How to have black Instagram

How to have black Instagram

The dark mode is taking over on computers and smartphones. Apple introduced it on iPhones and Mac computers starting with iOS 13 and macOS Mojave 10.14, as well as Microsoft and Google released it on Windows 10 and Android respectively (the latter starting with Android 9 Pie). At the same time, several independent software houses are transforming the interface of their programs and apps to adapt to this new wave. A trend that to be honest you don’t mind at all, after trying it on your friend’s smartphone. Only there is a problem: you keep asking yourself how to have black Instagram , because within the app settings you cannot find the command to activate the dark mode of the social network.

Don’t worry: you are not the only one asking yourself this question; and you are not the only one who does not find the “switch” of the black theme of Instagram. The reason is simple: it doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t mean that Dark Mode can’t be enabled on IG, quite the opposite. Are you curious how to proceed? All you need to do is give me a few minutes of your time.


Advantages of dark-mode

come attivare Instagram nero

If you are wondering why Apple, Windows and even Google (just to mention the three developers of the most used operating systems in the world) are interested in dark mode and why there is so much interest in having black Instagram, the reason is soon said : it offers certain advantages.

The black background promotes the legibility of text , and therefore, is less tiring to the eye than the white background. In addition, with certain types of devices, this mode allows you to consume less battery , thus helping to extend the autonomy of your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

How to activate Dark Mode on Instagram

To unlock Dark Mode on Instagram , as I told you, you need to support this function at the operating system level. Otherwise, there will be no way to officially enable it. No, it’s not like when you put WhatsApp black. In that case, in fact, there is an option in the app that acts as a switch. For Instagram, however, it all depends on the operating system (or at least, for now it is).

The first thing I suggest you do, therefore, is update Instagram to the latest version available. If I had the possibility, moreover, I suggest you to install a Beta version, so as to be sure that that build is optimized for dark mode.

After the possible update, continue reading the following insights in based on the operating system your device uses.


come avere Instagram nero Dark Mode iOS

If you use iPhone or iPad to connect to Instagram, the first thing you need to do is update iOS to the latest version available. Starting with iOS 13 , in fact, you can take advantage of the dark theme.

After the upgrade, follow the path System Settings> Display and Brightness . In that section, you can activate iOS Dark Mode by choosing the option called Dark or Dark (depending on the language used).

Now, if you have one of the latest versions of the Instagram app installed on your smartphone, you will see Instagram black , Direct and settings included. You don’t need to enable anything else within the application.

If you don’t have a dark mode compatible iOS version (e.g. you have an older iPhone), you could use the tweak IGDarkMode via Cydia. However, you should have the jailbreak. Alternatively, you could use color inversion as recommended in the tutorial to change WhatsApp theme on iOS to dark mode.


come avere Instagram nero Dark Mode Android

Using a Android tablet or smartphone, you can have black Instagram using different solutions. The official one provides that the operating system supports the Dark Mode. First, therefore, I suggest you update Android .

After installing the latest version of the operating system, go to the Settings of the same and search for Dark Mode or Night Mode . You should find a similar setting for the black theme within the options related to Display and Brightness.

These options, however, may vary depending on based on the type of launcher installed (a quick web search with phone or tablet model and OS version might help you in this case). On EMUI 10 with Android 10, for example, so to have black Instagram on Huawei , you could go to Settings , choose the item Display and then activate the Dark Mode option. Do you want another example? To unblock black Instagram on Samsung , which could run on One UI 1.0 and Android Pie 9.0, you could follow the path Settings> Display and enable the Night mode option .

As soon as you have found the above option, however, enable it. By doing so, if the Instagram app is updated, you will see Instagram black (feed, stories, Direct, settings and any other screen). It will seem a bit strange at first, but it will be easy to “settle in”.

If you don’t have an Android device compatible with the black theme (e.g. you can’t update to Android Pie 9.0 or Android 10), you could use the Instagram Themer app, which allows you to change the color of the social network from the default to black, blue, green, yellow, pink or any other. The only requirement is that you will need to have root to perform this last operation. Alternatively, you could try using a ROM for Android and various mods to unlock the dark theme.

Windows 10 PC

If you use a Windows 10 PC to connect to Instagram, you probably do so via the Desktop app you downloaded from the Microsoft Store. In this case, you need to know that, at the time of writing, I have not been able to successfully test this mode on it. However, nothing prevents you from doing it now to see if you are luckier than me.

Proceed by updating Windows 10 to the latest version available. Then, also upgrade to the latest version of the Instagram app via this address.

After performing the updates, go to Settings> Personalization and choose the Colors option. In that section, choose the Dark.

option At this point, launch the Instagram application on Windows and see if you managed to get Instagram black. If not, it means that you will have to hold back your enthusiasm for a little while longer.

But if you are “in a hurry”, you could always use Instagram Web and the browser Chrome . Read on to understand what I’m talking about.


As you already know, at least for the moment, there is no Instagram desktop app for macOS (at least officially). And no, not even third-party apps like IG: dm currently support the dark mode of the social network.

So, what needs to be done to have black Instagram if you use Mac ? Simple, just switch computers! I tricked you? Of course I’m joking. In truth, it would be enough to use Instagram Web , which is the official portal of the application, and the Chrome browser. Continue as described below.

Instagram Web

come avere Instagram nero estensione Night Mode for Instagram Chrome

It may sound weird, but having black Instagram on your PC is easier than it is to get it on unsupported smartphones or tablets. This, as long as you use Chrome as your default browser. Sifting through the archive of free Google browser extensions, in fact, several applications emerge that allow you to activate the dark mode on the social network.

Two of the best known free extensions are Black Theme for Instagram and Night Mode for Instagram . In both cases, all you have to do is install the add-on on Chrome , wait for the procedure to finish and restart the browser.

In the next session, for activate the dark mode on Instagram and in Direct , all you have to do is open the website, log in with your profile credentials and click on the button which, in the meantime , appeared in the shortcut bar (at the top of the screen). To deactivate it, instead, just click on the button again and reload the web page. In short, simple and immediate.

You will have to use this trick until the black Instagram framework is also implemented in the web version. At that point, just remove the extensions and use the default one, so as to avoid any kind of bugs.

How to manage Instagram’s Dark Mode

As I told you so far, to have Instagram black, you need to adjust the operating system settings. At the moment, therefore, if you intend to use the black theme of Instagram, you must necessarily use it also in the operating system and in all other applications that do not have a switch button.

The only way to adjust the Instagram dark theme settings without activating it in every other screen outside the app, is to use the third-party methods suggested in the previous paragraphs. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to change the appearance of Instagram without changing that of the user interfaces related to other apps and the operating system.

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