How to change the circle of Instagram stories

How to change the circle of Instagram stories

Initially, the Instagram stories had the sole purpose of regaining a slice of users who were slowly “getting tired” of this social network. Over time, however, these short and “expiring” contents (the stories last 15 seconds at most, and stop being accessible after 24 hours) have acquired an increasingly important role, to the point of outclassing the classic posts. Today, Instagram users post and watch Instagram Stories all the time, often leaving the traditional feed behind. You probably do the same too, admit it: you prefer stories to posts studied and edited with care, which are much more informal and spontaneous.

When Instagram introduced this tool, it was obviously necessary to think about an expedient that would indicate its use. In short, you had to find a simple and immediate way to make users understand that someone had just published a story, so that they would view it before the deadline. If you use Instagram more or less assiduously, you have undoubtedly understood what I am talking about: I am referring to the colored circle that surrounds the profile photo of all those who have shared at least one story in the last 24 hours; it is almost always fuchsia and orange, the same shades used for the social network logo, the little stylized camera that we all know well by now. If you are here, however, it is because you have probably noticed that some of the users you follow – simple friends or well-known characters they are – sometimes have a different colored circle, for example green or even rainbow. You too would love to be able to change the circle of Instagram stories, but you have no idea what the steps are. So after a lot of searching, you ended up on my blog and stumbled upon this guide. I’m happy to tell you that here you can finally find out everything about this feature.


What the Instagram Stories circle is for

cerchio storie Instagram

The Instagram circle that appears around a user’s profile photo symbolizes that at least one story has been published in the last 24 hours , and that you have yet to view it. The moment you have seen all his stories, the circle will “turn off”, becoming white and returning to color if – and only if – new content is shared. After 24 hours, the circle will disappear completely, along with the shared IG stories.

The same happens “reversed”, of course: if you upload a story, for the next 24 hours your followers they will see a circle around your profile photo, colored until they see it, white afterwards.

In short, as I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, the Instagram circle is the solution that graphs and developers have thought to point out, to those who use this application, that someone has uploaded a new story (or more).

Why it is useful to show the circle of Instagram stories

If you have chosen to have a private profile (and therefore only your followers have access to your content), showing the Instagram circle is a great way to show them that you are active on this social network and that you like to share content with them that you find interesting or even just – much more simply – glimpses of your daily life. Additionally, posting stories frequently and regularly helps you maintain a relationship with your fanbase , who are encouraged to engage with you through reactions, private messages, and more.

Everything I have explained to you so far also applies (indeed, even more!) if you have a public profile, which everyone can visit and “sift through” in total freedom. Anyone who finds himself browsing your account and noticing the colored circle around your photo, will immediately understand that you are a user who regularly uses Instagram and will certainly be more inclined to follow you. If a visitor does not find the circle, they will be led to think that you do not post a lot of content and that becoming your follower risks being useless and boring.

Who sees the circle of Instagram stories

Is the circle in Instagram stories visible to everyone? Again, it is good to make a distinction between public and private profiles, because the answer is not the same.

If your profile is public , anyone – who follows you or not – can see the Instagram Stories circle, except for any users you have blocked or restricted. If, on the other hand, your profile is private , the only ones who can see it are your followers. This, as long as they have not muted your Instagram Stories.

In the exact same way, you will be able to see the circle of Instagram Stories of both users you follow and those you don’t follow, as long as the latter have set their account privacy as public. You will never notice a profile circle if you have been blocked or if your story viewing permissions have been restricted; for example, someone might allow you to freely peek at the classic feed, then the posts, and stop you from looking at their IG stories.

You can customize the circle of the stories of Instagram?

Now that you know all about the Instagram story circle, it remains to be seen if it can be changed. This is a difficult question, because there is no single answer.

The circle of stories can vary in certain situations and with certain options, but not to your liking (at least at the time of this writing). To understand this, you cannot go to the app settings and select the color you prefer at any time; who knows, maybe in the future the developers will decide to introduce this possibility too, but for the moment this is the case.

However, there are tricks to change the circle of Instagram, and now I will try to illustrate them.

Change the circle of Instagram stories with stickers

cerchio storie Instagram adesivo Io resto a casa

On special and sporadic occasions, Instagram introduces stickers temporary , i.e. stickers that remain available only for a limited period of time, after which they can no longer be used. Sometimes, applying these stickers to your stories causes the circle to change color automatically .

I’m sure you know the sticker that Instagram introduced during the quarantine that all of us Italians have experienced: the sticker says “ I’m staying at home ” and has a purple hue; when a user uses it, in fact, the circle of his story becomes the same color.

This is just one of the most recent and well-known examples, but over time it has happened other times, and it certainly will happen again, just follow the trends. In short, when you see that someone has a particular circle, check if there are any new stickers and try to use them too.

Put the rainbow circle in the stories of Instagram

cerchio storie Instagram arcobaleno adesivo

On Instagram, you often notice a rainbow circle; you really like it and would like it to appear around your profile photo every time you post a story, but even if you’ve tried them all, you haven’t found out how to do it yet.

Again, you can’t edit the settings to make the circle take on the shades of the rainbow, which therefore becomes multicolored. However, you can get it indirectly, that is by using all those stickers that Instagram has created to show support and affection towards the LGBT (QIA +) community, which is symbolized by a rainbow.

Have the green circle in Instagram stories

cerchio storie Instagram verde amici più stretti

During your daily sessions on Instagram, you couldn’t do without notice that, from time to time, some users’ circle is green . Are you curious what that means? Well, when you see that a user has a green circle around their profile photo, it only means one thing: you have been placed on their close friends list , with whom they share content that they prefer not to disclose to. everyone.

You too can show the green circle, very easily: just create a list of closest friends on Instagram; at this point, whenever you share something only with them, they will see your green circle. Also, I remind you that these IG stories cannot be viewed anonymously. If you want to know more, read how to see Instagram stories without being seen.

How to set the double circle in Instagram stories

esempio ricerca doppio cerchio storie Instagram

Another possibility you have to change the classic Instagram circle and make it more original is make it double . Basically, what you need to do is apply a circle on your profile picture; by editing the photo with any special software (or application), uploading it and setting it as the main image, as soon as you publish a story, your followers will see two circles: the one you added on the photo and the “real” one. This action is useful for grabbing the user’s attention.

To put the second circle in Instagram Stories, I suggest you edit your current profile photo by adding a layer to it. . In this level, you just need to insert the PNG image of a circle or a double circle – clearly adequate / adapted in terms of size -, which you can find by doing a quick search online, typing like “ circle instagram stories PNG ”(but beware of copyright). I specify that the circle can be of any color or shape (e.g. you could insert a double circle of type PNG, to make sure that there are 3 when you publish a story, or only one, so that it is double). Finally, just edit your current profile photo on Instagram, replacing it with the edited one.

In short, a simple thing, but be careful: the risk is to deceive users , who might think you’ve always uploaded a new story. Also, please note that this will not help you in any way to change your positions in the Instagram Stories feed.

If it isn’t the circle on an Instagram profile photo

So far we have talked about the circle of Instagram stories. But what does it mean if it never appears on some user’s profile? It could mean that this person never posts stories , that they have hidden their content from you in time or – even – that they have blocked .

For more information on this, I recommend that you read how to find out who is hiding stories on Instagram.

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