How to delete an Instagram account

How to delete an Instagram account

The idea of ​​becoming an influencer and making money with Instagram has tickled your imagination. Some time ago, you created your first profile and started posting photos and videos, even leaving positive comments (from time to time) to the profiles of other users, with the aim of increasing followers and seeing likes grow. After a few days, however, you realized that this commitment was not for you. As a result, you wondered how you could delete the Instagram account . So you looked for a themed guide and the search engine brought you here, on my site. I’ll be happy to help you, if you give me the opportunity.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you what you need to do to remove one or more Instagram profiles you own. Indeed, asking yourself is not such a trivial thing, since, in addition to learning what happens following this operation, it must be said that the application for iOS and Android does not have a similar option. However, I want to reassure you that the procedure is feasible and takes only a few minutes. Moreover, no special skills are required. All you need to read and apply the guide is a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity.


Why delete a profile Instagram

come eliminare un account Instagram motivazione

There are many reasons that may lead you to want to delete your Instagram profile: maybe, you realized that you spend too much time on it and you have developed a digital detox plan, or more simply, you have other goals involving other social networks (for example Facebook); then there may be real-life situations that prompted you to close the IG profile (such as a relationship or work commitment); nonetheless, you may want to get rid of a second profile , created a long time ago and that you no longer use.

These are all common reasons that may have led you to permanently terminate your Instagram account. If you want to do this, however, keep in mind that you will need to have the username and password of the profile in question available (which is no small feat, especially when trying to access an old account).

What happens if I delete the Instagram profile

come eliminare un account Instagram cosa succede

As already mentioned in the introduction to the guide, deleting an Instagram profile will lose:

  • All activities of the same;
  • The contents saved on it, such as followers, likes, published photos and videos;
  • The character sequences that form your username (which is released only after some time, as you will see below).

Before proceeding with the deletion of the Instagram profile, therefore, you should check if you have any photos or videos that you want to save or keep. Proceed to backup this content , as after starting the deletion procedure, you will never be able to go back.

What to do before deleting yourself from Instagram

come eliminare un account Instagram scaricamento dati

As mentioned above, before deleting the Instagram account, it is good to save the multimedia contents that have been shared on of it over time: even if it is a few photos or videos that do not interest you at the moment, I suggest you keep them in a safe place, so that you can review them if the need arises.

To download your posts from Instagram , just launch the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, log in with your profile to close and click on the stylized man icon. At this point, click on the icon with the three horizontal lines (which appears at the top right) and then on Settings ; now, go to the Security menu and finally click on Download data .

This will open a new window, in which you will have to enter a e-mail address , to which you wish to receive the archive containing the photos, videos and all other Instagram data.

Alternatively, you can connect to the Instagram site and enter your login credentials . From there, click on the stick man icon, select the gear icon and choose the Privacy and Security option . Finally, click on Request download , an option under the Data download section.

After downloading all your Instagram account data locally, you can proceed to delete them.

Removing the Instagram account

Once you have saved the posts locally, you can follow one of the methods described below to delete the Instagram account .

I immediately warn you that it is not possible to completely delete the account from the app, but you can only “exit” profile. If you want to continue correctly, therefore, use the website of the social network.

From the app

come eliminare un account Instagram uscita da app

From ‘ Instagram app for Android and iOS, you can only deactivate access to your account , without proceeding with an actual cancellation.

To exit from the Instagram account, press the icon of the stylized man at the bottom right, then the icon with the three lines and finally on Settings; in the window that you will see appear, scroll until you find the Exit key. Select it to complete the operation.

After logging out, you will no longer be able to access your profile automatically, unless you re-enter your login credentials (in the case of logging in with Facebook, however, you will need to press the appropriate button).

How do you say? Have you used the Instagram app on Windows 10 to manage your social account so far? In this case, I recommend that you simply uninstall .

From website

Using the site web of the social network, you can proceed with the actual cancellation of the Instagram account. No, you won’t have to use the normal desktop social network options. Instead, you will need to link to a special page. Read on to learn more.

Instagram account-deletion page

come eliminare un account Instagram cancellazione profilo

To proceed , just use any modern Web browser , such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, even from mobile or other operating systems (for example macOS or Ubuntu / Linux). So open the browser program, perhaps the one you have already logged into Instagram, and connect to this address of the Instagram site.

This will open a new window, in which you will have to choose a motivation valid among those offered by the drop-down menu (if you do not want to let people know the real reason, you can always use the “Other” item), then confirm where necessary.

The request will be accepted immediately and will be immediately effective, even if the actual cancellation will take place later (I’ll explain everything in the following paragraphs).

How long after the Instagram account is deleted

come eliminare un account Instagram tempistiche

After starting the unsubscribe procedure from Instagram, your profile will be blocked and will be permanently deleted after a period of 30 days .

If you change your mind during this time , you may cancel the unsubscribe procedure by login again. If more than a commercial month had elapsed from the date of cancellation, the Instagram account could no longer be recovered : it could not be accessed with credentials, nor could you they could recover your data.

In case you deleted your profile by mistake or were hacked on Instagram , you might try it all. by contacting Instagram support . Try to explain “in detail” what happened to you. You will hardly be able to get your account back (I’m honest), but in any case, “trying not to harm”.

For clarification on related issues, I suggest you consult the guide in which I explained how to reactivate Instagram. In it, you will find all the procedures that can be applied to recover a lost Instagram profile.

Alternatives to deleting Instagram accounts

Instead of acting like this ” drastic “on the Instagram account, you could take alternative routes, which would allow you to temporarily disable the profile , canceling access to the application or web browsers and hiding its activities or posts.

Temporary suspension

come eliminare un account Instagram disattivazione temporanea

To freeze the account , open the Instagram site, perform the login with your credentials (or use the Facebook button to speed up the procedure), press the top right on the stylized man and then on the gear icon .

In the foreground window that will appear, click on Edit profile , then click on Temporarily disable my account .

With this procedure, you can stay away from Instagram without losing all your photos, likes and followers: your account will remain ” silent ”until you log in again.

Before“ abusing ”this possibility, however, I remind you that the procedure can only be carried out once a week . So, better think about it and understand if you really want to deactivate the account temporarily or delete it permanently.

Deactivate remote sessions

come eliminare un account Instagram disattivazione sessioni

If you fear that your Instagram profile is active on some device or on some PC that you have left unattended or on which you have not logged out, you can proceed remotely.

Open the Instagram app on your phone. Then, press on the stick man , open the right side menu (icon with the three lines), choose Settings> Security and finally tap Login activity .

By pressing on the various devices on this screen, you will get an approximate map of the last login detected. By tapping the Exit key, you will force the account to exit, so as to protect your privacy.

Obviously, if the device was still in your possession, you could always proceed with the uninstalling the app , which remains the quickest and easiest way to delete a personal Instagram account from all devices on which it was previously configured.


In case you want to learn more, I invite you to read my guide in which I described how to deactivate the Instagram account. In it, you would find other useful solutions to pause a profile without using the “extreme” methods seen so far.

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