How to deactivate Instagram account

How to deactivate Instagram account

How to deactivate Instagram accounts temporarily? Social networks have become part of our life, but often taken by the wave of the moment we download apps and then we do not continue to use them (or we do it too often).

For many, Instagram is a place for posting photos of every day, of everyday life; for others it is work and they are “forced” to use the app to perform their duties. For one reason or another, the use of social media can be addictive and taking a break can do nothing but good.

In this article we see, therefore, how to deactivate Instagram account (whatever the reason).

Come disattivare account Instagram
How to deactivate Instagram account

How to disable Instagram account temporarily

The first thing to consider is that this operation allows you to reactivate your profile at any time, so it is not a permanent deletion. By temporarily deactivating the profile it will be invisible to the public, but what you have uploaded will always remain at your disposal.

As always happens with Instagram, guess what? You cannot deactivate the profile from the app, so it will be necessary to reactivate the PC blissfully asleep in a corner of the desk, and go to the Instagram site (or do it from a browser via smartphone).

Follow these steps to deactivate Instagram account:

  • Go to and enter your credentials to enter your profile;
  • Go to your profile and select the Change the profile ;
  • Click on the words “Temporarily disable my account” at the bottom;
  • Answer the question about the reasons for the deactivation (please keep your education in the answer);
  • Type the password in the space provided below to confirm the operation and then click on the button “Temporarily disable the account”.

That’s it, now your profile is deactivated and your friends and / or followers will no longer see your profile as it will be invisible from now on.

But how do you get it back if you change your mind? I’ll explain it to you below.

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Deactivate Instagram account: how to go back?

You have deactivated your account but, in a night of total creativity, you have the idea of ​​the century to monetize your profile. Except that it is disabled, so how to do it Don’t worry, I have the solution for you!

Take your dear PC again (or open the browser on your smartphone), log in to and enter your profile credentials: you will realize that all your photos are still there and safe.

Log into your profile and … that’s it. By entering your credentials, the profile is automatically reactivated and you won’t have to do anything else.

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How to reactivate a suspended account from Instagram?

What has been said so far is valid in the event that the choice to deactivate the account is voluntary and comes from you, and is very different from that provided if the account has been suspended for violation of the terms of the platform. The procedure in this case is much more complex and in some cases getting your profile back is almost impossible.

I recommend that you read the appropriate guide on how to recover your Instagram profile in case of violation of the terms.

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Well, we’ve seen how to disable Instagram accounts. Taking a break from social media is more than good, and even if initially it might be difficult and “strange”, after a few days you will see that you will get used to living without Instagram again. Often for many people it becomes a real addiction and can lead to stress and other problems on a mental and physical level.

Don’t worry if your friends won’t see any of your new posts for a while or won’t be able to contact you on Instagram, take a break without thinking about all this.

Then if you haven’t used Instagram in a while, well… even better.

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