How to download photos, images and videos from my Instagram profile to my PC easily

How to download photos, images and videos from my Instagram profile to my PC easily

Instagram is one of the most used social networks today. This page allows you to do endless things from your devices, such as upload photos and share them, or find out about all the most important events among your list of followers, and then share it on WhatsApp

This social network has a large number of tools, one of them is the possibility of storing your photos on its website, although of course, you must publish them directly on your profile. In this way, if you cannot store an image on your device or you have deleted it and want to recover it, you can use this network to do so.

Saving the photos you have on Instagram will to be a extremely simple procedure that will not take much time. If you follow these steps, you will get it in a matter of minutes, so don’t miss this tutorial.

How to Download Instagram Photos to my PC?

How to save photos from my Instagram profile

These steps that we will indicate are for both Android and iOS phones. In this way, you just have to follow the tutorial guide to the letter

The first thing you should do is open the Instagram application on your mobile phone, and then click on your profile. If you are using iPhone you must click at the bottom of the screen where an icon with the shape of a camera appears.

On the other hand, if you use Android you must select the person-shaped icon also located at the bottom of the screen, try to upload photos of excellent quality so that you can get more likes on Instagram

Access the options menu

In this step you only have to access your options menu. On iOS devices you must place it at the top, in an icon with a thread. On Android devices, an icon with three vertical dots will appear.

Activate saving photos on Instagram

Once you are in options, you must go to “Settings” or “Settings” and look for the option that says “Save photos on Instagram” or “Save original photos”. When locating it, you must verify that it is marked blue. If not, press it so that it is ticked this way, you will be able to save your photos on Instagram without any problem.

Save photos from other Instagram profiles from your computer

To to do this you only have to access the source code of the image. To do this, first you have to select the photo to open it large, then you just have to open the source code of the image Google Chrome: right click >> See source code

After this, open the search engine by selecting “ctrl + F” on Windows, but “cmd + F” on Mac. Search for “og: image”, then copy the link that appears next to you and Paste it in the browser bar.

By doing all this, you will be able to download your images without any problem from your computer.

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Save Instagram photos on Android using the InstaSave app

Insta save by just pasting the link of the photo you want to save on your phone. It will also allow you to download videos and stories (soon), so it is a fairly complete option.

Save Instagram photos on iOS using the Regrammer app

This iOS application will allow you to save all kinds of photos directly to your mobile device. You just have to copy the URL of the photo you want to save and paste it in the download bar that appears in Regrammer. In this way, you just have to click on “Regrammer” , then on “Share” and finally on “Save image” . Ready, you will have the image saved on your phone.

Remember that downloading third-party content from any social network without the consent of the dream or owner is illegal. But you can download your own content or that of third parties as long as you have their direct permission, s i talk about trends in terms of social networks on the internet, Instagram is one of the most used today.

How to Download All Photos from Instagram

If you belong to the group of billions of users of the most pronounced and innovative social network like Instagram. You will know that they continually make changes to benefit users .

It should be noted that what this social network such as Instagram offers makes us today have benefits. and important particularities remember that you can only download content from social networks that belongs to you or that have given you permission to download it.

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How to download all photos from Instagram?

It has caught the curiosity that most users after making a post. They feel the need to download all their photos in one file. And in this way to have it safely out of the Instagram account.

This way, they can later enjoy the posts. No need to have access to the Instagram or internet account. It should be noted that this function does not depend on how to verify the Instagram account or not, in the same way, the browser can help you to make the option of downloading the photos to your computer.

Next, we will teach you the Instructions that must be taken into account to Download Instagram Photos:

  • The first thing to do is open the browser and Search for the Instagram social network.
  • Then write the username and password.
  • After opening Instagram, either the personal profile or that of someone else must right-click . At the moment of pressing a window will appear where one of the options that appears is “ save as “.
  • Later, a link will appear where it will show in which folder You can save the photos.
  • You can even choose in which folder to save them, edit the file name and the type of document to save.
  • Then press save and it will automatically will download. It should be noted that this will take a few seconds. However, it will save all the photos found on the Instagram platform.
  • After the download has finished, a small tab will appear at the bottom where the saved file is.
  • Right-click again on the options that appear “ show in folder “.
  • Automatically the file folder where They downloaded all the photos and even videos that you had posted on the profile.

Thanks to the constant updating of this striking social network. is to provide the opportunity to upload photos. Without cropping or posting with filters that Instagram contains

Finally, it is important to note that Instagram is a platform that offers multiple benefits. Including Instagram as a business . So we recommend that you continue to learn about it. so that you can get the best out of this social network.

Instagram is one of the social networks that has simply not stopped growing in recent times and of course, stands out because it allows us to upload all kinds of photos and videos to share them with our friends and followers. Now, it is clear that many times we find content in other accounts that could be of interest to us to download and take to our mobile.

Perhaps that is why in recent weeks, a huge number of users have been asking us in principle if it is possible, and then how to download photos and videos from instagram quickly and easily. To the first we have to answer that yes, that content can be downloaded from Instagram , although for that it is necessary to have a specific application for it.

To find an application that allows us to download not only the photos but also the Instagram videos on Android devices, obviously we will have to enter the Google Play Store first. Inside it, in the search box, you can write something like “download Instagram images”, and you will see that in fact several interesting applications of the segment appear.

How to use Insave Download for Instagram?

Once you have downloaded and installed Insave Download for Instagram in the same way as any other application, the next point will be to open it, and begin to familiarize ourselves with all its contents and functions. In just a second you will see then that Insave will allow us to download photos or videos from Instagram in a very simple way, so we won’t have to waste time.

At the top, the application has three tabs, the first is Download, then Save & Repost and the last one is More . We will specifically stay with the first of them, since the second is a kind of history of all the content that we have downloaded, and within the third we will find other applications from its developers, but little else.

Already within the Download section that we mentioned before, we go to the official Instagram application where we must be logged in, and we will see that in that photo or video that we like, the three points appear as a menu on the lower right of the screen.

We will copy the shared URL of the content from there, and then we will paste it in the Insave Download section for Instagram, downloading all the videos and photos we want without wasting much time.

Remember that downloading third-party content from any social network without the consent of the dream or owner is illegal. But you can download your own content or that of third parties always and that you have their direct permission.

For people who use Instagram for Android it is very likely that they already know that all the photos that we upload are saved in the Smartphone gallery by what we have access to when we want without the need for an Internet connection, however when we talk about the photographs of others things change since they cannot be accessed

The official application In itself, does not give you the option to download one by one , but luckily for us we can find many ways to download all the photos we want and even videos completely free of charge and without inconvenience.

Download all the photos and videos from Instagram

We are going to recommend an application that is really magnificent and that will help you download photos and videos for free from Instagram to your smartphone, the application in question is called InstaSaver, so you must download the app, install it on your device and then you can open it to have two options when proceeding.

The first thing we are going to have to do is copy the link in question of the photo or video that we want to download and then paste it in InstaSaver, to be able to do what I am telling you simply you must go to the photo or video in question, you must click on the three points and mark “Copy URL”.

Then what we are going to have to do is simply go to the InstaSave application and look at In the text box to put the link there, then click Save and voila, you already have the downloaded copy.

Now if you are going to use this app to download many photos and videos, what we can do is activate the autosave function, all you have to do to activate this function is to activate the two tabs so that each time we press on copying a URL this is downloaded automatically and we do not have to paste it manually in the app, in this way we save a lot of time.

This method is definitely the easiest that exists for download photos and videos for free from Instagram , everything that is photos and videos are lowered to a maximum of 1080 pixels of resolution so their quality is not bad at all and you will be able to appreciate the images in truly superior quality.

How to save instagram images easily

Obviously there are a few more methods to be able to get hold of all the photos and videos of your friends or family on Instagram, the problem is that in many cases they are too complicated methods to use for “average” people. who only wants a few photos and nothing more than that

We recommend you try this method and ensures that you can download photos from instagram and save them on your mobile as if in In reality, you would have uploaded them yourself, it is a way of learning how to download images on your mobile in a way that is too simple, definitely.

Remember to download third-party content from any social network without consent of the dream or owner is illegal. But you can download your own content or that of third parties as long as you have their direct permission.

On Instagram we can find a huge number of short videos. After all, the social network is largely popular thanks to the videos that everyone who uses Instagram shares. Today we are going to see how to download Instagram videos on my PC .

So that in this way you can have all those videos that you liked so much saved either to watch them later or Share them elsewhere.

You will see that it is not difficult at all to learn how to download Instagram videos on my computer and in a few minutes and you will be able to download everything what you see on this popular social network.

Keep in mind that downloading content from third-party social networks is illegal in most countries unless permission is requested from the owner. So before downloading anything, remember to ask for permission.

Download Instagram videos on Windows

There are many websites that allow you to download Instagram videos on Windows very easily. We are going to use which is a reliable website that takes a good amount of time and has some very interesting functions. In addition, the way to download videos from it is considerably simple.

First of all, we recommend that you open Instagram from your browser. Once open, you will have to look for the video you want download from the feed or you can go to the profile of the person who uploaded it.

Then from this you have to right click on the video in question and a drop-down menu appears. Now among all these options you will have to choose the one that says “Open in new tab” so that the video opens in another tab and we can see its address.

When we open the video in a new tab, all we have to do is add two characters to the address. To make it simpler, I’ll explain it this way:

  • The address or URL generally starts like this:
  • So, what we have to do is simply add two “qq” before Instagram so that it looks like this:. After this you just have to press enter.

How to download Instagram videos on PC

Now it will take a while to load. Here you will have to have a little patience until it finishes processing the request. But when it finally finishes loading you will be on the website where you can download the video from the button that says “ Download ” on the right side. In addition, you will also be able to see the space that it occupies, which is generally not too much.

Instagram is currently one of the social networks that has had the most growth and it is no wonder , after all with a lot of help from his older brother Facebook obviously the growth should be quite big.

The truth is that in a social network like this, focused exclusively on what photos and videos are, it is quite normal that every so often you see content that you really like, the issue is that the social network does not allow downloading these photos that we see daily and that our friends or acquaintances share.

Do you want to know how to download photos from Instagram ? Keep reading because next I want to show you exactly how you should do to download photos from Instagram in a fairly simple way

Download photos from Instagram easily and quickly

We are going to use a computer and Google Chrome for this, to do so you must first search for the photo you want to download, once you find it you must right click on it and then click on where it says “Inspect element” which will open a kind of window with tools for developers.

Which is surely a mess for you, but or worry that the next part is simple, just go to the “Application tab “What you should look for in the bar on the left is now where it says” Frames “

Now what you have to do is click on the icon that is an arrow After this you will go to the subsection that says “Images” and there you will be able to see what would be to Instagram image.

Next, you just have to right click on the image and after that choose the option to open it in a new window, from this Instead you just have to right click and choose the option that says “Save image as …”

Where to download Instagram photos from

As you will see download instagram photos It is not complicated at all and in fact in a matter of a few seconds you can start downloading the amount of photos you want, obviously to download a huge number of photos is not exactly one of the most comfortable ways that exist, but within Everything is quite good and you do not need to use additional programs or applications.

Also, in case you want to download Instagram photos from your mobile phone, without having to use a computer, what you can do is take one of the photo in question and in this way downloading photos from Instagram would be quite simple.

Instagram is a social network specifically for photos and videos , nothing more than that. Perhaps it was because of this and the fact that it is used from mobile phones that it became so famous from one day to the next, as well as being able to add a good number of filters to the photographs, something that undoubtedly attracts most people a lot. who like to take selfies and photos in general.

But we must bear in mind that when we upload something to the network, this in a certain way ceases to belong to us; you and all that, but anyone can come, take the photo and use it however they want. Whether you like it or not, the internet works that way and it will always be that way.

How to download Instagram videos step by step

We cannot use the same social network to download the videos since it does not have any option to perform this task. Therefore, we are going to need another application to be able to download all the videos that we see on this social network.

The application that we are going to use to be able to download videos from Instagram on Android It is called: Video downloader for Instagram which you will be able to find in the Play Store

Application to download videos from Instagram

How is this app used? It is very simple since all you will have to do is simply follow the steps that I will leave you below:

  • First of all, you will have to open Instagram.
  • You have to look for the video you want to download.

  • Once you find it, simply copy the URL of it (Click on share and you will see the option to copy link).
  • Now so you will have to paste the same URL of the app in the application that we downloaded previously.
  • After this you will have to click on “ Download “.
  • The video download starts automatically and you can find it in the Android gallery.

How to save Instagram videos

As you can see saving or downloading Instagram videos on Android is considerably easy. In a few steps you can have all the videos you see to be able to share on different social networks, on WhatsApp or simply save them on your device.

The app works wonderfully, it is very intuitive and above all very simple to use. It has the right and necessary options to be able to do what we need: download videos from Instagram .

Likewise, as always if you still have some kind of doubt about how to download an Instagram video , you can leave it in the comment box that you will find a little further down.

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