How to create the perfect Instagram profile

How to create the perfect Instagram profile

After analyzing how Instagrammers do it with many followers and the best-known brands, we have gathered the keys to have an Instagram profile of 10.

We recently told you how to permanently delete an Instagram account. If, far from abandoning it, you are part of its community of more than 400 million users and you also use it in your brand’s online marketing strategy, be sure to take a look at these keys to having a perfect Instagram profile .

Don’t hide

First, something basic and that you can apply to both a corporate account and your personal account: mark your Instagram profile as ‘Public’ . Of course, if you want your photos to have greater visibility you need anyone to be able to access them.

There are users who prefer to keep their personal account in private mode; one of two, because they are more selective with their followers (they probably already have a good number of them) or because they are jealous of their private life (although this clashes with the philosophy of social networks, also Instagram, whose basis is sharing, sharing and share).


Use a username (which is represented by an ‘@’) that identifies with your brand. Yes you are an entrepreneur and you yourself are your own company, you can always make a ‘mix’ of both, so that users link you. For example, if your jewelry brand is called ‘Ánima’ and you are Nuria, a good username on Instagram would be @NuriAnimabijou_

Profile name

An element different from the username but equally important for creating the ideal Instagram profile is the name that appears in your profile, since usually users will search for you using this name. Therefore, it should be as indicative and descriptive as possible. Applying it to the previous example, if we entered your Instagram profile, the most appropriate thing would be to find ‘Anima jewelery’ or something similar.

A biography with a hook

The biographical information is that couple of lines that appear just below the Instagram profile name. Whether for personal or corporate use, it is most advisable that it be a summary with a hook that attracts new followers, that motivates them to better know the brand or the person behind through the photos of your profile.

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You have 150 characters to achieve this, so don’t use random and unnecessary words. Emojis are always well received and hashtags give greater visibility, but use only those that fit the theme of your brand (or yourself).

Objective: enter your website

Just below this summary you can include a url to your website, blog, other social network (Pinterest) or other platform where you offer your products or services (Etsy) . In fact, it is the only space that Instagram grants for this purpose.

You can always resort to the usual ‘Link in bio’ that many brands include under many of their photographs, and that is nothing more than a call to action so that they look for the url in your profile and redirects them there. It is recommended that you include a track to check how much traffic you receive from your Instagram account.


Activate notifications so that you do not lose detail of what other users comment on your photos or say about your brand or about you. So you can interact with them almost immediately and increase engagement.

Photographs: quality over quantity

With the quality of your photographs we are not only referring to their sharpness. Use beautiful or worthwhile photos; that capture something or someone special, because of their uniqueness or differentiation . If they are funny, you will also earn in ‘likes’.

Keep in mind that when a new user enters your Instagram profile, they take a look at, more or less, the 10 snapshots that preside over your profile, the ones that appear above. If they don’t get their attention, you will lose opportunities for them to become your follower. Do not be overwhelmed, if one day you do not have a photo worth publishing, do not publish it. Quality over quantity is one of the maxims if you want to have the best Instagram profile possible .

Update frequency

But don’t relax either. An abandoned Instagram profile is like a garden without flowers (it is similar to what happens when we find a blog that has not been updated for a long time). The key is to program yourself and have several images in the bedroom that you will publish relatively frequently, depending on the themes.

You can be guided by festivities, by the days of the week (on weekends the mood of users is very different from what they have during the week; keep that in mind for your publications) or you can even create themes of your own brand ( promotions or celebrations).

The million-dollar question, when is it better to post photos on your Instagram profile? Taking into account that by its nature Instagram is an app to use from the mobile, its users visit it at any time of the day.

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As this data is not enlightening, some analyzes affirm that the best days to post on Instagram are Monday and Tuesday, at any time, except for the time between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. In any case, it is best to experiment and try to see when your followers respond best; This is easier the better you have defined your target.

If these tips to create the perfect Instagram profile do not seem insufficient, you can always take a look at this infographic, which includes a complete guide on how to advertise on Instagram and get a corporate profile with hook:

infografía Instagram

Via: Hubspot

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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