How to have a beautiful Instagram profile: 7 useful tips

How to have a beautiful Instagram profile: 7 useful tips

Opening an Instagram profile takes less than a minute and you can potentially create dozens of different ones. In fact, the difficult part is to make it work, to get people passionate about what you have to show and say in order to obtain a series of advantages for your marketing.

Precisely for this reason today I’ll explain how to have a nice Instagram profile. If it is true that there is no infallible formula to achieve success (neither on this social network, nor in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife), it is also true that if no strategy is followed, the chances of being able to achieve something important and useful are close to zero.

Come avere un bel profilo Instagram
How to have a nice Instagram profile

How to have a nice Instagram profile: start on the right foot

I suggest that you eventually adapt these tips to your personal style and taste. Edit them where you think it is necessary, but remember that this is the starting point to be able to have a curated Instagram profile and thus get interesting results in the medium-long term.

1. Choose a topic

That is, identify your niche. Unless your goal isn’t just to have a nice Instagram profile to the delight of friends and family, I suggest you specialize in a niche market. If you already have a business and you need to advertise it, clearly you already know the topic well and you don’t need to identify it.

If you want to open an Instagram profile and make it work with the aim of starting something new, ask yourself what you like to do and start working on that topic. Talking to a group of people with whom you identify the same interests is not only easier, but it will lead you to continue because driven by passion!

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2. Pick a good profile photo

Are you sure a book isn’t judged by its cover? While it’s true that people shouldn’t just judge something based on first impressions, the statistics tell you a different story.

Your profile photo is essential, because people will choose from this very first contact with you whether to follow you or not. So choose a shot well done, original and with a good resolution. If, on the other hand, you are a company, I recommend that you maintain continuity with other online sharing tools by publishing the company logo as a photo.

3. Take great pictures

Don’t forget the photos! Instagram was born precisely to be able to share your best daily shots with people. Today there is an evolution and people publish instead of photos, texts, poems, drawings, memes, posts published by others … whatever your choice, always remember to publish the best works, based on what people expect from you and your profile.

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4. Curate featured stories

As you surely know, stories attract people. But above all I recommend you to work on the featured stories, because it allows you to make them visible always and to everyone on your profile. Take advantage of this space to tell your business and do it in the best possible way. Create covers that match the colors of your profile and that go well with the graphics of your posts.

5. Publish frequently

Publish frequently. Create an editorial calendar to maintain a certain pace in publishing. I advise you to take advantage of the days when you have more time to anticipate yourself, both on the production of the photos and on the realization of the descriptions.

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6. Use presets

Presets are a kind of filters you can apply to your photos. Unlike the filters, which are practically patinas, the presets go deeper and allow more important and professional changes. You can edit your photos with Lightroom and apply presets to add color to your photos.

7. Play with colors

Giving color to your profile is a great way to have an aesthetically perfect profile. You can prioritize a single color or choose a couple and alternate them in publications. You can also work on the presets and change them every 9 photos posted, so that a slight change is seen. Otherwise you can always use the same one, but over time it may tire users.

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Well, we’ve seen how to have an aesthetically beautiful Instagram profile .

Numbers aren’t everything, even the eye wants its part and if you can create a good profile, from an aesthetic point of view, I’m sure you will be able to get the numbers too, both in terms of interactions and the number of followers.

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