How to Create a Successful Instagram Bio: Ideas, Tricks, and Examples

How to Create a Successful Instagram Bio: Ideas, Tricks, and Examples

Maybe you have already found a strategy for your Instagram posts, but most likely you have forgotten one of the most important elements. Your Instagram profile is not only responsible for creating the first impression of your brand and being the endorsement of your image, it is also the only place where you can add a link that connects others with what you offer.

Your Instagram bio offers you 150 – blessed! – characters to show people who visit your profile who you are, what you offer, and why they should be interested, which is why it is worth taking the time to create an Instagram bio that is interesting and captivating. Here we offer you ideas to create a bio and profile for Instagram that adequately represents your brand on the social network that Forrester Research calls “the queen of social interactions”.

What appears on your Instagram profile?

Before you start coming up with ideas for your Instagram bio, you need to understand the key components that make up a profile.

Your Name

Everything you write here will appear in bold at the top of your bio. You can also include your brand name and of course there is still much more you can do. This part of your bio also gives you an extra 30 characters that you can use to include a variation or abbreviation of your name, for example, Saturday Night Live (SNL). You can also use a keyword that explains what your brand is about, for example, Headspace uses “company”, which allows users interested in this keyword to find the profile more easily.

Usernames are included in the Instagram search engine, for this reason it is important to use a keyword so that other users can find you. However, avoid using too many keywords as this can alienate your potential future fans.


The username is your identity on Instagram and is also part of your profile URL so choose carefully! It is recommended that you use the same (or similar) username in all your social networks so that in this way it is easier to tag and find you in them.


This is the part in all of Instagram where you can put a link. You can change it as many times as you want, in this way you can link it with your newest and most important content (for example, your latest video or article), with a campaign or with a web page that redirects people who enter from your Instagram profile . Try using a URL shortener that offers to see in real time how many people have visited your Instagram profile.


The most important thing when creating a biography for your brand is to explain who you are and what you do. The best way to do this is by sharing what characterizes you using language directly aimed at the type of audience you are interested in attracting in order to show them that they have reached the right profile. We know, a lot to say in just 150 characters! But don’t worry, the secret is to be creative and use a few tricks to make an exceptional bio.

Now, with all the other elements of your profile in order, it’s time to focus on your Instagram bio.

What to put in the Instagram bio? Ideas, Tips and Inspiration for Brands

Consider using emojis

Even if you fear that emojis can take your brand seriously, you should consider adding them to your Instagram toolbox (Insta ToolBox). The emojis you choose – from faces and animals to more serious symbols like check marks and letters – can add personality to your brand.

An emoji might not be worth a thousand words, but when writing space is limited, the right emoji can more easily and quickly describe what your brand is about to people who visit your profile. As you can see in the image below, Asos uses a series of emojis that not only represents its fun approach, but also shows the curious what to expect from the brand. (Extra points for the little finger pointing to the link.)

For example, consider how easy it is to understand the ghost emoji used by the Snapchat brand. Other emojis that are commonly used, are the pushpin or pin? (to show the specific place where the brand was created or is located) and the envelope del️ (to indicate the email).

If you are afraid of getting your wet? in the ? of emojis, you can start using them as bullets. Find an emoji that helps you adequately describe every detail you want to include in your Instagram bio, even if it’s a simple check mark.

Organize your biography for Instagram with spaces and phrases

Organizing your bio using spaces and phrases will help those who visit your profile to break down the information into smaller bites and at the same time it will make it easier for you to highlight the most important things about your brand. In the example below, blogger Rebecca Bolwitt (aka Miss 604) uses phrases and emojis to highlight her personal brand.

Aprende a optimizar o mejorar tu biografía de Instagram

Implementing this type of format can be a bit difficult if you are using a mobile device, especially if you use iPhone or iPad. There are two ways to make it possible.

1) Mobile Method: On an iPhone, open the Notes application and write your biography for Instagram as you would like it to appear, including the phrases you want to use . Select everything and press “Copy”, then open the Instagram application. Press “Edit Profile” and paste the text you copied earlier in the space for your Instagram bio. Select “Done” (the check symbol) to save.

2) Web method: Visit your Instagram profile, select “Edit Profile” and write your biography as you would like it to appear on your Instagram profile. Then press “Send” to save. Please note that the phrases will not be visible when you visit your profile from a desktop computer.

The phrases for the Instagram bio do not always look the same if you are using a mobile device or a desktop computer. Since Instagram is primarily a mobile app, you can prioritize this look . However, it is recommended that you visit your profile in both ways to ensure that it looks good in both formats.

Use and create hashtags of your brand to collect content generated by other Instagram users

Nothing creates an Instagram story more compelling than one with images of real people interacting with your brand. The easiest way to collect these images is to include a hashtag of your brand in your Instagram bio. In this way, the “Instagrammers” will have a way to share their content with you and you will be able to repost it on your own profile.

Without going too far, GoPro’s Instagram account shows how this concept can be used to create beautiful updates that motivate people to use your product.

frases para la biografia de instagram

These kinds of hashtags aren’t just for products. PayPal combines the use of emojis with that of its own hashtag to create content that shows moving money as a deeply personal service, which humanizes the brand.

Frases para perfil de instagram

Keep in mind that any hashtag that you include in your biography, works within the Instagram interface, but not in other mobile applications.

Include a call to action

Like any other good marketing strategy, your Instagram bio should include a call to action, for example, what do you want people who visit your profile to do after they have seen it?

Airbnb uses its Instagram feed to showcase tantalizing photos of houses that are available for reservation. Since users visiting your profile are curious about these particular properties, Airbnb’s call to action is simple: “Book from our feed ”.

biografía de Instagram los trucos que necesitas para optimizar tus Frases para perfil de instagram

What is your conversion goal for people who visit your Instagram? If you are offering visually compelling products, like Airbnb does, you may want to send those interested to a place where they can buy directly. You may also want them to like your Facebook page or subscribe to your newsletter , or take any other action that relates to your marketing goals.

Be clear when asking visitors to take this step and also make sure it is connected to the link you put on your Instagram profile, which will appear immediately after your bio.

If your goal is to have more followers on Instagram, your call to action may simply be to ask visitors to follow your feed or share photos with your brand’s hashtag.

Include your contact information

Imagine that a user stumbles upon your Instagram account, loves your job and wants to connect with you in the future. How does he do it?

Include your contact information such as, for example, your email address so that other users can contact you directly instead of leaving a comment on a post and risking the possibility of losing it among a lot of messages.

Highlight what makes you special

What makes you different from others?

A good business profile on Instagram adequately describes what it is about and what it offers. Part of that refers to the unique skills and services that the brand offers. Do you have a local business? Are your products ethically made? What fun facts about your brand can you give to others? These are other successful ways to show the personality of your company.

biografia para Instagram

Includes hours of operation

While many can easily search the hours of operation on the internet, adding this information to your Instagram profile makes the life of your followers easier. And with Instagram’s geo-tagging feature, the platform is often used as a discovery tool for people looking for businesses near them.biografía de Instagram Trucos para optimizar tu perfil de Instagram ¿Cómo mejorar tu perfil de Instagram?

With all these ideas for your Instagram bio, you are ready to create a bio and profile that show the best of your brand and motivate your visitors to follow, like and even buy what you have to offer, all in 150 characters or less.

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