How to find out Instagram password

How to find out Instagram password

Have you just changed your smartphone and, while installing the apps on your old device, did you notice that you have lost the Instagram one? Don’t worry too much, because you can fix it quickly. Whether you’re trying to find out your Instagram password for yourself or someone else, you might be able to do it without much headache. I too, a few times, found myself having to identify it, because I had forgotten it. So, to avoid wasting too much time, I studied the various methods for re-entering my IG profile. And since I managed to put them into practice successfully, I thought I’d share my experience with you.

I state that these are all in all simple operations, but this does not mean that you will not have to do particular attention. In fact, you can run the risk of having your account suspended due to too many login errors and not being able to log in for some time. Before starting, moreover, I remind you that some of these procedures, if carried out without the consent of another person, are illegal. The guide is written for illustrative purposes and we will not be held responsible for the procedures described.


How the Instagram password is saved

come scoprire la password di Instagram

Before revealing how to identify the Instagram password, it is good that you explain how the storing of credentials at first access works .

I’ll start by telling you that, in case you connect via the official app for mobile, in most cases, the secret word is stored on the server, and not in a local database. On Android , for example, after the first login, authentication tokens are exchanged. This is done through a function called AccountManager , which you can learn more about by connecting to this address of the Android developer site.

So, not even with root you could see the IG password stored in the phone, usually by accessing the data> data path. This happens for security reasons, in order to protect you from phishing attacks by other people.

On iOS , therefore by connecting with an iPhone or an iPad, passwords are managed encrypted by the Keychain . In some cases, therefore, it is possible to retrieve it.

Instead, using the PC or in any case the browser , for example Chrome or Safari (in mobile or desktop version), it is possible to discover the login credentials to the Instagram site , which are the same used by the app. These, in fact, on Android, Windows 10 and Ubuntu / Linux, are stored encrypted in the browser. Instead, on iOS or macOS, they are always managed by the Keychain.

How to see the stored Instagram password

Including the information you I just gave, you could try to find out Instagram password in several ways. I suggest you proceed initially based on the type of device you have. After that, if something does not work, continue reading the in-depth analysis related to your problem.

I state that the procedures described will work if the device has been logged in, at least once, to Instagram , from app or browser.


come scoprire la password di Instagram Android password memorizzate Chrome

Using a smartphone or tablet Android , you can check if there are Instagram passwords stored only in the browser. In most cases, the Chrome browser will be used. Open it and tap the three dots (top right). Then, choose Settings.

In the settings screen, select the Password item. You will then see a list of websites . Locate and tap , to access the password detail. By doing this, the username and password of the Instagram profile used will appear. The ID will be “in clear”, while the word will be hidden. Press the eye icon (on the right) and enter the security code to show it.

If you didn’t find no password for Instagram , go to the “Password Manager” section of this tutorial.


come scoprire la password di Instagram iOS

Using an iPhone or an iPad , you can try to find out the Instagram password by going to the Keychain Manager . First, unlock the device and open the Settings app. Then, tap Password and account and then App and website password .

At this point, authenticate with Face ID or with the security code . After doing that, you will see a list of websites. All you have to do is find and tap on it. For example, you will see - . Entering that section, you will see Username and Account password .

If you haven’t found a reply, try reading the point “Password Manager” of this guide.


come scoprire la password di Instagram PC browser

If there was a link to Instagram from your computer, most likely it was done by browser . To find out the Instagram password, therefore, it may be enough to open the browser, whether this is Chrome or Firefox , go to Settings and look for the item Saved passwords or even Credentials and passwords . Instead, using Safari , it would be enough to open the app Keychain.

In both cases, then, it would be sufficient to check the feedback for the site . If you find a match, click on the eye icon and enter the PC administrator password . You will then see “in clear” your Instagram username and password .

To “do it first”, if you have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 , you could use the SterJo program, which you find on this web page. This software will allow you to find the Instagram password that has been stored in the most common browsers.

If you used the Instagram app for Windows 10 , I suggest you continue reading the next point. You will have to do the same if you have not found any feedback in the browser.

Password Manager

come scoprire la password di Instagram rappresentazione database criptato

If you were unable to find out Instagram password through the procedures described above, try to see if there are apps or programs related to known password manager . You may not remember installing one. To date, these software are widely used as digital accounts grow.

If you don’t know where to start, I’ll help you. Search for these names:

  • Dashlane
  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • Keeper
  • Bitwarden
  • KeePass

These are the most popular third-party password managers. See if you find it on the phone, tablet or PC of your interest. In the event of a positive response, open the app or program and enter the master password, also known as master password (usually required, unless you’re really lucky). Then, search the database for references to the Instagram password .

In case you can’t get anything, don’t worry, keep reading.

If you can’t-find-out your Instagram password

If you couldn’t-find out your Instagram password, you can stay more than serene. In fact, in most situations, it is easy to restore . You just have to remember the e-mail and have access to it. Alternatively, you must have the phone number linked to the profile. Or also, you must have access to the Facebook account associated with Instagram .

If you meet at least one of these requirements, follow the tutorial related to recovering the Instagram account. This will allow you to change your password and then gain access to the social network. Moreover, you can recover it even in case of forgotten two-factor authentication.

If you want to discover the Instagram password of others

As I already mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, discovering the password of another Instagram account , related to a stranger or another person, is an illegal procedure . It is obviously impossible to do this through the functions of the social network. However, there are third-party methods that allow you to accomplish this task.

Once again, I repeat that the procedures are described for disclosure purposes. Therefore, only you will be responsible for the actions you perform.

Activation key

come scoprire la password di Instagram rappresentazione di una chiave

The activation is sent when two-factor authentication is enabled, or even when Instagram verifies access from a new device. In this case, what does a hacker do? Simply, use the Instagram password recovery form , entering the username you intend to access.

Subsequently, the attacker sends a SMS to the victim’s phone, requesting the sending of the security code they received, informing that person that it is a security verification.

Usually, few users answer this phishing attempt. However, a test of this type is always done, as it is one of the simplest methods to put into practice.


come scoprire la password di Instagram esempio email in arrivo Gmail

If you have access to a person’s email, it will be easy to log into their Instagram account (sadly). Instead of discovering the login password to Instagram, it would be enough recover it using the password reset form from the Instagram website or app.

Once received the link to change the password, simply follow it to change the secret word of Instagram and access the profile. Moreover, you can leave the current sessions active and delete the password recovery e-mails , thus making it difficult to discover that the password has been reset (at least until it is needed again).

Keylogger Spyzie

come scoprire la password di Instagram app Spyzie

There are also spy apps to discover the password of Instagram, precisely related to the category of keylogger . These do nothing but record what is written on the keyboard of the smartphone, tablet or PC. And therefore, the login credentials to Instagram will be captured.

A related app, it is certainly Spyzie, which you can find at this address. It is paid, but it works quite well and completely anonymously. In fact, once installed on the target device, this app will be hidden. You can learn more about it by reading the tutorial in which I explained how to see the activities of an Instagram account.

Program called Instahack

come scoprire la password di Instagram esempio di visualizzazione del codice

If you want to use the “hard way”, you could use some brute force tools that were created specifically to crack Instagram password. Basically, these are developed in Python and do nothing but try to access Instagram by taking passwords from a file in TXT format, containing the most common ones found on the net.

An example of this type is Instahack , which you can find at this address on the GitHub site. It can be installed on Windows, Ubuntu / Linux or Android.

I don’t recommend using it too often, though, even if the account in question is yours. In that case, it would be better to contact Instagram to unblock it instead. Doing so, however, will only make the situation worse.

Program called ShellPhish

come scoprire la password di Instagram esempio tool ShellPhish

Another powerful tool that, if known to hide, it allows you to discover the Instagram password directly, it is ShellPhish , currently available at this address of the GitHub site. It can run on Ubuntu / Linux, macOS or Android.

It just generates a bogus Instagram login screen to a dummy link . This can then be sent to the victim via chat or email. If the link is followed and the victim compiles the credentials, they would be sent to a remote server , and then captured . They can then be used for access.

Without using apps or programs

If you don’t want to use programs or apps to find out your Instagram password, I suggest you proceed with a “ soft espionage “. What does it mean? It means using all the functions of the app to watch the activities of others via Instagram.

For some examples related to a tracking of this type, I refer you to the guide in which I have explained how to spy on Instagram. In it, you will find some procedures suited to your needs.

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