How to delete messages from Instagram

How to delete messages from Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has become a full-fledged social network. This platform, which at the beginning only allowed to share photos, or at most to modify them with some filters, nowadays offers advanced features to companies and users all over the world. And one of the most used, is undoubtedly the one related to instant messaging. The so-called Direct are now a fundamental element of communication within the social network. So much so that, in some cases, they could hide some “surprises”, a bit bitter for someone, isn’t it? It is always good, then, to also know how to delete messages on Instagram .

And it is precisely on this topic that I will focus in the tutorial that follows. I want to help you, in fact, to remove any obsolete or otherwise sensitive chats from the main list, so that none of the people who will pick up your phone will be able to view them. This way you can protect your privacy and not be spied on.


Can I delete Instagram messages?

cancellare i messaggi da Instagram

The first question most users ask me is whether it is actually possible to remove messages from Instagram. Obviously, as with all applications that allow you to chat with other people, the answer is affirmative.

However, what are the conditions necessary to perform this operation? First, you need to remember that there are different types of messages on Instagram. These are divided into:

  • Text messages;
  • Voice messages;
  • Multimedia messages.

Also, keep in mind that group chats can be created and that, in any type of conversation, you can receive tags or comments related to the Instagram Stories that are shared.

It is therefore necessary to pay attention to every variable, so that you can delete the IG messages in the right world and, above all, in such a way as not to be unexpectedly contacted by a certain person.

What happens if I delete a message on Instagram

Now that it is clearer to you what can be removed in the DM, I want reveal to you what happens when deleting a Direct message on Instagram. It is not something to be taken for granted, quite the opposite: in fact, you must know that each service of this type has set its own methods for managing text messages. And the methodology used by Instagram is very similar to that of Messenger.

In this case, messages are managed via cloud , and not directly in the physical memory of the device you use. This way, you can also delete a message already sent on both phones . The operation will be ineffective if the other interlocutor has already read the message, but that is another matter.

Be careful to carry out this operation, however, as it will no longer be possible to find the DM deleted . Of course, there are always alternative methods that can be put into practice, which I collected in the guide on how to recover Instagram Direct, but don’t expect miracles.

How to delete Direct messages received on Instagram

Now that you have some more theory on your side, it’s time to see together how to delete Direct messages received on Instagram .

In this phase of the guide, we will go to see what are the practical steps that you will have to follow to complete the task you have set for yourself, analyzing all the various features made available within the chat.

Message history

I’ll start by telling you that Instagram keeps track of the messages you delete , at least initially. So, even if you absurdly removed all your Instagram conversations, the message history would remain stored within the social network’s servers. This statement, however, shouldn’t scare you, because fortunately, only you will be able to access this data .

To be exact, the recent Instagram message history resides within the messages.json file, which is part of the historical profile data package, downloadable via Instagram backup. Therefore, only those who have the credentials of the account will be able to read any deleted chats.

Individual text messages

cancellare i messaggi da Instagram singoli

The text messages exchanged in single and multiple chats are the easiest to delete on Instagram. Please note, however, that you will only be able to act on those you have sent . At the moment, in fact, it is not yet possible to delete messages sent by other users individually (therefore one by one). At most, you can remove the entire chat or hide Direct messages, but please note that this history would still be saved on the other party’s phone.

To remove a message sent from the chat , first open Instagram and access Direct . Then, tap on the conversation you are interested in, so as to view its shared messages and media.

Now, within the conversation, hold your finger over the message you want to delete. An interactive window will appear, in which you will have to select the item Cancel sending the message . By doing this, the text will disappear both for you and for the user with whom you are chatting.

Always remember that, in this way, if the interlocutor had not yet read the message, he would be unable to do it later.


cancellare i messaggi da Instagram note vocali

Likewise, for some time now , on Instagram you can send voice notes . Given the habit of users to use this means of communication with other services, even within the photographic social network, this has become a very used function.

You are wondering how to delete notes voice from Instagram ? Well, because the procedure is very similar, in reality, to the one you have to use for text messages. After opening the conversation then, locate the voicemail you sent . This is identified by a player followed by a sound wave .

To delete the shared audio, just long press on it and then select the option Cancel sending the message . Nothing could be simpler.

Photos and videos sent in Direct

cancellare i messaggi da Instagram foto e media

How many times, with your friends, Have you ever exchanged photos and videos via Instagram messages? Especially when it comes to memes and other types of funny content, Instagram is now one of the favorite social networks for such sharing. Even in this case, however, if you want to delete an image or a video, you can only do it with regard to the content sent .

So, locate the multimedia content you want to delete from Instagram, by going to the chat. Once you have found the one you are interested in, all you have to do is keep your finger pressed on the image, video or GIF, and then select the item Cancel sending the message .

Story tags in Direct

cancellare i messaggi da Instagram tag

When you are tagged in stories by an acquaintance of yours, you usually a notification arrives in the Direct box. The tags are in fact shared directly in the chat with the user who created it, and appear exactly like any other message.

In this case, however, does not you will be able to delete the tag from the story, but only the notification . If you wish to do so, you could ask the creator, or you could cancel the Direct chat between you and this person. Although, by taking this last action, you would still be tagged in the timed content.

cancellare i messaggi da Instagram commenti storie

If you usually comment on your friends’ Instagram stories , you will surely have noticed that these messages are reported exactly in Direct , and not in a separate section. From the comments, then, almost always start real conversations.

Personal considerations aside, how do you delete the comments posted on a story , which have been copied in Direct? First, identify this type of message, by entering chat and looking for the entries “ You answered his story “. Under each, you will see the comment . You can remove it by long pressing the bubble , and then select the option Cancel sending the message .

Notifications of calls and video calls in chats

cancellare i messaggi da Instagram registro chiamate

Instagram also allows you to make VoIP calls and video calls, exactly as it happens on WhatsApp and Messenger. This is a highly appreciated option by users and allows you to keep in touch with a single social network.

Telephone and video communications are always handled via Direct . Within a conversation, there is the possibility of starting a call or a video call, as well as consulting the log of calls missed or made. However, communication notifications cannot be removed , unless you delete the entire chat .

Deleting Direct messages sent and received on Instagram

As you may have understood, the ability to delete messages from Instagram individually is strictly related to sending . If it was you who sent the message or otherwise shared a certain content, then you can remove it at any time , for all participants.

As for the messages received , however, this operation can only be performed by the sender . As a trick, so that others do not see your activities in the Direct, you could always delete the entire conversation or, perhaps better, block the sender . Doing so, automatically, the chat would be hidden , and therefore it would be invisible.

In any case, don’t forget the possibility to download the message history . The recipient may also request it, and although you have removed the message, there are chances that he may be able to read it.

How long is the Instagram message history

After what I’ve just explained to you, I’m sure you’ll be interested to know how long is the history of Instagram messages . Unfortunately, there is no precise value that allows me to give a certain answer. The history of messages is in fact subject to several criteria for its deletion.

Normally, if the message is not too recent , what you have written or shared should have disappeared for good. To this, however, there are also other factors, such as the number of interactions and communications related to your IG profile.

It is therefore possible to deduce (in a completely theoretical way) that, plus a profile will be active , in the true sense of the word, shorter should be the duration of the Instagram message history.

Alternatives to removing messages from Instagram

There are situations when removing Instagram messages is not enough. In fact, it may happen that a user is a bit too annoying and that you no longer want to receive messages from him. Conversely, you may also want to hide a conversation without actually deleting it.

In these situations, you may want to mute messages so that you are no longer bothered by this person, but avoid blocking them as a follower. If, on the other hand, you want to make messages invisible for a certain period of time, simply activate the profile lock in a temporaneous.


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