How to create successful advertising campaigns and advertisements that sell with Instagram Ads

How to create successful advertising campaigns and advertisements that sell with Instagram Ads

In today’s article, we will talk about How to create successful advertising campaigns and ads that sell with Instagram Ads. Before entering fully into the main topic of the article, we must have a brief contextualization. Instagram is a social network founded in October 2010, being currently part of the largest social networks that exist , with approximately 700 million active users.

This social network consists of sharing content with your followers , depending on whether you have your public or private Instagram profile. On the one hand, the social network is used for its own entertainment, being the most personal reason.

But, on the other hand, there is a percentage of users, which belong to companies, which have as a business plan having a presence in social networks . Because social networks are so important, there is a space to add advertising.

Within Instagram there are a variety of accounts that resort to using paid advertising for Instagram , since advertising on this social network has been a determining factor in the marketing strategy of a company, improving the reach that this has thanks to good analytics of the social network.

Precisely this is the topic that we will touch on next, first seeing how to create an advertising campaign, and then generate sales via Instagram Ads, which is a option of Instagram for companies . We will mention and explain each of these points.

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How to create an advertising campaign using Instagram Ads?

When having an advertisement with Instagram Ads, we have several spaces to unfold our ad, these spaces can be: Stories, posts in the feed and Instagram purchases. These are the main spaces where we can launch our ads, each having a different audience.

To create an Instagram ad, we must have our Instagram username as Business Account. By taking it into account as a company, we can give the option to “Promote” that appears in the space we want, and then proceed to create our advertising.

In the Instagram Ads control center, we can choose several options to determine our target audience . Some of these options can be:

  • Location of the world where our ad will be displayed
  • Ideal age and gender for our advertising
  • Target audience language

These are some of the options, which we observe to segment who our Instagram Ads message is directed to . Knowing how to promote a publication on Instagram, how can we take better advantage of this space? We will answer this question better below.

What elements can help to be more successful in an advertising campaign?

Creating an Instagram campaign not only consists of paying to show ourselves in Instagram spaces, but it must also bring with it a prior analysis of our Target Audience.

The public is decisive to be successful in an advertising campaign, because, if we show an ad for a music store to an athlete, they will not be as attracted as a musician can be, which if you will be interested in knowing . Some tips to be more successful are:

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Define our future buyers

Instagram is quite clear how important it is, to define the audience for the message that we give in our ad, giving the options to manage who the message will be shown to, which we saw previously . We must create the profile of who is the person who would choose our services, to express it later in the public management of Instagram Ads.

Possess quality visuals

Visual material has been important in this social network from the beginning, since its main objective is to share videos and images, this being the means by which we are going to share our message. For this reason, it is vitally important that what we are going to share is of good visual quality, attracting both the message and the visual identity.

We hope this article on How to Create Successful Advertising Campaigns and Ads and Sell with Instagram Ads has been helpful to you. We wish you success in your advertising campaigns, where you must take into account the recommendations that we mentioned above.

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