How to chat on Instagram

How to chat on Instagram

By now, you will have gotten used to using different instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. At least once then, I’m sure you have even used Facebook Messenger, perhaps to organize a dinner or to track down a friend who you no longer know “what happened to”. In fact, you should know that it is also possible to chat on Instagram , perhaps the most used social network of the moment.

In the app, in fact, there is a message system – called Direct – which has evolved considerably over time, adding many features that have been welcomed by both historical and “last minute” users. If you want to know how to converse on Instagram, then, all you have to do is read this guide carefully. Eventually, you should be able to use all chat features on your own.


Where-is-the-chat by Instagram

come chattare su Instagram

Have you ever used the Instagram chat ? Don’t worry, finding it is really very simple. Until what time ago, it was also possible to use a stand-alone application, which was called Instagram Direct . For reasons internal to the company, however, this path has been abandoned, in favor of an integration in the same app of the social network.

To find the Instagram chat, therefore, all you have to do is open the official application . If you haven’t downloaded it to your smartphone yet, perhaps because you use your PC a lot, you can download it directly to your device, both for Android and iOS.

come chattare su Instagram icona aeroplanino Direct

After the eventual installation, start the app and login with your login details. After that, you simply have to tap the paper airplane icon , present at the top right.

Within this private space, you will find all messages sent and received. Also, there will be options that will allow you to start chatting on Instagram. If you fear for your privacy, however, do not be afraid: everything sent via Instagram chat is visible only to you and the other interlocutor. None of your followers, therefore, will be able to view your private messages (not even inadvertently).

The only thing there is to say, is that at least for the moment, Direct are not end-to-end encrypted . Probably, they will be between late 2019 and early 2020, when they are integrated together with WhatsApp and Messenger.

Instagram chat features

come chattare su Instagram sticker e opzione annulla messaggio

One of the coolest features of Instagram chat is that it is a feature-rich method of communication. Its use in fact, is not limited only to simple text messages , but also integrates some options that I’m sure you will find really interesting.

The first of all, is definitely the possibility to send media files . Thanks to the Instagram chat, in fact, you can share photos and videos with a simple tap, choosing from the multimedia contents of your library or taking one on the fly.

Another more recent introduction, but equally inviting, is the possibility to send GIFs with Instagram . Using the appropriate sticker button (present in the Stories), you can access the endless Giphy library and choose the one that best suits the occasion. In addition, thanks to the integrated search bar, you just need to type a word to see all the GIFs relating to that topic appear.

In the conversation, there is not even the possibility of sending audio messages. In this case, it is a fairly recent achievement, but one that puts the messages of the social network in a predominant position, also to talk to other users. Their use is really simple: just hold down the microphone icon , record your message and release the button immediately afterwards to automatically send it to the other contact. Exactly, a bit like what happens on Telegram or WhatsApp.

Finally, to end the “roundup” relating to the Direct functions, I want to introduce you to something really interesting, which will allow you to chat on Instagram in a way quieter”. Once you have sent your message (no matter what type), if you hold your finger down on the content, the “ Cancel sending the message ” option appears. If pressed, what you sent, as well as for yourself, will also be deleted for the other interlocutor. Just remember that, in this case, you’ll have to be quick enough, in order to delete the content from the conversation before it is seen by the recipient.

Ah, I almost forgot to tell you that Instagram is also available. video calls ! To use them, once you have selected the user to contact, press the video camera icon to start the video call. It will all be simple and a lot of fun.

Now that I have made you a “general smattering” of the contents, I am going to detail these functions in a more specific way.

Send a Direct Message

come chattare su Instagram invio messaggio di testo

Send a Direct Message on Instagram is really that simple. You can choose to do it from both Android and iPhone. At the moment, however, this option is not available for PCs, unless you use the Windows 10 app or third-party software. But don’t worry, because even with macOS and Ubuntu / Linux there are tricks that allow you to get around the block. I’ll explain them towards the end of the tutorial.

In any case, to send a Direct message using the mobile or desktop application, first start it. Then, as I showed you earlier, tap on the paper airplane at the top right. Next, tap the pencil icon that will appear on the screen. Now, choose the user with whom you want to start chatting on Instagram, typing his name in the search field or scrolling the list that is proposed to you and selecting him.

You can choose more than one user at the same time. Don’t forget, however, that to compose the message, you need to select Chat (which will appear at the top). Finally, you just have to type what you want to write, possibly attach photos or videos and then press the Send key.

Send a voice note in Direct

come chattare su Instagram invio messaggi vocali

Do you prefer to send a voice note in Direct instead of a text message? No problem, as I mentioned in the introduction of this guide, this is an option provided by the social network itself. To do this, after starting the social network, enter the conversation with the user you want to contact.

Now, at the bottom, you will find a microphone icon. To record your message, you need to hold it down while speaking. Once the recording is complete, release the button to share the audio message.

Confirmation of the success of your operation, you will have it once you see the stylization of the Instagram audio message within the chat.

How to make a video call with Instagram

come chattare su Instagram videochiamata

If you want to chat on Instagram with a friend who is far away and maybe you haven’t heard for a while, which method can be the best if not the one that allows you to make a video call ? This new function, in fact, as on WhatsApp and Telegram, allows you to talk face to face.

To video call on Instagram , as in the previous cases, open Direct and enter the chat with the user you want to contact. Then, press the camera symbol found in the top bar.

Within a few seconds, a video call will be initiated. When your friend answers, you can both have a conversation in real time, using the internet of your smartphones (Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / 4.5G cellular network).

Using the buttons you see above (during the video call), you can control the appearance of the screen. In addition, you are allowed to choose to change the microphone and turn the camera, so that you can also use the rear one.

Photo and video sharing in Direct Instagram

come chattare su Instagram condivisione foto e video

Likewise, it’s really easy to share photos and videos in the Instagram chat. To do this, always within the dedicated space, just press on the icon in the shape of an image .

After doing so, you will be allowed to choose between gallery and camera . You can then select your photos from Camera Roll or from the gallery, but also take one on the spot. Following the choice, just press the arrow pointing up to share the media file in chat.

Archiving of the Direct messages on Instagram

Do you want to know if there is a way to archive Direct ? Unfortunately no. Thanks to archiving, you could have removed the conversations from the list of active ones, without however deleting them permanently. That would have been an interesting feature, maybe useful for hiding Instagram chats (at least temporarily).

What you can do right now, is just delete the messages or conversations, but I don’t think this is yours. target. For now, however, if your goal is to chat in secret, you might be using one of the best secret chat apps. If you just want to reorder the chat list, at least for now, you will have to give up.

See active users in Direct

come chattare su Instagram stato online

For some time now, Instagram has been introducing a new feature, which is called Activity Status . It allows you to see which users are active (online) at any given time within the social network. These will be marked with a green dot next to the profile photo, accompanied by the badge “ Active / a now “, very similar to the one on Messenger.

Thanks to this detail, you will immediately know that the user will be able to view the message you wish to send in real time. Keep in mind, however, that many times the user is online because they look at the Instagram feed. Therefore, it may decide not to access Direct (although it displays a notification).

Also remember that this option can easily be deactivated . If you access the Settings of your account, in fact, under the Privacy section, you will notice that there is an item called Activity status . By default, it is on. However, it is possible to disable it, so as to be invisible in chat (or almost).

Chatting on Instagram without being seen

If you noticed, you will have noticed that in the previous sentence I wrote “or almost”. Although the social network, with the activity status deactivated, does not show any information about the last access and the written online, in fact, other users may still notice that you are active .

Spying on you may check your posts or your stories . In this way, it could compare the publication time with the delivery time of the messages. In addition, the sender may notice that his message has been read thanks to the writing “ Displayed ”. Currently, this is information that cannot be deactivated.

However, in order not to be discovered, and therefore to chat on Instagram in secret, you could use an app like Unseen (Only available on Android). It will clone the direct messages that you will receive automatically and allow you to read them without entering. Thus, only in the reply phase will you reveal information about your activities. To understand how this third-party application works, read this tutorial.

App-to-chat on Instagram from PC

Don’t use your smartphone to browse the social network? Then you will definitely want to know about desktop apps for chatting on Instagram from PC . In fact, you must know that, in addition to the alternative method that I have already shown you, there are programs that allow you to fully exploit the potential of Instagram. Let’s see what they are.


come chattare su Instagram app Windows 10

The Microsoft operating system is the most widespread worldwide and also the one with the most applications available. It should therefore not surprise you that Instagram has released its official app for Windows 10 PC. To download it, just connect to this link (from PC or W10 tablet) and press the Get button.

come chattare su Instagram BlueStacks Windows 10

Alternatively, you may decide to use BlueStacks , an Android emulator for Windows. After downloading it, however, you will also need to install the Instagram app, considerably lengthening the procedure.

In case you still want to try, you can download the emulator at this address. Once installed and started, you will need to use the Play Store (present within BlueStacks) to download Instagram.

come chattare su Instagram icona aeroplanino Direct0

If you then want to try a third way, you can download the free IG: dm software from this link. This free application, in fact, allows you to use Instagram chats in a complete way, also adding a series of tools for the analysis of followers.


come chattare su Instagram icona aeroplanino Direct1

The operating system macOS also gives you the possibility to chat on Instagram without any particular problems. The first way you have to do this is to download a dedicated app through the App Store, but I don’t suggest you do it, because none of them are currently valid or recognized by the team of Instagram (by the way, it is paid software).

My advice, however, is to use the trick to chat on Instagram from your computer via browser. In this way, completely free of charge, you would have the same mobile interface as the Instagram site, from which you could send messages or publish photos with the utmost simplicity. You can find out all the details on this work around in the guide on how to publish Instagram photos from PC.

As another choice, you could also use another application to read Direct from PC, this time free (also available for Windows 10). Yes, always from IG: dm , which you can download and install by clicking here. Once the app is open, just enter your IG credentials to access the instant messaging service.

Ubuntu / Linux

We can define Ubuntu and other distributions derived from Linux as niche operating systems, but which over time have conquered more and more users. If you use this free and open-source OS, you certainly won’t need any further introduction. Furthermore, you will surely be pleased to know that, even in this case, you can use the Instagram chat.

To do this, you have two ways: the first involves using, as for Mac and PC, the IG: dm application. In fact, a Linux installer is available, which you can download from the usual address.

Alternatively, if you want to communicate on Instagram from Ubuntu without third-party software, all you have to do is make the most of your browser . Even in this case, in fact, using the “ Inspect ” option of Chrome, Chromium or another browser, you can change the interface of the web page, adapting it in terms of appearance and functions to that of a smartphone (version mobile).

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