How to delete a second Instagram profile

How to delete a second Instagram profile

It is said that in moments of euphoria bad decisions are often made: maybe we could underestimate the effort it will take to complete a task, because at that moment we are full of energy; it happens to everyone, sooner or later. You may have rediscovered an old passion (fantasy books, model cars, gardening …), of which you were so proud, and you thought it was a great idea to create another dedicated Instagram profile. The first few weeks were full of ideas and posts, but then, as time passed and work commitments took over, you realized that you no longer had the opportunity to post frequently.

And so you find yourself wanting to delete the second Instagram profile , which you haven’t updated for months now. Indeed, the deletion of a second-level Instagram account may be less important than that of the main profile. In fact, it may mean that you are not leaving the social network, but that you are simply selecting the best profiles you manage, in terms of interaction. The fact is that you will still have to pay attention to the actions you will take, because it is still a removal that, after a certain time, will become immutable. Please note that any related liability will rest solely with you, as the guide is written and published for information.


What happens

come eliminare un secondo profilo Instagram

You may wonder if deleting an IG secondary account also affects the primary one. I want to reassure you immediately: your main profile will not undergo any changes as a result of this operation.

For the rest, the consequences are the same when you delete your unique Instagram account: in particular, remember that you will not be able to go back, and that everything contained in it (photos, videos, GIFs, stories, posts, Direct messages, likes, statistics , etc.) will be lost, unless you have previously saved the data (which you cannot restore later), as well as the related activity log.

When it is useful to do so

What are the reasons that may have prompted you to delete an additional Instagram account? You may have difficulties in checking two profiles at the same time : in this case, instead of thinking about removing them, you should follow the advice described in the guide to manage multiple Instagram profiles. In fact, remember that in the same app you can manage up to 5 profiles, switching from one to the other whenever you want.

As we said in the intro, however, you may have opened a second account to tell one of yours. passion, eventually realizing that you don’t have enough time to do it; or it could be a profile intended to test your activities, or to talk through the DMs with users you want to be unknown to. However, if the profile is out of date or you no longer care , deletion is the right solution.

Can two different Instagram profiles be merged?

This is a legitimate question that popped into your mind when you thought about deleting your second profile. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

It is not possible to merge two or more accounts, even if you are the owner (or creator) of both or even if they were the same type of profile (e.g. corporate). Each content, followers and activities, in fact, always remain separate and independent from each other.

Preliminary operations

Deleting a “duplicate” IG profile does not mean that all its contents and information should be lost a priori. Before proceeding, I recommend that you take some time to save everything you care about .

To backup from mobile, connect to your second account from the IG app, then go to Settings and choose Security . Finally, choose the option Download data and follow the wizard shown on the screen.

Deleting your profile Secondary Instagram

You have probably thought about it for a long time: perhaps you have already considered the hypothesis of deleting the profile you use the least on this photo social network, and instead then you have started posting and interacting with other users again ; then again a stalemate, little time to take photos, for stories and to like other content, and so you have come to the conclusion that you can very well do without another profile to manage, because you would always find yourself in the same situation, periodically.

You are therefore going to delete your second Instagram profile that you no longer use, and at this point, you should have already saved all the data of your interest, which otherwise you could no longer recover in any way. If you do not do so, as mentioned before, the photos, videos, those copies you wrote in a moment of inspiration, but also the messages you exchanged with other people, would disappear along with the account. It is good to reiterate this, because the time required for a backup is never wasted.

This operation could be useful, also, in case there were any suspicious interactions with users who have sent you inappropriate messages, who have had ambiguous attitudes and could possibly be fake. Unfortunately, this is also a reason that could push you to remove the second level account, which was created to meet new people. You may have had some bad experiences, and in this case my advice would be: before proceeding with the cancellation, contact Instagram to report the incident.

come eliminare un secondo profilo Instagram da Web

The procedure to remove the second user, however, is the same as that of the nodal account (which is usually used to unsubscribe from the social network forever), i.e. it involves the same steps to delete the main Instagram profile from the Web. Remember that this action is initially temporary, and becomes definitive automatically after 30 days . You then have one month to change your mind and reactivate your account (if necessary, see below how to do it).

To carry out this cancellation, you must log in to Instagram from PC (via Web), because from mobile (both using iOS and Android) it is not allowed to proceed. You must indicate the reasons for which you intend to remove or suspend the profile, then choose one of the options “ Temporarily disable the account ” or “ Delete my account definitively “. Finally, type the password to confirm the operation.

Deleting another person’s second Instagram profile

You may also wonder if it is possible to delete another person’s secondary IG profile, perhaps because you have noticed that it is a fake, a stolen account or you have detected “ambiguous situations”. Well, obviously, this can’t be done. It is only possible to delete your accounts (this not only on Instagram, but also on other social networks).

However, if you have received nasty messages, spam, or you have stumbled upon someone who has cloned your profile, and maybe use your name and your photos pretending to be you, the best thing to do is to report the Instagram account, so that it can be analyzed by the team.

How to understand if the second Instagram profile has been removed

Is there a way to verify that the deletion procedure has been successful? Sure. When 30 days have passed since your request, you should no longer be able to log into your account , and indeed, you should be able to use the email or phone number with you signed up to join Instagram another time.

Deactivation or disconnection

come eliminare un secondo profilo Instagram disattivazione temporanea

If you are consulting this guide, you’re probably quite determined to do so. However, it may be useful to know that it is not the only option available to you. I mentioned an alternative method in the previous paragraphs: you could in fact choose the option “ Temporarily disable the account ” during the cancellation phase, giving up for an indefinite period of being on the social network, but without losing all your data. There would be a sort of “freeze”, during which you could not be searched by other users.

To disconnect the secondary Instagram profile, however, just disconnect all active sessions. By doing so, the account would be removed from all connected devices, but you would continue to receive DM messages and you could be tagged or otherwise searched on the social network (your posts, for example, would remain visible to followers). Read how to log out of an Instagram account to learn more.


Deleting a profile becomes permanent only after 30 days , during which time you may change your mind. Maybe you wanted to delete your account because you had only posted a few posts, and then, if you decide to restore , you could start from scratch and create new content that has been studied more carefully, on a schedule.

Note that, logging in again , the deletion procedure would be canceled . At this point, it would be enough to delete all the posts, if they are few, as well as the Direct; then, you should stop following everyone on Instagram (if you believe) and start from scratch. You could thus avoid signing up for the umpteenth time to the social network.


In conclusion, remember that the most important thing on the Web, like in reality, it is being sincere . If you have created a second profile to hide your identity or spy on someone, know that “being smart” is still dangerous, even online; do not deceive others, because Instagram keeps an eye on you.

Always use these means wisely and intelligently, without ulterior motives, and try to contribute to the well-being of the social ecosystem according to your possibilities.

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