How to create a group on Instagram

How to create a group on Instagram

Instagram allows you to interact both with the entire fanbase (through posts, stories and in general content that we choose to share with all those who follow us) and with the individual user (in this case through DMs, or private messages). Maybe you don’t know that there is also a third “intermediate” option, namely the possibility of creating Instagram groups made up of a limited number of people, with whom you can exchange messages, audio, photos and more. These groups are created within the Direct Messages and, for the moment, are the only ones allowed by the application.

Between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Instagram has started testing also the “group stories”, or collaborative stories, co-managed by a few users and visible only to them; however, this feature has not been released for everyone at the time of writing, and for now, only a few accounts have it in beta. For this reason, if you want to connect with two or more friends on Instagram, you currently can only take advantage of multiple conversations in private messages. In this guide, I will try to explain more about the possibility of starting and managing multiple chats in Direct. However, I would like to point out that the general rules of DMs also apply to IG groups, that is, you can only add people who have accepted your messages.


What are and how groups in Direct Instagram work

come creare un gruppo su Instagram

The groups that can be created in Instagram DMs are chats made up of several participants , specifically from a small number of accounts; work just like one-to-one chats, with the obvious difference that whatever is shared – messages, audio, photos, videos, stickers and files, but also posts and stories from other users – is viewed by everyone, and that anyone can answer.

Just like in private chats, video calls are also allowed in group chats (which I don’t recommend if you have a lot of people involved, but which can be extremely useful with small groups).

Participant limit

Now that you have discovered groups in Direct Instagram, you are curious to try them out and would like to create one with all your friends right away. Well, I must warn you that on this application you cannot create particularly large multiple chats: there is in fact a limit of 32 users i, a not very high number.

Maybe over time things will change and this figure will be extended, but for the moment there is no way to escape this restriction, other than to use other social networks or other instant messaging apps (see below for the various alternatives).

How to create a group chat in Direct Instagram

come creare un gruppo su Instagram opzione Nuova chat

Let’s see now how to open a multiple conversation in Direct Instagram . The process is very simple actually, but I preferred to break it down into quick steps to make it as clear as possible:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Tap the private message symbol, corresponding to the icon of a paper airplane (bottom, right, right next to your profile icon);
  3. Tap on the button to create a new message, that is on the notepad icon with the pencil (top right);
  4. Choose the people you want to add to the group from the list, or type their name in the search bar;
  5. Select the + symbol next to each user’s name ;
  6. Once added all the people you want, click on Chat.

At this point, the group is formed, but the others don’t know it yet: the users you added will only notice when you send them the first message, followed by a notification.

How to manage a group chat in Direct Instagram

come creare un gruppo su Instagram opzioni di notifica

Once you have created the group on Instagram, you can manage it as you see fit.

By clicking on the information symbol (top right), you can choose whether to activate or deactivate the different types of notifications related to this chat. For example, you can decide to be notified if someone initiates a video call in the group, but not to receive notifications every time a message arrives, or vice versa. In short, the possible solutions are different, so take your time and decide how to adjust the alerts according to your needs and requirements.

Also, you can leave the chat , which means that the group will continue to exist, but that you will be excluded from it. Before giving the final ok, you will be asked if you want to appoint an administrator to take your place, or if you prefer to let the app select one arbitrarily (like when you appoint a new administrator in a WhatsApp group). / p>

In addition to leaving the chat, you can also end it ; this way, you and all other participants will be removed. The now closed group will continue to be visible, and you will be able to re-read the message exchange that took place (but you will no longer see the multimedia contents).

While you will always have the first option available (in other words, you are free to leave a group in Direct Instagram whenever you want), the second is allowed only if you are the administrator of the multiple chat, having in this case a greater “power” than the other members.

To be the administrator of an Instagram group, you must have created it yourself or you must have been nominated by someone who already has that role; similarly, if you have created a group and are therefore an administrator, you can choose to give this role to someone else as well (even as a moderator, although they have the same “office” as you).

Rename the group in Direct Instagram

come creare un gruppo su Instagram cambio nome

By clicking on the information icon , you will not only be able to exit the chat , terminate it or adjust its notifications. In fact, the first item you see on the screen is relative to the name of the group .

You don’t have to rename the chat: in this case, the title will simply consist of usernames of the users who are part of it. However, giving the IG group a name might be useful to spot it immediately, so I suggest you do that. You just have to type in the word or words you want, possibly associating one or more emoji with them, and then click on “Finish”.

It is not a definitive procedure: you can continue to change the name at any time you want, bearing in mind that all participants will notice every update. Also note that any of the participants can do it : if you suddenly notice that the group has a different name than the one you gave it, then it was someone else’s doing.

Add participants to the group in Direct Instagram

come creare un gruppo su Instagram opzione Aggiungi persone

By clicking on the symbol of the relevant information to the group, you will also have the possibility to expand the already existing group, to include new users .

To do this, you will need to choose the option Add people , then search for and select the person you are interested in, tap Next and finally on Add.

Remember that if you add someone at a later time, they will be able to scroll backwards in the chat , viewing everything that has been shared in the past, before it was part of the group. The only contents that will be precluded are temporary ones, that is, those photos and videos that can be viewed are once and which subsequently “disappear”.

Therefore, I advise you to be careful and to evaluate carefully who to include in a group chat, in order to avoid unpleasant episodes.

Remove participants from the group in Direct Instagram

come creare un gruppo su Instagram rimozione partecipanti

Just as you can add participants to the group, you can also remove them . To do this, scroll through the list of users in the chat, locate the one you want to delete and click on the three dots next to its name . At this point, you just have to choose the Remove from group option, and that’s it.

Using video calls in the group Direct Instagram

As I mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, Instagram groups can also be used to make multiple video calls . If the participants are many, I suggest you to make the video call with another tool, eg. Zoom, but if the users are in limited number , then go ahead with peace of mind.

To video call the members of a group chat, simply open the chat in question and then tap the camera icon (top right).

How groups work in Instagram stories

As you will have read in the introduction of this tutorial, groups in Direct Instagram are the only ones officially available on the app currently. However, that could change soon, as it seems that Instagram has developed a new feature to create group stories .

For the moment, however, only a few users who are selected as a beta-tester can use this option. These are participatory stories that, in addition to being visible only to a small group of people (similar to what already happens with the contents shared with the closest friends of IG), these can be created and modified by more users, increasing their possibilities. of interaction and exchange through the social network.

Alternatives to groups in Direct Instagram

To interact with a small number of friends, there are not only Instagram groups . By now, most social networks offer the opportunity to interact with a few and selected users by creating groups.

The principle is the same, but the functionalities change (in a more or less relevant way) from platform platform; therefore, my advice is to understand what a particular group is for and choose the best social network or messaging app based on your needs. Do you want to include many people? Will you exchange a few files or many? Are you going to make video calls often? Try to answer these questions, then make your choice.

Here are some alternatives to Instagram groups :

Besides the features, don’t forget of the privacy factor. Security (enforced through end-to-end encryption and various profile confidentiality options) could be the main factor to consider if, for example, you are creating a workgroup where important files will be shared that need to maintain business secret. Evaluate the various opportunities and then see which one is best for you and those of the participants.

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