing them, someone may discover that they have been banned.

The first thing you need to know is that by blocking someone, you will automatically stop following them . And if you later decide to unblock this person to see what he does, you will need to add him back to your followers.

Similarly, the blocked user will also be removed from your followers . Therefore, he will no longer be able to see what you do on the social network. You could therefore use blocking on Instagram even temporarily, so as to eliminate a person from your followers.

In addition to what has just been said, however, something else also happens. In fact, a blocked user will no longer see your profile , not even in searches. For him, it will be as if you have been deleted from the social network. And consequently, as long as that account is logged into Instagram, he will neither see nor comment on your posts. Nor, he will be able to send you messages.

However, if the blocked user knows the URL of your profile , he could arrive on your wall . Again, however, he would not be able to view your posts. The social network system, in fact, would show him an error message, as you had never published a post. Moreover, he would not be allowed to follow you (although he displays the “Follow” button).

Remember, however, that an anonymous user , therefore not logged in to Instagram, could still spy on you if your profile is public . In fact, there are many ways to spy on Instagram, especially when it comes to stories. Therefore, always pay attention.

Stories and posts

As I told you, on Instagram it is possible to block different types of content, including posts and stories . However, it is good to distinguish between your own posts and those of other users.

In the first case, in fact, you will have to prevent other people from viewing your content. While in the second case, you will have to adjust the feed options so that you can hide or completely remove certain content. But let’s proceed in order.

Blocking own-stories and posts

come bloccare su Instagram blocco

You can block your own posts and your stories to others using three social network features:

  • Hide
  • Close friends
  • Block

Using the Hide option, available for both Stories and Posts, you can make your content invisible to followers you don’t want them to see. As for the stories , just go to the Settings of your profile , section Privacy , and choose the option History . Then, tap the item that appears under Hide the story from and enter the profile of your interest.

In the same section, since you are there , you could also configure Close friends, or those trusted users to whom you can show even your most sensitive stories. This list is very valuable, because it allows you to hide the Stories of your public profile even from the most common spying tools, such as storiesig. Therefore, by doing so, no one will be able to download or otherwise reproduce them incognito.

As for the posts , when publishing, you must choose the Advanced settings . In that list, you can select the Close friends option, so that you can only share it with the people you put on that list.

Alternatively, if all of these options weren’t enough, you could use the Block function. Just search for the profile to remove, connect to its dashboard , tap the three dots (top right) and choose the corresponding option . Once the operation is confirmed, that profile will no longer receive your content in its feed. Furthermore, he will no longer be able to view or find them (obviously if he is logged in). More information can be found in this tutorial.

Block stories and posts from other users

come bloccare su Instagram unfollow

You can also block other people’s stories and posts on Instagram . This can be done in different ways, namely:

  • Silencing the user
  • Removing the follow
  • Blocking the user or the Page

The Silence option is precisely the most silent one possible, because you will remain a follower of that account, but at the same time you will no longer view its contents, or posts, or the stories, nor the direct. You can activate it by going to that profile’s dashboard , tapping Follow Already and then Silence . In that section, activate the option for Posts and Stories (or adjust the choice as you prefer). The silenced user will not receive any notification.

If you also want to remove yourself from the follower list of that person, again from the profile wall, tap Follow already and after Stop following . Keep in mind, though, that if that person has few followers, she’ll easily figure out that she doesn’t follow him anymore. There are also several tools to see who is no longer your follower on Instagram. Follow this guide to learn more.

Lastly, if you want to avoid receiving requests for messages and at the same time prevent this person from following you, you could use the block . You can do this once again from the profile board of your interest. From there, tap the three dots , choose Block and confirm. Within seconds, you will become invisible to that person.

Blocking Instagram functions

Regarding blocking on Instagram, you should also refer to the features that can be interrupted. By doing this, in fact, it will be possible to use the social network in the best way. So let’s see what are the procedures to follow.

Upload photo

If for some reason you want to stop uploading a photo before it is published, you should know that the social network does not allow you to do so.

However, it is possible to perform third party operations to try to block the uploading of photos on Instagram. Here are what they are:

  • Activate airplane mode
  • Kill the app in the background before the upload completes
  • Perform a reinstall of the app

To be honest, I don’t know how convenient it is to implement these actions. Perhaps, it would be better to delete the photo immediately after uploading. That is, unless you have so many followers that you receive real-time views.

Automatic Videos

come bloccare video automatici su Instagram

Are movies played automatically over Wi-Fi or the cellular network? Don’t worry, if you don’t want this to happen, you can block videos on Instagram using a trick.

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to pause videos, currently, you can save gigs differently. Go to Profile settings , choose Account and then tap the Use of mobile data option. In that section, turn on Data saving mode .

By doing this, your videos will always load automatically. However, if you connect with the mobile network , these movies will have a lower video quality . This will certainly affect the video display (which will look a bit grainy), but also the consumption of packet data (in a positive way, of course).


come bloccare notifiche su Instagram

Instagram gives you the ability to fully manage app notifications . By default, the social network app alerts you to most of the activities of the users you follow. In addition, alerts are also sent to you when you receive a Direct message.

You can block Instagram notifications in several ways, namely:

  • Silencing the user
  • By deactivating that type of notification

Regarding the silent mode for a contact , you can activate it as I suggested in the previous discussion. Then go to the diary of the profile to be silenced, choose Follow already and then Silenzia.

Instead, if you really want to adjust the alerts, go to Profile settings and choose the Notifications . After that, select Push notifications and configure them as you see fit.

Also remind you that in the same section, you can adjust Email and SMS notifications . You will then be able to choose what kind of warnings to receive in e-mail or as a text message. To learn more about the warnings, you can read this guide.

Friend requests

If by friend requests you mean requests for follow you receive on your private profile, first of all you can rest assured, because no one will be able to view your content until you accept it.

In any case, if it bothers you to even view the name of that user, you can block the follow on Instagram in a really simple way. Specifically, you can opt for two choices:

  • Cancel the follow request
  • Block the user

You can go to the section where you manage your followers and void the follow request. However, that person could ask for it indefinitely. To stop it permanently, you must instead block the user . You can do this by searching for it, tapping on its name , pressing the three dots , choosing Block and confirming.

Request messages

When you first receive a Direct message on Instagram, you will be asked whether to accept or decline the chat . By clicking on Reject , that user will not be able to chat with you. However, he will be allowed to send you messages again, which will once again end up in your message requests .

To prevent that person from sending you Direct messages, the only solution is the block . Go to your profile , tap the three dots (top right) and choose Block.

come bloccare commenti su Instagram

To block comments or tags on Instagram , you can perform several operations. In detail:

  • Manage the photos or videos in which you are tagged
  • Check comments and delete them
  • Block a person’s comments
  • Block user

In the case of tags, I suggest you go to Account settings , choose Privacy and then Tag . In that section, choose Hide Photos and Videos . Then, find the image and remove your tag.

As for comments, I suggest you go to Settings> Privacy and choose Comments . In there, tap Block comments and enter the usernames of your haters.

If all this, for some reason, wasn’t enough, block the user . Connect to his wall, tap the three dots and choose Block .

Block a hacked profile Instagram

If, on the other hand, you want to block a profile that has been hacked on Instagram , I suggest you first check that this is actually the case by following this guide. After that, if you are sure you no longer have control of the profile, try performing a password change . If your e-mail hadn’t been hacked, you will surely have access to your profile again.

In case all this is not enough to regain access to the profile, you will need necessarily contact Instagram . You can do this by following this tutorial that I have already written or by connecting to the help center.

When prompted, enter all your account details and keep all the documents necessary to prove your identity nearby. This way, the social network team will be able to help you as quickly as possible.

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