How to change the Instagram icon

How to change the Instagram icon

On 6 October 2020 we celebrated an important birthday, that of a social network that – whether we like to admit it or not – has changed our lives and those of all those who move in the digital world, for work or just for simple pleasure. Maybe you already know what I’m talking about, or maybe you don’t: I’m referring to Instagram; this social network turns 10. To celebrate this occasion, the app has decided to give each individual user the ability to change the icon, choosing from numerous variations available.

If you ended up here, then it’s because you too, as you have seen around these days, you’d like to replace the Instagram app logo with the one you prefer, but you need someone to explain how to do it. I’m glad you came to my blog, because this guide is the one for you.


History of the social network Instagram

cambiare icona di Instagram esempio astratto Halloween

Tell the truth: Before this story of the editable icon, you had no idea that Instagram was already in its 10th year. Yet it is, as the first version of the application was released on October 6, 2010, immediately enjoying great success all over the world.

However, the real surge of Instagram came later its acquisition by the Facebook group of Mark Zuckerberg, which took place in 2012; a year later, the social network boasted 150 million active users, as well as a series of “brand new” features: high resolution photos, other filters, the ability to publish videos, etc. In the years to come, there has been no lack of implementations of the app, and today we have an articulated tool, full of features, such as stories, IGTV videos, Reels and much more.

In the meantime, users have continued to grow: it is estimated that around 1 billion people visit Instagram every day, and that over 500 million post at least one content in stories every day. If you want to learn more about the history of this social network, however, I suggest you read the guide in which I explain how Instagram was born.

icona Instagram vecchio logo

The aspect of Instagram has also evolved over time. And I’m not just referring to the interface, but the app logo , which has changed 4 times in the last ten years.

If you are one of the “early users” of Instagram, or one of those people who downloaded the app and started using it right away, maybe you remember the very first logo, a vintage-style polaroid complete with flash, buttons, viewfinder and a rainbow stripe running across the center of the camera. This icon, designed by Kevin Systrom, former CEO and or co-founder of the social network, was very realistic and detailed.

The second and third logos are certainly the ones that have remained most impressed in everyone’s mind. Dating back to autumn 2010 and summer 2011 respectively, these two icons are very similar to each other, and represent a more stylized instant camera than the previous one. Also in this case the rainbow is inevitable, this time reduced to a small strip at the top right.

Finally, in 2016 the icon that is still in use was introduced . This time too, of course, it is an instant camera, an object that perfectly encapsulates the nature of Instagram, but is extremely minimal style , with white lines and dots on a background that has a gradient on the shades of purple, orange and fuchsia.

Celebration of the ten years of Instagram

logo di Instagram moltiplicato

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the Instagram icon because, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is possible to change the standard one and replace it with one of the many proposals from the social network itself. This is a more unique than rare event, created by Instagram to celebrate, together with its users, the important milestone of ten years. I don’t know what your opinion is about it, but my opinion is a beautiful and engaging initiative to thank users for having contributed to the success of this app.

On Instagram, under the icon of a muffin with a birthday candle, we read in fact: “ Thank you for choosing to be part of our story and to use Instagram to share yours “.

Types of Instagram logos available

icone Instagram personalizzate nomi e loghi colorati

If you are tired of always seeing the same Instagram icon and you want to take advantage of this initiative to change a little bit, you have a nice list of alternatives.

In addition to the current logo, in fact, it is possible to change the Instagram icon by choosing among 12 others. I personally find them all very interesting, for a reason or another. In any case, here are what they are:

  • Current
  • Classic 2 – Classic 2 (31 August 2011)
  • Classic (27 October 2010)
  • Original (October 6, 2010)
  • Codename – Codename (2010, before launch)
  • Twilight – Twilight
  • Dawn
  • Aurora
  • Pride – Pride
  • Gold
  • Dark – Black
  • Light – Light
  • Very dark

It is easy to understand, from their very name, which are the first four icons: one is the one currently in use, while the next three are the ones I have spoken a little while ago. But all the others? The logo named “ Code name “is what Instagram had even before it was launched, when it was only in development.

The following icons, on the other hand, are variations of the current one, as they keep the gradient but with different colors. The tones are fuchsia and blue for “ Twilight ”, yellow and orange for “ Alba ”, green and light blue for “ Aurora ”. In “ Pride ” the colors are many and recall those of the rainbow flag, in a symbolic gesture of closeness and support to the members of the LGBT community (QIA +). The “ Gold ” logo is golden, while the following ones are respectively white on black, black on white and dark gray on black.

In short, there really is something for everyone tastes. Minimalists, fans of bright tones, nostalgic … I am sure that in this list you will find the icon that is right for you.

Edit the Instagram icon from the hidden menu

At this point, I can finally explain to you how to change the Instagram icon. First of all, know that, whether you use an iPhone, an iPad, or a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system, to do so you will need to access a hidden menu ; is a nice gimmick of the app to make this event even more special, like a sort of “Easter Egg”.

And if you are worried reading the words “hidden menu”, rest assured: I can guide you me, step by step.

Change the Instagram icon on iOS

modifica icona Instagram iOS

If you are using an iPhone or a iPad:

  1. Open Instagram;
  2. Go to your profile;
  3. Tap on the three dashes (top, right);

  4. Select the “Settings” item;
  5. Swipe from top to bottom;
  6. At this point, the “Celebrate with us” screen will appear with the list of icons. Select the one you prefer;
  7. A pop-up will open informing you about the logo change. Tap “Ok” to close it.

Change the Instagram icon on Android

modifica icona Instagram Android

The procedure for changing the icon on Instagram is similar also for Android devices. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Instagram and access your profile card;
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu (top right), then choose “Settings”;
  3. Now you have to swipe from top to bottom;
  4. When you see the “Celebrate with us” screen with the list of icons, select the one you prefer;
  5. An interactive tab called “Add to Home Screen” will open;
  6. Touch “Add automatically” to insert it in the app drawer or press and hold the 1 × 1 icon to insert it manually.

You will then see a second link in the app drawer. Just drag it to where you placed the classic one, and finally delete the latter.

Change the Instagram Web icon

If you want use a different icon also on Instagram Web, or on the app for Windows 10, I have to give you some news that you will not like: not allowed . When you use Instagram from your computer (whether this is a desktop PC or a notebook), you will have to keep the official icon , thus limiting yourself to indulge your imagination through your smartphone / tablet.

How long will the custom Instagram icons be available?

If you’ve read this far and managed to customize the Instagram icon to your preferences, maybe now you may be wondering if you can keep it that way for a long time, or forever. The answer is no, because this is a one-time occurrence, created ad-hoc to celebrate ten years of the social, pay homage to its history (as well as that of its logos) and allow users to feel an “active part” of this virtual community.

Therefore, the personalized icons of Instagram will remain only for the entire month of October 2020 (or a little more), and after this time it will return to the usual one. But let’s stay “tuned”: who knows if Instagram will soon decide to introduce a new logo and / or new related features, to surprise us once again.

icona di Instagram riposizionamento app drawer

If you see the custom Instagram icon graying – that is, grayscale and greyed out – on the home page of your phone, it means that 30 days have passed from the date of activation of the same. That is to say that, automatically, the social network has disabled this link.

If you try to press the icon on Android, you may see a message similar to “ link or shortcut not available “. In this case, simply delete it (by holding your finger on it and choosing “Remove”). After that, you can open the list of installed applications, find the icon with the default Instagram logo , create and reposition the shortcut where the custom one was.

On iPhone / iPad and on some Android UI, this operation should be performed automatically by the operating system, taking into account that the main screen of iOS or some Android launchers corresponds to the application list. If you notice any complications, you could try uninstalling the Instagram app and installing it again.

Other themes for the Instagram app

cerchio storie Instagram

Changing the Instagram icon is a nice way to give a new look to this app that we all spend a lot of time on and that, in the long run, risks getting bored and always looking the same. However, it is not the only solution you have, on the contrary.

In fact, there is the possibility of changing the predominant color of the Instagram mobile application, choosing between a light theme or one dark ; read how to activate the dark mode of Instagram to learn more. Moreover, I remind you that it is possible to change the circle of Instagram stories , making it different colors from the usual purple, orange and fuchsia.

In short, even if the personalized icons of Instagram will not be available forever, it is already possible to use other options to make this app always a little new and different.

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