How to get back to seeing likes on Instagram

How to get back to seeing likes on Instagram

In the age of the Internet, everything changes at an extreme speed: rules, services and devices are continuously updated, modified and improved. A race to the top that often puts aside the real needs of users, in order to maximize the profits that can be drawn from them. For this reason, at the height of the popularity of influencers, followers and the tight fights with “Likes”, Instagram’s choice to hide the total number of likes from posts seems almost in contrast with current standards.

In this regard, the main Italian and overseas commentators have done their utmost in analysis and evaluations on the issue, in search of the real reasons that would have moved this choice. The official Instagram channels, on the other hand, seem to have clarified once and for all how the intent is to protect Instagramers (especially the younger ones), trying to ease the pressure inevitably generated by the comparison with the most popular influencers, rather to shift the focus on creating quality content. In short, if you are here, obviously you are interested in this topic: maybe you would like to understand if your profile will lose something as a result of this variation; but above all, you would like to know if there is a way to go back to seeing likes on Instagram . Did I guess? Well, then give me a few minutes of your time, in which I will try to explain the situation.


Why have Instagram likes been hidden?

come tornare a vedere i like su Instagram qualità dei contenuti

The official sources motivate the choice to limit the display of the number of likes to Instagram posts with the desire to definitively “divert” the attention of users to the quality of shared contents, thus lowering the levels of “performance stress” related to mere numbers on aspiring younger influencers.

At the basis of the decision, there would therefore be the desire to protect the active users of the platform, reducing the importance of likes to instead give more prominence to really interesting photos and videos, which otherwise would risk going unnoticed.

Protecting young Instagram influencers

Social media marketing experts have repeatedly highlighted how the spasmodic attention to the performance of individual posts has a significant impact on self-esteem of users not yet “established”, so much so as to arouse in them feelings of envy and frustration, which clearly deviate from the playful vocation and positive sharing of experiences advocated by Instagram.

All very noble, right? Perhaps too much, also because this intent, in practice, clashes with the actual function of the platform, a real virtual showcase, where very often excerpts of everyday life are offered, carefully cleaned of ugliness and defects. In short, spontaneity is not for everyone and, in the same way, it is not universally loved.

On closer inspection, moreover, even the intent to safeguard the psychological well-being of young users seems rather fragile. In fact, if the number of likes is no longer visible to followers, is still viewable by the owner of the profile , who can access it whenever he wishes to do so, simply by tapping on the preview of the shared contents.

In short, the disclaimer proposed by Instagram during the roll out phase of the function that read “ We want your followers to focus on what you share and not on how many“ Likes ”your posts get. During this test, only you will be able to see the total number of Likes of your posts “seems to point to a partial result, almost as if it hides another move.

In particular, I mean to fight against the acquisition of fictitious followers and likes to increase the engagement of posts and, consequently, the value of the profile, which Instagram has started some time ago, in order to protect honest users and avoid the ” use of bots or hashtags aimed at the cause. From time to time, however, the API to Instagram bots are blocked, precisely in order to discourage their misuse.

In this perspective, making the number of likes invisible would have the meaning of reducing them the importance , so as to entice users to focus more on creating original and quality content to acquire a real audience.

What will become of professional influencers?

As you may have guessed, therefore, it is very likely that it is not just a matter of protecting the “mental health” of users. Instead, it may be that this solution is also aimed at stemming the incorrectness of the most savvy Instagramers and eager to acquire a lot of consent in the shortest possible time (fake followers and like exchanges). An absolutely incorrect intent, especially towards influencers who, with dedication and patience, have managed to build a real business on Instagram and who have often proved frustrated by the dishonesty shown by those who use these tricks.

At the same time, it seems natural to ask: what will become of all the influencers who have based much of their success on what some call the “like economy”? Well, in my opinion, won’t change much for them . This is because, basically, an influencer who has achieved popularity in an honest way, with commitment and by offering original and captivating content, maintains a “hard core” of followers with whom to interact on a daily basis.

And what about the “ wannabe influencers “(ie those who are still struggling with a small audience and who, one step at a time, are trying to attract the attention of users and companies)? Well, as I have already written in other tutorials, honest and hard work pays off in the long run. The best advice I can give is to continue to offer valid and original content. On the other hand, the likes, even if not numbered and at the mercy of all, will continue to have great value in the context of the Instagram algorithm.

The aspect related to sponsorships on the part of brands, on the other hand, it could suffer some backlash, especially from the point of view of companies, which may find it more difficult to identify the most popular testimonials. That Instagram is planning some specific service to guide companies in this direction? For now, we do not know, but it will be my concern to bring you any updates.

Less attention on likes, more attention to followers

And if you risk moving the problem do you like followers ? After all, the inability to assert the number of likes as a real status of popularity could end up slipping the attention of the most aggressive influencers on the spasmodic search for new followers. Which, absurdly, could even intensify the use of bots and the acquisition of fake followers. Then counting that the follower detail will be suppressed as well , it will be difficult to control the followers of other users, even with third-party tools (because, probably, the APIs will be blocked by Instagram, even if, at the moment , there is nothing official / unofficial).

In conclusion, as you may have guessed, the picture still seems to be rather uncertain. So, put aside the ruminations and in the next paragraphs I will give you some information on the practical aspects related to how to return to see the likes on Instagram.

How long does the Instagram likes test last ?

Currently, there is no information regarding the possible duration of the likes test , which, moreover, seems to have constitutively entered the Instagram app algorithm. However, I can tell you that, initially, the experiment started in Canada, and then expanded to Italy and other countries as well. A few weeks after the beta phase, final decisions will be made.

It is very likely, therefore, that at end of year 2019 , or at most beginning of 2020 , Instagram confirm the removal of the number of likes for all users.

How the new Instagram like system works

come tornare a vedere i like su Instagram contatore nascosto app

Instagram has decided not to indicate the total number of likes received in the space below the published content, leaving only the words “ People who like and others ” (see the image of example for more information).

By tapping this section, you will have access to the complete list of Instagramers who have affixed the little heart, but nowhere will the total counter of likes be shown. Indeed, by accessing the aforementioned section, at the top of the screen, you will see written “ Only can see how many people have liked this post “.

Ultimately, two elements will remain available to followers:

  • List of users who have affixed the like;
  • Total number of comments.

Obviously, the contents of both of these information are fully visible.

How to re-like visible on Instagram

come tornare a vedere i like su Instagram contatore visibile app Windows 10

In short? It couldn’t be . Basically, the service update was imposed directly on the server side by the developer team. Therefore, the app downgrade or similar procedures would be totally useless. And if you only used the app for iOS or Android , it would be true that you should “put your soul in peace”.

But if you had the possibility to use the computer or in any case the browser of your smartphone, you could go back to seeing likes on Instagram right away. I don’t know when the likes counter will be available on the app for Windows 10 or on the Instagram website . The fact is that, at the moment, this detail is visible.

In summary, although there is no possibility to bypass the server-side update, for now, this has only been implemented on the mobile app. Then using the browser or the PC application W10, it is still possible to see the total likes of the posts.

How to see the total likes on Instagram

come tornare a vedere i like su Instagram propri post

In case you wish to see the likes received on your posts , you could do it, very simply, by accessing your Profile ( by touching the half-length icon), by touching one of the published posts and then pressing on the words “ People who like and others ”. If you had a company account , by accessing Instagram Insight , you would also have in-depth statistical reports on the performance of the Profile. Among these, also the number of likes received on posts.

If, for some reason, you want to check the total likes of an account that does not belong to you or, more simply, if you wanted to get an idea of ​​the extent of the engagement obtained by influencers with the most potential, you should rely on third party services , which, at least for now, do not have the API blocked . Taking it as an example, for information purposes, I suggest Insta Analyzer , which allows, in a very simple and intuitive way, to access constantly updated reports, showing the statistics of public Instagram profiles. Among these, there is also a table of top posts by number of likes .

How to discover Instagram accounts with few likes

come tornare a vedere i like su Instagram ghost follower

Another of the functions that could fade if Instagram decided to permanently obscure the total number of likes on posts, would be to recognize ghost followers . Here, I will just tell you that the main feature of these accounts is the scarcity of content and interactions . Comments and likes on posts are usually very few, and this can help you distinguish them from real followers.

After that, you could try to search for these users with the analytics tools for IG profiles public (such as Insta Analyzer, which I mentioned earlier), in order to evaluate their engagement and possibly remove them from your profile. To find out more, I refer you to the guide dedicated to how to delete ghost followers from Instagram, which could be of great help in these situations.

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