How To Have Many Likes on Instagram for Your Products

How To Have Many Likes on Instagram for Your Products

Do you want to increase the number of likes on your Instagram posts , and thus promote your products and services even more effectively?

Succeeding is not very difficult, but it will still cost you commitment, perseverance and passionate attention in what you are going to do: basic ingredients, without which you will not take the path you deserve!

Just to induce you to evaluate more carefully what you are going to do on the most famous photographic social network in the world, in the next few lines we have decided to summarize some ready-to-use suggestions, which you can well replicate on any occasion of interest. p>

Cure your profile

Start by curating your profile with the right dedication. Fill in your bio with the right information, and provide clear contact details. Also added some keywords and some hashtags to make it easier for interested users to find you.

Do not neglect the publications

There is no “ideal” publication periodicity, but one thing is certain: if you neglect your Instagram account and do not regularly produce content, your users will have an image of neglect of you on the social media front, which could then also affect the effectiveness of promotional actions.

Use quality photo

Remember to use quality photos. So make sure that the images are not poor in terms of resolution, colors, brightness and – above all – the object of your aesthetic creativity. We have talked about how important this point is on many occasions, even in the recent past: try to retrace our insights and evaluate how you can improve the effectiveness of images on Instagram. The positive results you will get from these measures will not fail to amaze you!

Choose relevant hashtags

Accompany your images with the right hashtags, choosing the most relevant ones. Identify words that are useful for your sector of interest, include them in individual posts. On the web (we will talk about it in a separate study) you will find many sites that will help you find the most convenient hashtags. You can also take a look at what your competitors are doing to find out more.

Power interactions

Try to work hard every day to fuel interactions with your followers. It will take some time and effort, but the results you will get will be truly exceptional. Therefore try to stimulate relationships with your current and potential customers, always respond to comments and do not abandon requests for assistance or clarifications to your fate.

As you can imagine, even if there are no universally valid “recipes” to be able to increase the number of likes you can get on Instagram, the simple rules that we have had the opportunity to share above will allow you at least to start with the right foot on a new path to enhance your efforts on Instagram.

We therefore suggest that you put the above tips into practice, and see how they affect the number of interactions. What do you think about it? How did you increase the likes on your Instagram profile?


Instagram, all the tips for 2019 to get more followers!

Everyone wants to have new followers on Instagram , and it is natural to want the same not only for their personal profile, but also and above all for their e-commerce business. After all, every new follower you manage to capture on Instagram is another person who will end up being exposed to your posts and therefore represents the opportunity to turn that user into a new customer.

However, keep in mind that you can only convert certain types of people into customers, and not all of your followers will become customers. As with any marketing activity, in fact, you must try to understand not only the “quantity” of your audience of followers, but also their qualities.

In short, in other words, it is absolutely not certain that an audience of followers of 100,000 people can allow you to generate more sales than an audience of followers consisting of 20,000 people. In fact, it could happen that the second audience, the smaller one, is much more targeted than the first.

Do you want an example? Think about how successful you could be if you were to market denture cream to teenagers. Maybe you could grab some teen’s attention (maybe some hockey player?), But by doing this most of your social endeavors will be completely wasted, for the simple reason that you completely missed your target audience. p>

Reading the previous lines, and those that will follow, therefore try to think in a more varied way: these ideas are not just about the increase in the number of followers on Instagram . It’s about finding a relevant audience on Instagram and getting them to want to follow you, to like and, perhaps, convert. On the other hand, your ultimate goal is to sell, and below you will find five practical tips for 2019, to make this happen or, in any case, to be able to increase the hopes that this will really happen.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Use trending and relevant hashtags

Hashtags are an amazing tool that can help you increase brand exposure on social media. However, it is not enough to fill each of your posts with many hashtags in order to be able to increase the effective exposure of your brand. In fact, you must start with a fully satisfactory analysis work, which can go beyond the simple launch of a few “keywords”.

In short, hashtags can certainly help you add interest to your posts, but if they’re not trending and not relevant, they will only target your current audience, but not your potential one.

In other words, if you really want to expand the reach of your posts through this tool, you can only review what trending hashtags are every day to see if there are any suitable for your business. In fact, it will not lead you to anything to use those that have nothing to do with your niche (indeed, you run the risk of annoying potential users who will end up getting the wrong idea of ​​your brand or, at best, , you’ll end up attracting the wrong people).

Luckily for you, there are several tools on the web that might be right for you in this regard. One of the most popular tools is, the use of which will allow you to search for popular hashtags for your business, avoiding falling back into the mistakes and misunderstandings that we wanted to briefly share with you above.

Launch competitions

In the above lines we have seen that using the tenency hashtags will allow you to be able to ride the trends and increase your visibility. Of course, nothing prevents you from creating your own Instagram hashtag to start making your “own” trend, and climb the top trend rankings thanks to the virality of your keywords.

In this area, contests are certainly one of the best ways to make the above happen. Most people will not use your hashtags just because you want them to, but they will use your hashtags if they know that this way they can enter a contest and can get prizes for it! In short, if the Instagram user realizes that there is something up for grabs that they could get by using your hashtags, it is very likely that they will behave the way they want!

Again, it will surely help you to discover that it is very easy to set up a contest for your online store . In fact, you can ask social network users to post a photo or video on their account and then have it tagged using your hashtag on the brand or, even better, a specific hashtag for the contest.

Try to work with creativity and carefully take care of the contest rules, in order not to run into unpleasant misunderstandings with your reference community.


Follow Instagram users in your same sector

If you want to appear as an integral part of your community and your niche (it’s something your users really like!), you just have to enter the same niche and share your experiences side by side.

So don’t just use Instagram by posting content that may be related to your brand, but try to create a real network of relationships .

For example, you can start following bloggers, fashionistas, athletes and celebrities in your niche. And don’t forget to be genuinely social: start browsing Instagram posts with their hashtags and follow those who post popular photos or videos.

Share contents with everyone

Don’t be stingy with interactions: share posts you find interesting with everyone, whether they are followers or not. If you want them to become followers, you need to show them how good and skillful you are. And you can do this, evidently, by sharing the content they have posted. Of course, make sure you share content that is relevant to your brand, and not just a post that made you laugh, but that isn’t closely related to your brand.

And if you want to do things right (and we recommend you do!), there’s nothing better than asking them for permission and giving them “credits” when you share it. You can also use specific applications that will help you do this, like Repost.

The sharing of contents , as we have mentioned above, is certainly a very useful method to improve your visibility and create a useful network of relationships. However, know that there is nothing better than a well-placed comment in order to increase followers and likes. Sharing and “like” are useful tools, but it will be the comment that will make other users understand that you have chosen to take the time to review and think about their post. It will also show that you have a strong personality that stands out from that brand, and that will certainly be appreciated by your users.


But is all this enough to increase the number of followers and likes ? Definitely not!

Remember – we have talked about it many times on our site – that the social media marketing strategy, which you can also apply to Instagram, goes through a long series of concrete and specific decisions and assessments, such as those related to the need to choose the right images that can help strengthen your brand image. To have a hand in this decision-making area, you can take a look at what your most successful competitors are doing, which will allow you to grasp valid operational ideas.

Another thing you should consider is the need to make your posts on Instagram fully effective in terms of quality. Many people love pictures, but everyone loves good photos. So, do not be stingy with attention and professionalism when you portray your products on Instagram: we have talked many times about the need to entrust this aspect to a professional or, at least, to buy the right equipment to be able to take pictures. photos of great validity, moving away in a way pushed by any hypothesis of amateurism.

Finally, we suggest that you take a constant look at what is happening on your Instagram profile . In fact, no strategy is infallible and untouchable, and it is very likely that you will have the task of modifying it several times over the months.

A tool that can help you in this regard is Iconosquare , which we already mentioned a few lines ago, which will allow you to understand which posts have had the best performance, which ones get the most likes, comments and re-posts, how many followers you are gaining or losing, and so on. One of the best things that Iconosquare offers you is that it allows you to analyze a lot of data in an easily digestible format, even for the less expert.

In particular, focus on the analysis of the current month, on the contents, on the engagement, on the optimization and on the nature and characteristics of your community. After a few months of work, you should be able to gain a good understanding of where you started, where you got, how you got there and what changes you should make in order to develop your growth path more positively!

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