How to block private messages on Instagram and disable them completely

How to block private messages on Instagram and disable them completely

The Instagram messaging service is known by millions , direct messages or chat groups in the application work as a temporary substitute for other services more used and known by the public, such as WhatsApp case. Although there is a detail that may annoy some users, wanting to regulate who sends or not messages to their account, so it is interesting to analyze the options that users have to regulate it.

What is the difference between Instagram direct and private messages?

Instagram allows all users to start a conversation from its platform without having to go to another app. These messages are called ‘direct or private’; for sure there is no difference between these two types of text . But what is remarkable is that these messages have a degree of privacy, plus you can send messages that will only be seen for a while and then ‘temporary messages’ are deleted.

How to block direct messages on Instagram

Unfortunately, the option of being able to block all messages is non-existent, since only there are two options that can be chosen when regulating and removing direct messages in the application, being temporary solutions already, If you don’t want to make the choice more manual, the message will still appear.

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How to block strangers from their messages

Sometimes we get messages from people we don’t know; Either because we don’t follow or don’t follow us on Instagram or because we just don’t have the slightest idea who they can be. So that many users dislike receiving these types of notifications , therefore we will explain what you can do to block messages from strangers.

Do it from your PC

Blocking messages from unknown users is a bit easy; For this you must follow the instructions that we give you below so that you can do it from your computer.

  • The first step will always be to open the application from the computer, although some users may need extra steps to open it on a PC.
  • Having opened the application, you have to access the messages tab, located in the upper right corner, with a symbol similar to that of Facebook Messenger.
  • Once you have entered the tab, all the contacts with whom you have spoken will appear, they can be followers or followed, where you will choose the person you decide to block.
  • Once the person is chosen, it is a matter of entering the chat and selecting the three points in the upper right corner, where a lot of possible options will appear to handle the chat, from the multimedia files received and sent, to the option that is you will see red ‘Block’ warning letters.
  • If the option is pressed, the user will be blocked without his being able to know it, thus eliminating the option that the user can avoid it.

Although this option is tedious, is the most effective to put an end to users who spam, who decide to send malicious messages or who simply with the users with whom you don’t want to keep talking. Although, the present reader may be interested to know if it has been blocked, since it is a silent option that can be an error.

Do it from your mobile phone

Now, if you want to block Instagram messages from unknown users from your mobile, the instructions to follow are very similar to the one described above . At first you open the app on your cell phone, then you go to the direct messages (DM / MD) that is located in the upper right corner of the platform or just by being at the beginning, you slide the screen to the left.

Once you are in this section, you must select the message from the unknown user, enter there; then you will click on the three vertical points that you will find in the upper right corner and there you choose the ‘block’ option. In this way the transaction is carried out and it works effectively, so no messages from said user will definitely reach you .

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Can comments be blocked on Instagram?

In case you do not want to block a user directly, but you do want to delete some comments that they make because they may be a little offensive, threatening or that damage your personal or corporate image; For this, Instagram allows you to block comments from these types of users with ease. Follow the instructions that we will give you shortly.

  1. Enter the application from your mobile or PC
  2. Go to your profile and open the menu
  3. Press where it says ‘settings’
  4. Then click on ‘privacy’
  5. Once there you go to the interactions section
  6. Here you will see ‘comments’; within this will appear the options of: block comment; manual filter and; hide offensive comments
  7. Select the one you want, if it is the first, then you must locate the user and that’s it

Other methods to block messages

Set your profile to private to avoid unwanted messages

Although blocking other users is not a bad idea but it can be tedious, since if the users who follow or not the user who wants to remain in peace are too many, so the other option that can work for the user is in his own profile ; Although a not definitive option may be for some users, turning their account into a private profile, which is useful to some and not so much to others, although there is another option.

Make your messages appear or not as chat

The coveted privacy of an online user can sometimes be deficient, but in the case of Instagram there are several options to ensure the privacy of a person , or simply allows it to be better regulated way the messages, making the messages no longer appear directly as a chat.

  • As in the previous option, you just have to open the application but instead of entering the messaging service, you have to enter your own profile, where all the usual options will appear.
  • Among several options, the most important ‘Configuration ‘will appear in the background .
  • You have to enter the account settings, in the upper right corner, where you can see many options and possible things to do, the first option to select is the ‘privacy’ tab.
  • Once you have entered the privacy tab, you can see some options going down the ‘Messages’ tab, where there are different options to select whether you want the received messages to appear as chat or not.

The user can decide between several options at their convenience, the ‘Request’ option will cause the messages received by the user to no longer appear in the main chats tray as conversations but will appear as requests that can be rejected or be accepted .

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If I deactivate Instagram messages, can I later recover the chats?

By deactivating or deleting messages from some users from your Instagram, it is possible to recover them by generating a backup provided by the app itself. We offer you a simple and detailed solution so that you can apply it at any time that you consider appropriate.

To begin, open the application on your cell phone or computer, enter your profile. Then go to the settings part (upper part of the screen); enter ‘settings’ and then ‘security’. While there, go to data and history and later to where it says ‘download data’ .

At this point, Instagram will ask you to provide your password for the social network and an email where you will receive detailed information not only about your messages; but also other components such as photos, reels, saved and / or published content, videos, likes, requests, comments, etc … In this way you can recover them more easily; This applies exactly the same if you do it from an Android or iOS mobile and even any PC.

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