How to have a person write to you on Instagram

How to have a person write to you on Instagram

Instagram is the social network based on the sharing of images, of course, but also of experiences, opinions and creativity of all kinds. It is not so difficult to catch the attention of someone with your same interests, that he could write to you and start talking to you in the DMs. By DM I mean Direct Message, that is the social messaging system that has nothing to envy to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, because it allows you to send voice, photos, videos, video calls and create groups.

If you have arrived here, however, it’s because you’re looking for some advice to get someone to write you on Instagram . Maybe there is a girl or a guy you like and you don’t feel like taking the first step, or you have a small company and you would like to be contacted by potential customers, because on the contrary, if you were to send the first message be a spammer. The circumstances are the most varied and there are no real rules to follow, just common sense, education and a little inventiveness. In the guide that follows, however, I will give you some tips to make sure that a user (even a famous one) can contact you on Instagram, but remember to do only what makes you feel comfortable, and be yourself.



To be searched on Instagram, first of all you must have created your account on the social network, preferably with a minimum of followers (which can also be people you know in real life).

Instagram allows you to choose between a public or private profile. If you decide to activate a company profile, however, this would always be public. If your goal is to get people to write to you in comments or DMs, I suggest you leave the public profile, which will earn you views, losing a little in terms of privacy: what you publish, in fact, can be seen by all, without you being able to choose who your followers are.

There is obviously the possibility to set the account as private, as I told you. In this way, only approved people will be able to see the content you publish: a gain for your privacy, but in this way it would be much more difficult for you to be contacted, especially by those who do not know you, because they should necessarily start following you to get “a taste ”Of who you are online.

Considerations on DM requests on Instagram

As a matter of privacy, the Instagram messaging system has some limitations . It may therefore happen that you don’t notice that you have received a message from a person, especially if you do not follow them. In this case, in fact, the messages do not appear in the main Direct screen, but in a separate folder, called “ Requests “: these are the message requests from the contacts, which you can accept by clicking on the button “Allow”, or delete.

Instagram, however, does not notify the receipt of message requests (or at least, not always). Therefore, you may have been contacted by someone you have ignored by mistake. To retrieve this conversation, read how to see message requests on Instagram. If you have been contacted by one or more users you do not follow, however, you will find a warning in blue, at the top right.

If you have a company and you want to put it on Instagram

If you own a small business and want to start promoting your business on Instagram, the first thing to do is activate a company IG profile . If you already have an account, just convert it; otherwise, you can create it from scratch and set it as a company directly during registration.

Once this step has been completed, you may return to wondering how to get other users to write on Instagram. Here are some tips:

  • Always be available to give more information in Direct;
  • Do not omit fundamental details about your business, which would otherwise be counterproductive;
  • You start the conversation, but indirectly, that is with a question in the stories or posts;
  • Try not to ignore anyone and you will see that your followers will write to you again.

Methods and tips

come farsi scrivere da una persona su Instagram

There is no real manual to follow to be contacted on Instagram. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of “luck”. However, I can give you some practical advice to make sure there is a good chance that this will happen.

Remember that, especially if you use social media for fun and not for your business, having lots of interactions isn’t essential. So stay yourself and try not to be inappropriate.

Having an active profile

The main requirement to get yourself written on Instagram, especially by those who don’t know in real life, it is not to look like a fake account . To not be, it takes very little.

First of all, you could put a photo of yourself as a profile picture: if you don’t feel like showing a close-up, it is also fine taken from a distance or modified with filters and chiaroscuro.

If you haven’t posted any content yet, start doing it, as it’s very difficult to trust a profile with no posts. Try to post content regularly, once a week (if you’re not doing it for business, this time frame will be fine).

Finally, update your profile and edit any outdated content. You can also think about deleting everything and doing a “restyling”.

Show your interests

Now that you have an active profile, you will have to choose what to publish , especially with a view to getting other users to write to you, both through DMs and in comments.

The advice is to show yourself for who you are and show your followers what interests you be it music, sport, fashion, art or more. In this way, you can create a circle of people with the same passions as you, with whom it will be easier to start a conversation.


If you are very expert on a topic that you think might be of interest to your followers, you could base most of the content you post on this, without being arrogant or spamming.

Your profile will look like this well characterized and Instagram users may search and write to you to ask you for advice or other information about it.

Interacting with followers

It may also happen that you touch to you take the first step, especially if you want a particular user to write to you. To make this happen, then, you need to get noticed .

You could start by liking the posts this person posts or adding a reaction to their stories, but don’t overdo it to do not risk being heavy. You may in fact get a reverse reaction and be blocked or silenced. If you don’t get any results from these little virtual signals, I recommend that you forget it.

On the other hand, in case you want to get a brand’s attention and want them to post to you on Instagram for a collaboration, you could start tagging them in your posts, as long as they’re relevant.

Making engaging stories and posts

To be written on Instagram, the quality of what you publish is also very important, not so much in terms of aesthetics, but of content and meaning. A photo of a sunset, however beautiful, is difficult to stimulate a conversation, or that someone contacts you from this post.

So try to publish engaging content, such as a funny video or your reflection in first person, perhaps on video, about something that happened to you, so as to generate empathy in your followers or stimulate a debate. In short, put your face to it!

Write and publish author’s phrases

Even author’s phrases and aphorisms can prove effective, and some of your followers could comment on your post or write to you in Direct starting from the quote. It will then be up to you to prove that you are a true connoisseur so as not to immediately drop the conversation that could be created.

And if you quote a contemporary author with an Instagram account, why not tag him? He could write to you on the social network to thank you!


To make your stories more interactive, you could create a questionnaire: just insert the appropriate sticker, after taking a photo, or create it with the “Create” mode.

In this way, your followers will be able to answer the question you wrote, selecting one of the two answers that you yourself entered below. If someone finds the topic particularly interesting, they might even write you on Instagram to continue the conversation in the Direct. For more information, read how to take polls on Instagram.

Question box

As an alternative to the survey, you could use the sticker “Ask me a question” , always inserting it on a photo uploaded in the stories or starting from the “Create” mode.

By doing this, your followers can indulge themselves in asking you what they want, if you have not launched a specific theme, or in giving you answers if for example you are using this function to ask for a advice, such as which movie to see in the evening or which TV series to start. Read how to ask questions on Instagram for more information.

Don’t try to be someone you aren’t

Finally, one last tip, if you want trivial, it is not to try to be who you are not , pretending to be interested in topics you don’t like just because they are trendy, or showing online a life totally different from yours.

In addition to risking an adverse effect on the part of your followers, who may stop following you, pretending to be who you are not could be very stressful for you too. So be natural.

How to be searched on Instagram based on a circumstance

come farsi scrivere da una persona su Instagram concetto di apprezzamento

How I said above, there are no hard and fast rules to follow to be contacted on Instagram, because everyone behaves (online as offline) differently, as different are the circumstances in which someone could write to you. Here are the most common ones.

By a boy or girl

You may want to be searched on Instagram by a boy or girl. from a particular girl, perhaps because you like him or are interested in getting to know him.

Start with follow the user in question, especially if he has a private profile, because otherwise you will have no way to interact. Then point out by putting some likes , but don’t overdo it.

If you find that you have a common interest with this person, you may want to bring him out in the posts or stories you post and see what happens – the boy or girl might comment or write to you. Finally, if you can’t get contacted, you might want to try the first step by writing a Direct message to the person in question.

From famous people

Surely, it’s up to you to take the first step if you want to be contacted by a famous person on Instagram. In this case, you could comment on one of his posts brilliantly, to stand out among thousands of comments, so that you get lots of likes, appear at the top and get a response from the creator.

Don’t hater just to get attention. Don’t be afraid to write a private message or reply to a story , especially if you want to ask for information or ask a specific question. But make sure that the famous person hasn’t already talked about what you want to ask, perhaps in the featured stories, so as not to waste time.

It’s much easier than an Instagram user, even if it’s not one of your followers, write to you in the comments rather than in Direct, especially if you don’t know each other or have little confidence.

You can also try some techniques to get more followers to comment on the posts . For example, you could ask your followers what they think of what you posted, or the caption of a post could be a specific question, and here you can indulge yourself as you see fit.

From unknown people

If you want to broaden your knowledge and then have unknown people write you, you could enter the geolocation in your posts and stories. This way, all Instagram users who search for that geotag could see the content you posted, especially if it has received many likes and ended up in the “Most Popular” section.

If users are interested, they could leave you a comment or write you in the Direct. You could get the same result by entering hashtags . See also how to hook up on Instagram to learn more.

How to stop getting written on Instagram

farsi scrivere da una persona su Instagram concetto di amore che passa

You could you have worked so hard to get that person to contact you, but then you realize that you are not really interested or is bothering you . So you started wondering how to stop being written on Instagram.

In that case, you could start by sending signals: you can respond with less enthusiasm and not ask questions so as not to fuel the conversation; or you could tell the truth, to avoid both of you wasting time.

If that doesn’t work and the other person isn’t going to stop texting you, you might want to think about limiting your Instagram account so that their messages end up in the “Requests” folder; if you continue to receive harassment, you may consider reporting the Instagram account; Alternatively, you could be more lenient, simply by blocking the user on IG.

Remember, however, that if your name and surname appear on Instagram, you may be disturbed on other social networks as well.

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