How to find hashtags for Instagram

How to find hashtags for Instagram

hashtags are still very effective in getting more hits and
engagement on posts on your Instagram profile.

Sometimes you can even reach more people with hashtags than all your followers on Instagram. So it’s really worth creating a good strategy and using hashtags as best you can to grow your account.

In this guide we will see how to find hashtags for Instagram get more followers and improve the engagement of your Instagram profile.

Hashtag for Instagram: how to find them

Instagram has undergone numerous changes, including new features such as the ‘Creator’ account with new statistics and IGTV, a kind of YouTube on Instagram.

The use and
the importance of hashtags has remained unchanged and use them in yours
post is still one of the best ways to get people noticed
on Instagram.

How hashtags work

Each post you create can be accompanied by a caption and up to 30 hashtags (which you can decide to put in the caption or in the first comment once the photo or video is published) and these hashtags help other users discover your content.

The choice of hashtags to use obviously depends on your niche: if you are a food blogger, you will only use those related to your profile to avoid intercepting people who are not interested in this topic. This rule obviously applies to all niches.

By switching to a company profile, Instagram gives you the possibility to analyze the statistics of your posts and, therefore, to see how many impressions (or views) your post has had through the home, how many from your followers, from hashtags, from the ‘Explore’ section and more.

These stats will tell you whether or not you’ve picked the right hashtags and if they’re working.

Use a custom hashtag

Another feature that Instagram added in 2018 is the
ability to follow hashtags and stay updated on various
topics of interest to you.

This feature is very useful if you have a brand and can encourage your followers to use and follow your custom hashtag.

In return you could do a repost on your profile of more photos
beautiful that your followers post with your hashtag,
encouraging you to use it more and more.

Add clickable hashtags to your bio

Thanks to another recent update, you can now add clickable hashtags and usernames to your Instagram bio.

This function makes you
it will help to immediately show your brand’s hashtag to push them
users to use it, or you could use it to promote a product or
a service.

Add hashtags to your Instagram stories

Instagram gives you the
ability to add some hashtags to your stories, increasing
thus the possibility of getting your content noticed.

You can include up to 10 hashtags in the stories but, personally, I would insert no more than two so as not to ruin the graphics of the story and keep everything cleaner.

When you add a hashtag to an Instagram story, it becomes visible in the story of that specific hashtag.

How to organize your hashtags for Instagram

Before we see how
find the hashtags that suit you, don’t keep all the hashtags in
a single post or write one by one every time you post on
Instagram will drive you crazy in the long run.

It is always better to save them on the phone’s notepad app and create blocks of 30 or fewer hashtags (this will depend on your strategy and how many you want to use) to alternate them in the various posts you publish on your profile.

How to find the best hashtags for your profile

There are many ways to find hashtags related to yours
niche including: manually directly on Instagram or with
the use of some tools.

You can do it manually via the search box on Instagram : start by writing a hashtag related to your niche and once you click on the hashtag you will be shown some suggestions and related ones.

Choose the hashtags that interest you most (I’ll explain how many and which ones to use later) and mark them on your smartphone notepad.

Repeat the operation using more keywords and always check the suggested hashtags that interest you.

If you want to rely on the tools instead you can use someone like All Hashtag or Instavast Hashtag Generator , which are free.

The best of all the ones I’ve tried, however, is Flick , which allows you to analyze every detail of a hashtag: from the competitiveness to the average of the likes that the posts receive, the hashtags you want to use , up to how many people you could reach using those specific hashtags.

On some profiles where I did some tests, the impressions from the hashtags increased by about 20% compared to the previously used combinations searched manually or with free tools.

It also uses the official Instagram API, so it’s a safe tool with real data.

Click here to try Flick free for 7 days.

How many and which hashtags to use

We’ve already seen that hashtags can lead to increasing
your engagement and attract new followers, but to have all this
you have to know how to use the right ones.

By using hashtags that are not relevant to your profile, in fact, you will only attract people who are not interested in your content and you will end up triggering the opposite effect.

Another thing to remember is that you only use popular hashtags
it won’t get you a lot of ‘Likes’ and comments, far from it.

You have to use more niche hashtags where it is most
simple to get noticed or use the 10 big hashtag strategy, 10
medium and 10 small.

Or use 10
hashtags with no more than 100,000 posts, 10 hashtags between 100,000 and i
500,000 posts and the remaining over 500,000 posts.

Actually the
‘Rule’ (so to speak) provided hashtags with a number of posts
different and taller, but personally I was better off with
this strategy.

There are also those who say that there must be 7 instead of 10 hashtags: therefore 7 large, 7 medium and 7 small for a total of 21 hashtags. Who says they use no more than 10, who only uses 2.

In short, you have to experiment and see how many hashtags are right for you. If 30 hashtags seem too many you can opt for the strategy of 21 hashtags, always divided into large, medium and small.

If you have 30 or
more relevant and quality hashtags that you can use and switch between
then no problem, use them and experiment.

Search your target

As I said before, putting some random hashtags or using the most popular ones is useless. So you need to know which people you want to show your content to, after which you go in search of the hashtags that best suit your profile.

your competitors

Take a look at what your competitors are doing and see which ones
hashtags they use can make you understand what works and what doesn’t and
avoid making their own mistakes.

You may see which hashtags they use to not use the same or
take a cue to add hashtags you haven’t thought of.


We have therefore seen how to find hashtags for Instagram and how the strategic use of these is a great way to connect with potential customers and followers. How many hashtags do you use instead?

Do you know any other techniques or tools to achieve concrete results? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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