How to copy Instagram links

How to copy Instagram links

Are you thinking of promoting your Instagram profile on other platforms to find new followers? Or would you like your content to go viral and would like to share it as much as possible on the web and in WhatsApp groups? Or, would you like your friends to see that funny post and are you finding a way to send it to them? In all these hypothetical situations that I have listed for you, there is only one thing to do: copy the Instagram link . Don’t worry, it only takes a few steps to get a shareable URL link, regardless of whether you are using the social network from your smartphone, tablet or browser.

In the following tutorial, therefore, I will list what content is possible link on Instagram and I will describe the steps to follow to get a reference URL address. You will thus be able to increase their visibility, as well as discuss them with friends on other social channels (publicly or privately) or in chats. In any case, I recommend that you always pay attention to follow the links, and not to republish them without permission in your name: the responsibility for the actions you will take following reading this guide – published for educational purposes – will fall exclusively on you.


What is the purpose of saving a link on Instagram

copiare i link di Instagram

You may want to copy and share an Instagram link for various reasons. This function, for example, can be useful for promoting your profile on other social networks, inserting the link in your resume or adding it to your signature in your e-mails. The same is true with individual posts: copying the link and sharing it on other platforms could increase the visibility of that content and, perhaps, make it popular.

You can also use this function on the profiles and content of your followers, as well as on the content shared by users that you have come across in the “Search” section. In this case, you could send the saved link to your friends, via WhatsApp; some of them in fact may not have an Instagram account and, therefore, would have no way to view the content in Direct Messages.

How content links work on Instagram

Instagram links, just like those you can find on any website or on other social networks, are URL addresses that refer to a (public) network path, on which – in this specific case – content, hashtags or profiles are hosted. When copied and pasted they recognize each other, because they are nothing more than alphanumeric strings (sometimes containing special characters), often accompanied by a preview of the page to which you will be linked.

For example, from Instagram , copy the link of a post that has particularly impressed you and decide to send it to your friend on WhatsApp (pasting it in the chat), whoever receives this particular message, touching it, will be redirected to that content on the photographic social network, passing mainly from the browser (The Instagram app will not always open).

The same is true when you add a link on Instagram, for example in the Bio or in a DM. Those who visit your profile and tap on it, usually colored blue, will be connected to the web page you have decided to link: it could be your company website, your blog or your other social profiles (do you remember when I said how to put TikTok on Instagram?).

What Instagram content can-be-linked?

You can copy any links on Instagram, but in particular those related to:

  • Profiles (private and public);
  • Pages;
  • Posts (purely public ones);
  • Stories (mainly those published by public profiles );
  • Shared links (in stories, comments, etc.).

If you are using the Instagram app for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet , this will be copied to the so-called “ clipboard “, for then be fetched when the “Paste” function is used. It is a process that keeps in memory only a few “volatile” elements so to speak, which are mostly textual.

The speech is similar for PC , regardless of whether macOS, Windows, Linux, or another operating system is installed. Typically, the clipboard memory “doesn’t survive” a reboot, and the last item stored – in many cases – overwrites the penultimate.

It is not possible to see if someone has copied the link of a published content (or a profile) on Instagram, let alone find out who has performed this action.

The only thing that the social network allows you to view is the number of times that a post or a story has been re-shared (via the Direct function) or saved. You can find this information by consulting the Instagram Insights, immediately after activating the company IG profile. Note, however, that this is generic data and does not refer to the number of times a link has been copied.

Using the Copy option link on the Instagram app

Below, I list the procedures to follow to copy a link on Instagram using the social network app for iOS or Android. Find and follow the one you are interested in, otherwise, if you connect from a browser, go directly to the next chapter.


copiare link su Instagram storia

To copy the link of an Instagram story, during its playback, touch the three dots (bottom right) and choose the option “ Copy link ”. Once this is done, paste it in your notes or send it immediately in a chat so as not to lose it.

If, on the other hand, by tapping on the three dots , you choose the option “ Share … “, a box would open in which you could select the app in which you want to transfer the link (eg. In a chat or in a WhatsApp group, on Facebook, on Messenger , in the “body” of an e-mail, etc.).

I remind you that the contents published in the Instagram stories are “timed” and expire 24 hours after publication. The link to the Instagram story you copied, therefore, will have the same validity .

copiare link su Instagram swipe up storie

As of this writing, there is still no way to copy a swipe up link from an IG story without following it first. First, therefore, you must connect to the link , dragging your finger on the screen, from bottom to top (following the “Other” option).

The linked page will open in the Instagram app’s internal browser. All you have to do is tap the three dots (located at the top right) and choose the “ Copy link ” option. Unlike the contents published in the stories of Instagram, the link swipe up remains active even after the expiry of 24 hours .


copiare link su Instagram post

To copy the link of an Instagram post, be it a video , a photo or even the preview of an internet content (e.g. an article published on a web portal), tap the three dots (top right of the post box, next to the creator’s name), and select the option “ Copy link ”. Instagram will warn you that the link has been copied, but remember to save it elsewhere, or share it right away, so as not to lose it.

If you choose the option “ Share on … ” , as for the stories, an interactive screen will open, from which you can select the app to send the link to.

Profiles and Pages

copiare link su Instagram profilo

If you want to copy the link of an Instagram profile or page, first connect to his diary . Then, tap the three dots located next to the account name and select the option “ Copy profile URL ”.


copiare link su Instagram hashtag

If you search for a hashtag on Instagram and connect to it, although it has a gallery similar to profiles, you will notice that, by selecting the three dots, the “Copy link” option will not appear . To link this page you can use Instagram Web , selecting the link from the URL address bar and copying it.

copiare link su Instagram link nella Bio

If you are on a user’s profile and if you want to copy a link that you inserted in the Bio, tap the URL address (blue) to connect to the linked page. Once it opens, tap on the three dots (top right) and select the option “ Copy link “.

If if you select the option “ Share link via … “, an interactive window will open, from which you can select the app in which to share the link.

IGTV Videos

copiare link su Instagram video IGTV

IGTV Videos are nothing more than videos with a duration of more than one minute, through which, for example, you could see the broadcast of a live Instagram broadcast. To copy the link, therefore, you have to behave as if they were simple posts : tap the three dots (you can find them at the top right on Instagram or at the bottom of the screen on IGTV ) and select the option “ Copy link “.

Again, you could choose the command “ Share on … “, and you will open the box with the platforms in which to share the link.

Live Direct

copiare link su Instagram diretta live

It would seem impossible to copy the link of a live on Instagram. Indeed, you can share it with others as long as it is online. To do this, my advice is to use Instagram Web .

Once you find the user who is streaming , tap the option “ Live ”or“ Direct ”, next to the name, to connect to the broadcast. While viewing the live, locate the URL address and copy it. It will look like: .

Copy links from Instagram Web

copiare link su Instagram Web

As I have already told you for some of the individual cases not possible from the app, in general, if you are using Instagram via browser, that is , you don’t have to work hard to copy a link.

Regardless of whether it is a story, a profile, a Page, a post or any other section of the social network, use the URL bar , highlight the link inside and click on it with the right mouse button . Finally, choose the “ Copy ” option; alternatively, from the keyboard for Windows and Linux distro, press CTRL + C , while if you are using Mac, you can execute the key combination cmd + C .

If you connect with the Instagram app for Windows 10 , you can use the options described for the mobile app ( in some cases, however, you can also exploit them on IG Web, as I show you in the example image).

copiare link su Instagram storia0

A quick way to share the link to an Instagram post on another social network , is to use the “ Share on… ” option. A box will automatically open, through which it will be possible to select the app related to the social network of reference.

To share the link to an Instagram profile on another social network , the operation is less automatic, but still simple: once you have copied the link (as mentioned above), paste it on the chosen platform. You can do this by pressing and holding your finger on the space intended for writing and selecting the “ Paste ” option.

You can also use the latter mode to share other links of Instagram on the Web or to insert them, for example, in the “body” of an e-mail.

copiare link su Instagram storia1

If, more specifically, you’re wondering how to share an Instagram link on Facebook , I’ll explain right away. You can use the “ Share on … ” function – if it is a post or a story – and, from the box that appears, choose the Facebook option (or a ‘option related to the Facebook app).

In most cases, you will see the Facebook post (or story) creation screen. You should just add a description (if you like) and click the “ Publish button “. Otherwise you can get the same result by copying the link from Instagram and pasting it directly on Facebook, in the section “ What are you thinking about? ”.

You can also insert the link to your page ( or to your profile) Instagram in the “Information” section of your Facebook profile; alternatively, you could connect the two social platforms , so that the contents shared on the photographic social network are automatically published on Facebook, and vice versa, without having to copy the single element each time.

If the Copy link option doesn’t work

You may be unable to use the “Copy link” option “On Instagram. It could happen in cases where the social network temporarily blocks this option on a particular account, perhaps because some limit has been exceeded or something has been done wrong. It is said, in jargon, that a shadowban is active, which I told you about in the deepening dedicated to the action blocked on Instagram.

This restriction can last from 24 to 48 hours , but also be definitive. An alternative to temporarily “circumvent” this obstacle is to use Instagram Web and copy the links from the URL address bar. But don’t overdo it , because your profile may become inaccessible without warning.

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